Vegas 'Road Rage' Shooting: Suspect Vowed to 'Come Back for You and Your Daughter,' Teen Says

Erich Nowsch Jr. had been questioned on an unrelated matter and released.

ByEmily Shapiro
February 20, 2015, 4:35 PM

— -- Tammy Meyers' teenage daughter told police the man she and her mother encountered near their Las Vegas home in an apparent "road rage" incident got out of the driver's seat and said, "I'm gonna come back for you and your daughter," according to a police warrant issued today.

After they arrived home, Meyers' son Brandon, 22, then "told his mother to come in the house and call the police; but she told him no, come with me or I will go by myself," police say of the family's effort to find the other driver.

Authorities say the mother and son searched for the driver, and that's when the suspect allegedly followed them home and shot Meyers in her driveway, according to police. Tammy Meyers died Saturday at the University Medical Center of Southern Nevada.

No words had been exchanged between the suspect and Brandon Meyers, according to police.

The suspect, Erich Nowsch Jr., 19, was first questioned on Tuesday, five days after the shooting, when he was in juvenile detention on an unrelated warrant. He did not match the physical description of the suspect, according to police, but his alibi didn't check out.

A friend of Nowsch says the suspect admitted to involvement in a shooting, according to police. Nowsch said he thought people in the car were looking for him and thought he saw a gun, which prompted him to shoot, police said.

Nowsch was arrested Thursday in connection with her death.

He has been charged with murder, attempted murder and illegal discharge of a gun. Nowsch will make his first appearance in court on Monday. His family has not returned an ABC News request for comment and Nowsch's lawyers said they have not seen their client yet.

Police said they are looking for a second suspect, possibly the driver.

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