5 Things To Know This Morning

PHOTO: American Airlines jet at Dallas-Fort Worth Airports Terminal DTony Gutierrez/AP Photo
An American Airlines aircraft is shown at a Terminal D gate at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, in Grapevine, Texas, in this June 29, 2011 file photo.

Your look at the five biggest and most buzz-worthy stories of the morning.

1. Plane Diverted After Passengers Fall Ill
A United Airways plane carrying 177 passengers on a flight from Charlotte, North Carolina to Rome was diverted to Philadelphia International Airport and evacuated Tuesday night after several people onboard became sick. Crews did not immediately find any cause for people falling ill.

2. Turbulence Grounds Flights, Injures Passengers
Two flight attendants were hospitalized and several passengers were treated for minor injuries due to turbulence onboard an American Airlines flight headed to Miami International Airport. The plane landed safely Tuesday night.

3. Romney Hints at Naming VP
GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney hinted on Tuesday that he is considering naming his vice presidential running mate earlier than usual. Romney and his advisers are deciding whether they should announce his choice earlier to better compete with President Obama.

4. Penn State Report Due
A report to be released today will reveal whether Penn State football coach Joe Paterno and other top officials at the university took steps to conceal that former coach Jerry Sandusky was a child molester. Ahead of the report, Paterno's family issued a statement saying he did not know Sandusky was a pedophile and did not deter any investigation.

5. Cruise Ship Captain Distracted by Phone
The captain of the Costa Concordia, which crashed into a reef off an Italian island, spoke out on Tuesday, saying he was distracted by a phone conversation just moments before the ship hit the reef. Francesco Schettino said that the collision that cost 32 people their lives was a "banal accident" and that "destiny" played a part.