Survivor Recounts Chaos, Fear of Virginia On-Air TV Shooting

Vicki Gardner says she expected to get shot in the head.

— -- Vicki Gardner said she expected to get shot in the head.

The chamber of commerce executive had been participating in a live interview on Virginia TV station WDBJ on Aug. 26, when she noticed something out of the corner of her eye -- a person.

A person with a gun, later identified as Vester Flanagan.

The gunman fatally shot his former co-workers -- cameraman Adam Ward, then reporter Alison Parker, Gardner said -- a tragedy that played out on live television.

Next, the gunman shifted his attention to Gardner, shooting her in the back.

"I was waiting for him to shoot me in the head,” she told Van Susteren. “When he shot me in the back, I said, 'I'm going to be paralyzed,' and then I waited. Your world goes in front of you, and it did, real fast, and I said, 'I'm ready.'"

Flanagan shot multiple times, but only one bullet hit her.

Gardner tried to be quiet and still, hopeful that the shooter would leave. He eventually did, and later took his own life. Gardner was the shooting’s only survivor.

Gardner was released from the hospital more than a week ago. She admits that she still struggles to understand the shooting.

"My heart just goes out to Alison and Adam, and they're so young, and why save me and take them? I just ... obviously there's a purpose and by golly, I will fulfill it,” Gardner told Van Susteren.