5 Things to Know This Morning

5 Things to Know This Morning

April 15, 2014— -- Your look at the five biggest and most buzz-worthy stories of the morning.

1. That Awesome 'Blood Moon' Eclipse

The moon glowed red, and Twitter erupted. People across the world watched the rare "blood moon" lunar eclipse overnight. During the eclipse, the Earth’s shadow blocked the moon, with the moon glowing as it received refracted light that spilled over the Earth’s circumference.

2. Boston Bombings Victim Dancing Again After Death of Brother

Jane Richard was watching the Boston Marathon from Boylston Street with her whole family when the bombs went off near the finish line. Jane, then 7, suffered a serious leg injury from shrapnel. Her brother Martin, 8, was killed. In the year since the tragedy, Jane has learned to dance again.

3. Family, Friends Remember Kansas Shooting Victims

William Lewis Corporon was taking his grandson to a singing audition at a community center. Terri LaManno was visiting her mother at a nearby retirement complex. It was a seemingly quiet spring Sunday, but neither Corporon nor his grandson or LaManno made it home alive, their lives cut short by a shooting spree that targeted the two Jewish facilities in the mostly affluent suburb of Kansas City known as Overland Park.

4. Cocktails, Free Food and Other Tax Day Deals

On tax day, corporate America feels your pain. Providers of everything from French fries to cocktails to hotel rooms to apple-scented urinal screens reading "Abolish The IRS" will be going out of their way Tuesday to try to make you feel better (or less bad, at least) and having to fork over your money to Uncle Sam.

5. How Health, Romance and Babies Fit Into Erin Andrews' Busy Life

"Dancing with the Stars" host Erin Andrews is doing it her way -- and on her timeline. "There's definitely a demographic of girls who put their careers first, didn't have time for babies, didn't have time to date, and that's me," she told ABC News. "I'm 35, I just moved in with someone, [and now] we are talking about having a life together."