Teen saves mom's life with science class lesson

Katie Murphy learned the symptoms of a stroke just two days before that lesson became a lifesaving moment.PlayWISN
WATCH Science lesson helps teen girl save mom's life

A teen in Wisconsin is being recognized for saving her mother’s life, thanks to a science lesson she learned at school.

Katie Murphy, 14, learned the symptoms of a stroke at St. John’s Lutheran School from her teacher, Beth Tomlin. Two days later, she saw her mom, Christa Murphy, experiencing those symptoms and rushed in to help.

Christa told ABC affiliate WISN in Milwaukee that she went to her daughter for help after noticing she was struggling with simple things around the house, like putting toothpaste on her toothbrush.

"Her speech was all mixed up. I was like, 'Maybe she's having a stroke,'" Katie told WISN.

Katie called 911 and her mom was taken to the hospital. Doctors were able to confirm her diagnosis.

"I'm extremely blessed to be sitting here today," Christa told WISN.