Texas Cancer Doctor Accused of Poisoning Lover Heads to Trial

PHOTO: Ana Maria Gonzalez-Argulo is accused of poisoning a fellow doctor.PlayABC News
WATCH Cancer Doctor Accused of Poisoning Lover

The trial for a Texas cancer researcher accused of poisoning her jilted lover's coffee with a colorless and odorless chemical found in antifreeze begins Monday.

Dr. Ana Maria Gonzalez-Angulo is accused of poisoning her lover, fellow cancer researcher Dr. George Blumenschein.

The breast cancer oncologist laced Blumenschein's coffee with ethylene glycol, a deadly chemical used in antifreeze, last year, say prosecutors.

When Blumenshein told Gonzalez-Angulo he thought his coffee tasted "sweet," she allegedly told him it just was Splenda, according to court documents.

Blumenschein survived, but his attorneys told ABC News that his kidneys are severely damaged and that "he is not 100 percent and may never be 100 percent."

Gonzalez-Angulo has pleaded not guilty to charges of aggravated assault, but prosecutors say she is no stranger to violence.

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They allegedly recorded her on the telephone claiming she had "people assassinated and that she takes care of things the Colombian way."

Prosecutors tried to submit the recording as evidence, but the tape will not be used in Gonzalez-Angulo's trial.

Her attorney, Derek Hollingsworth, told ABC News last year that his client is "completely innocent."

"She is a distinguished citizen and scientist, and these allegations are totally inconsistent with her personal and professional life," he said.