Teen Who Brought Clock to School Meets President Obama at White House

Ahmed Mohamed, 14, was arrested for bringing a homemade clock to school.

— -- The high school freshman who was arrested after he brought a homemade clock into his Texas school got to meet President Obama Monday night.

Ahmed Mohamed's meeting with the President took place after the White House's Astronomy Night, where guests stargazed on the South Lawn.

President Obama commented how much he loves Astronomy Night -- the second time it has ever been held at the White House -- but said “they don't let me tinker with the telescope.”

Ahmed shared photos from the trip on his Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Mohamed was invited for a visit by President Obama himself via Twitter after news of his arrest spread in mid-September.

It comes as little surprise that Mohamed has an interest in astronomy, as he was wearing a NASA T-shirt when he was arrested at MacArthur High School in Irving, Texas. The teen didn't end up facing charges but was suspended from school for three days. He has since transferred schools.

The president isn't the only one to offer exclusive tours to the 14-year-old, as Facebook head Mark Zuckerberg invited him to their headquarters, in addition to Twitter, Google and Reddit.

The most exciting offer, however, came from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Mohamed told “Good Morning America.”

"I dream of going there," he said.