More than 10,000 New Yorkers dead due to coronavirus

Even as the state hits this staggering milestone, the number of New Yorkers contracting COVID-19, being hospitalized and being placed on ventilators has gone down as numbers spike in other states.
5:44 | 04/14/20

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Transcript for More than 10,000 New Yorkers dead due to coronavirus
Today Andrew Cuomo the governor of New York delivered this message that while the number of deaths have flattened he says it's at a horrific level of pain and grief and sorrow. Cuomo also offered a hopeful message. Saying he believes the worst is over but only if everyone continues to stay Smart and tonight he and a group of governors on the East Coast. Have teamed up to come up with a plan to reopen the economy are Tommy honest leads us. Tonight nearly Gil months since the first person died in New York from Kubrick nineteen. Governor Andrew Cuomo confronting a horrific milestone. More than 101000 New Yorkers no date of corona virus. This terrible goose is as terrible as it gets this is 671. People. Pool pass the way. On Easter Sunday. But even during this dark news some light. Fewer New Yorkers are being hospitalized. Fewer or been put on vent to Lee stars. And though the death pool remains staggering now fewer people are dying those numbers say we can control the spread. If you burger back. The worst is over. Your if we continue to be Smart going forward. At mount Sinai hospital in Queens doctor Eric blood injure has seen a change just one week ago the hospital was besieged. On an WBZ. We'll see with the situations like. I heard that our volume that is just exploding. It seems like his played out it IC views around the city. But when we spoke to doctor blood injured today he too we sounding encouraged. Certainly it does feel like we are slowly turning the corner. But as New York cases plateau when major cities like Philadelphia level off. All the reports of the country are seen spikes in Massachusetts governor Charlie Baker with a warning. I want people to realize that today is the beginning of what we expect there's going to be a very difficult period. Among the hardest hit the elderly more than 800 people have died in Massachusetts. And nearly 45% of them in nursing homes. My dad's in women's facilities so I take this stuff pretty seriously. The virus now claiming lives you all fifty states. In Chicago a somber procession for a firefighter. In New York City word 21 teachers have died. And across the country. Grocery store workers now essential to all of us paid a terrible price they're largest union now reporting at least thirty have perished. This is about right or debts. Workers are being exposed and may are not in South Dakota would of the nation's largest pork processing plants shutting down after nearly 240 workers tested positive. But weeks into this crisis the conversation now turning to how would win the country can reopen the governor of Texas was blunt. This is not going to be a rusty gates everybody is able to suddenly reopen all at once. The CDC director saying the first step is widespread testing something that is not yet available. We're gonna need to have. That aggressively employed as we begin to reopen and to basically prevent. And the opportunity for community transmission to come back into the system. Governor Cuomo also preparing for his state to take the next step you'll start to open that barrel. On the economic activity. And you turned that brown of very slowly. And wide opening that drought watch the meter. What's the meters the meters in treachery. And if you see that infection rate start taking up. Which would be undermining everything we have accomplished thus far. Then you know you've opened the brown. Too fast. New. York now banding together with six other states to develop a joint plan to reopened East Coast out west the governors of Washington Oregon and California forming a similar strategic alliance but in the nation's capital president trump who resisted calls to impose a national locked down. Tweeting that when it comes to reopening the country it's the decision of the president Cuomo making it clear the road to recovery will be long. It's not going to be we flick the switch. And everybody comes out of the house and gets in their car and waves and hugs each other and the economy you'll starts up. I would love to say he got screwed. It's not going to happen that way. It can't happen that way. And Tanya on his joins us now from New York City time you're on that calling Cuomo had with other governors today as they discuss this typical balancing act of just when to reopen what was your take away. You know there were about six governors on that call Lindsay one governor calling it the covic cord or states like new York New Jersey Pennsylvania. Rhode Island essentially the State's all want to work together but they don't ultimately the decision is up to them individually when they want to reopen their states. All the governors are worried about new spike so they don't wanna reopened to orally. And they do you wanna work hand in hand with the president. The president just tonight's that he is the ultimate authority to reopen the country but these governors also know that they ultimately have the power and their own states we're seeing the same story on the West Coast the governors of Washington Oregon and California. Forming a coalition there and tomorrow the governor of California will release a detailed plan a once he wants to reopen the California economy and lives we know there are so many people in the state. And that state looking forward to that Lindsay Tommy honest for us in New York City thanks Tom.

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{"duration":"5:44","description":"Even as the state hits this staggering milestone, the number of New Yorkers contracting COVID-19, being hospitalized and being placed on ventilators has gone down as numbers spike in other states.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"70130961","title":"More than 10,000 New Yorkers dead due to coronavirus","url":"/US/video/10000-yorkers-dead-due-coronavirus-70130961"}