Kidnap Suspect Seen on Surveillance Video Three Days After Bain Family Reported Missing

PHOTO: Investigators have obtained video from April 30, 2012 where Mayes is seen wearing a white t-shirt in the County Line One Market on Highway 348 in Guntown.PlayTennessee Bureau of Investigation/AP Photo
WATCH Missing Tennessee Family: Bodies Found

The man suspected of kidnapping a woman and her three daughters was spotted in surveillance video shot three days after the Tennessee family first disappeared.

In the video from the evening of April 30, the suspect, Adam Mayes, can be seen wearing a white t-shirt in the County Line One Market on Highway 348 in Guntown, Miss. Mayes was last seen a day later, and authorities believe he may have changed his appearance and that of the two missing girls , Alexandra Bain, age 12, and Kyliyah Bain, age 8. The bodies of the two girls' mother, JoAnn, and sister, 14-year-old Adrienne, were found in the backyard of the Mayes' family home in Guntown on May 5.

The women were first reported missing on April 27 by Gary Bain, JoAnn's husband and the stepfather of the children. During the investigation, police interviewed Mayes, who admitted he was the last person to see the four women prior to their disappearance. When police went back to request a second interview later in the investigation, Mayes fled, according to the police warrants obtained by ABC News.

He is considered armed and dangerous, and was added to Tennessee's Top Ten Most Wanted list Tuesday.

His wife and mother have been arrested in connection with the Bain family's disappearance, according to a Hardeman County, Miss., court clerk. They are charged with "especially aggravated kidnapping" in connection with the kidnapping.

Details in the arrest warrants show that on April 27, Adam Mayes and his wife, Teresa Mayes, worked together to take Bain and her daughters from their home in Tennessee to Mississippi, where Adam and Teresa share a home with his parents.

Teresa and Adam's mother, Mary Mayes, both confessed to police during interviews that on April 27, they witnessed Mayes digging holes in his mother's backyard, where the two bodies were later found.

Police said they believe that Bain and her daughters were confined on the Mayes property. At some point in their confinement JoAnn and Adrienne died and were buried on the property.

"It is believed that Adam Mayes removed or confined Jo Ann Bain and her 3 a manner that substantially interfered with their liberty," the warrant states. "Concerning Jo Ann Bain and Adrienne Bain, both victims suffered serious bodily injury as a result of their removal or confinement."

Police were digging in the Mayes' yard on Monday, but have not said what they were looking for or whether they found anything.

Teresa Mayes' sister, Bobbi Booth, said her sister knew about the killings, but may have been too scared to call the police, according to the Associated Press.

During the investigation, police also found a trailer that Mayes had rented from Union County, Miss., which contained property of the two girls who are still missing and thought to be in Mayes' custody.

Mary Mayes is charged with conspiracy to commit especially aggravated kidnapping, while Teresa is charged with committing especially aggravated kidnapping.

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation is offering a $6,000 reward for information leading to Adam Mayes' whereabouts and arrest, and the FBI and U.S. Marshals Service are offering a $50,000 reward for information leading to the location of the missing victims and the arrest of Mayes.