13 Year Mystery Solved?

Remains possibly found on convicted killers property.
1:18 | 02/11/12

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Transcript for 13 Year Mystery Solved?
This time sheriff's investigators focused on the former home of the Sherman times and once again a discovery we've uncovered a Parcells call. As well as some bones that we believe were also human remains. Wes Sherman time was convicted of killing sixteen year old -- -- Wheeler who disappeared in 1985. But was never found. Immediately after today's discovery wheelers parents and Tennessee were given the news. Paula Wheeler told me by phone. It's a happy day. Yesterday -- skull was found about a half mile northwest of the Sharman time property those remains located near the bottom of -- -- Klein. The sheriff's office called the parents of -- Vander -- to tell them their daughter had possibly been found. Though today's discovery came on less difficult terrain cadaver dogs and heavy equipment were needed to make it happen there are large trees. Lot of poise and know the ground as was fairly soft with the -- of those Santa Clara. The cause human remains dogs. I mean that I believe that that -- sports. These hills have been searched more than twenty times through the years. But it was after Sharman time provided exact locations of the victims in maps -- from death row. The families of Cindy Vander -- -- -- Wheeler may finally have the answers they've been seeking.

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{"id":15562551,"title":"13 Year Mystery Solved?","duration":"1:18","description":"Remains possibly found on convicted killers property. ","url":"/US/video/13-year-mystery-solved-15562551","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}