Bullying Drive Girl to Suicide?

Ashlynn Conner's family says the Illinois girl was taunted at school.
1:48 | 11/15/11

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Transcript for Bullying Drive Girl to Suicide?
We come before your presence -- Outside the house a family looks for answers inside you learn about Ashland -- by hearing a story that begins with -- then third -- cleaning her room. -- -- -- Down -- dragon and down a hallway. When she brought an -- to me and said that they were close and they -- -- -- -- she didn't want any more because Adam. They needed them more than she dead. It's a great kid just -- happy go lucky and always smiling always happy always let me help somebody. And that was Ashland. Outside rich farm elementary safe schools on signs warn against drugs and gangs but not bowling Ashland -- fifth grade. Told her mom girls called -- fat ugly. And worse any hateful word. She was called a -- school. And she -- and came -- and told me and she didn't even know what that word meant. I didn't tell her what and that she's too young to know what that means -- It was too much Friday night. Ashland hanged herself with a -- shouldn't. Monday loved ones made posters for her funeral. The last couple -- days with the overwhelming support of the community face that failing friends. -- very humbling it's helped to skid that's what has helped us get through. In her bedroom -- ended her young life. But -- family now believes that too will help others. If she just saves one child from -- and believe if one believed. Who gets this message and says thinks about it and says I'm not gonna make another child feel that way. She did. She get it.

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{"id":14956254,"title":"Bullying Drive Girl to Suicide?","duration":"1:48","description":"Ashlynn Conner's family says the Illinois girl was taunted at school.","url":"/US/video/10-year-old-bullying-victim-ashlynn-conner-commits-suicide-14956254","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}