5 Things To Know This Morning

Your look at the five biggest and most buzz-worthy stories of the morning.

1. Winds Hinder Washington Wildfire Efforts

Efforts to battle a wildfire in Washington state were made difficult on Tuesday because of winds, causing the fire to grow from 15,000 acres to 26,000 acres in a matter of hours. The fire has destroyed 70 homes. More than 60 other large uncontained fires are burning in the west.

2. Dallas West Nile Outbreak Worst in Nation

Officials in Dallas County have declared a state of emergency after the West Nile virus infected at least 190 people, killing 10. It's the nation's worst West Nile outbreak and officials blame an unusually warm winter and a rainy spring for creating ideal breeding conditions for mosquitoes in Texas.

3. Romney Accuses Obama of Cutting Medicare

Mitt Romney accused President Obama of cutting money from Medicare in order to pay for Obamacare on the campaign trail on Tuesday. The President accused Mitt Romney and his running mate Paul Ryan of having no plan in place to create jobs or cut the deficit.

4. Young Illegal Immigrants May Apply for Deportation Relief

An estimated 1.7 million young illegal immigrants can apply for relief from deportation and work permits, beginning today. This would reprieve them of work permits for the next two years.

5. Scrabble Champ Booted for Cheating

One of the nation's top young Scrabble players was kicked out of the game's national championship tournament in Florida on Tuesday for cheating, according to the tournament's organizers. A player at a nearby table caught the top player hiding blank tiles at the 350-player event.