5 Things to Know This Morning

5 Things to Know This Morning

April 1, 2014— -- Your look at the five biggest and most buzz-worthy stories of the morning.

1. Anderson Cooper Won't Receive an Inheritance From Mom Gloria Vanderbilt

Anderson Cooper may come from a family with money, but he's not getting his mother's money one day. Though his mother, Gloria Vanderbilt, inherited a fortune before making her own millions, Anderson will not be getting an inheritance.

2. The Real Final Words From Flight 370 Cockpit Revealed

As the search for a missing Malaysia Airlines plane stretches into a fourth week, authorities clarified the final recorded words spoken by the plane’s pilots.

3. 'How I Met Your Mother' Comes to a Close

In its 208th and final episode on Monday, the CBS comedy "How I Met Your Mother" finally revealed the mystery contained in its title and then ended with a twist designed to reward longtime fans.

4. ‘Dancing With the Stars’: Billy Dee Williams Withdraws in Week 3

Citing a chronic back problem and medical advice, actor Billy Dee Williams withdrew from season 18 of ABC’s “Dancing With the Stars” tonight.

5. Best April Fools' Day Jokes by Businesses

Take a look at these April Fools' marketing campaigns that some people wish were real and some may be duped into believing.