Twitter's bath towel debate is perfectly mindboggling

What is a 'bath towel'? Twitter is on the case.

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a social media platform in possession of too little content must be in want of something mindbogglingly ridiculous to fill the void.

Thus has Twitter become obsessed in the past 16 hours or so with... bath towels?

It all started with a tweet Sunday evening from journalist Yashar Ali, which attempted to answer a question from "Unrelatable" podcast host Abdul Dremali about how many towels a cohabiting couple should own. Ali controversially claimed that pairs must own the following:

That seems like a lot of linen in general, but Ali’s tweet raised more urgent epistemological queries for Twitter: What is a 'bath towel'? What is a 'bath sheet'? Is there a difference? Is a bath towel also a beach towel, and if not, why not? What's happening?

This got kinda serious:

Some experts weighed in:

Ali even attempted to diagram the situation:

Model Chrissy Teigen found the number of washcloths to be a tad overblown:

And, in a final twist, the podcast host who inadvertently started this whole thing realized in the end he owned a bath towel:

In conclusion, Happy Presidents’ Day.