Toddler allegedly threatened at gunpoint during home invasion in Fort Worth, Texas

VIDEO: A terrifying home invasion in Fort Worth, Texas, has left members of a family scared for their lives after their young boy was threatened at
WATCH Texas toddler threatened at gunpoint in home invasion

A Texas family said at least three home invaders broke into their house on Sunday and demanded money, grabbing their toddler boy and pointing a gun towards his head, in an incident partially captured on security cameras.

The mother and father, who requested not to be named or shown on camera because they worried the suspects might return, told ABC affiliate WFAA in Dallas Fort-Worth they feared for the life of the little boy.

The mother said the man who pointed the gun at her son had eyes that were "red, red, red" and she pleaded with him not to harm the boy.

"I just kept staring at his eyes, begging him please don’t do anything," she told WFAA. "I’m begging you, please."

"When I saw the gun pointed at my son, I just broke down," the father told WFAA. He said he gave the men a wallet and some cash.

But they continued to yell, the mother said, insisting the family give them more money.

The father said the men then fired a gunshot into the floor and hit him on the back of the head. The shouting and gunshot audio was recorded by the family's security camera that overlooked their back yard.

The boy was unharmed and the suspects fled with the money.

A neighbor's security camera captured additional footage, WFAA reported, and that footage may help identify the suspects.

Neighbor Peter Guerra's surveillance video showed the suspects driving a white Dodge Charger up and down the street before it parked. Moving figures beyond another parked car are then seen walking towards the house where the home invasion occurred.

The Fort Worth Police Department told ABC News the case is being urgently investigated.