Tuition money flows in for man who aided YouTube shooting victim and wants to work his 'way up in life'

A GoFundMe page has raised $24,000 for man who stanched woman's bleeding.

Michael Finney, a supervisor at the Carl’s Jr. across the street from YouTube headquarters in San Bruno, California, was working at the restaurant when Nasim Aghdam allegedly shot three people and then killed herself last Tuesday. When a woman who had been shot in the leg escaped to the restaurant, Finney, 21, grabbed a bungee cord and wrapped it tightly above the victim’s calf until paramedics arrived.

A Google employee reportedly launched the GoFundMe campaign after hearing that Finney was working to save money for college tuition.

“I’m nothing right now but I want to work my way up in life,” Finney told a local TV station.

Carl’s Jr. CEO Jason Marker also made a contribution to the fund, pushing it past the original goal of $10,000.

Aghdam appears to have carried out the shooting because she was "upset" with the company's "policies and practices," authorities have said.

Four people were hurt in the bloodshed: three with gunshot wounds and one with an ankle injury from running from the scene, police said.