New video captures kayaker's close encounter with shark in California's Monterey Bay

The video captures a shark attack a man's kayak in California's Monterey Bay.

The shark knocked the kayaker into the water during the terrifying encounter, which took place this March. The victim can be seen flailing in the water as the shark swims nearby.

Gene Mace Jr., who filmed the incident, can be heard in the video asking his wife to call for help.

"That person just got knocked out of his kayak by a shark," Mace says in the video. "See his kayak, a shark's pushing it around...It's swimming towards the guy now."

Eventually, a family passing by on a sailboat was able to rescue the victim from the water.

The video's release coincides with a recent uptick in shark sightings on both U.S. coasts.

On Sunday, a two-mile stretch of beach in San Clemente, California, was shut down do to shark sightings, according to local reports.

Earlier this month, approximately 15 great white sharks were spotted off of the coast of a beach in Orange County, California.

And last month, a teenage girl in Destin, Florida, was attacked by shark, requiring over 100 stitches.