14-Year-Old's Joyride Ends in Crash

Pennsylvania teen accused of stealing a jeep hit a guardrail trying to flee police.
3:00 | 08/14/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 14-Year-Old's Joyride Ends in Crash
It started as a police chase that ended with a crash this mess along the parkway east Sunday evening are wrecked Jeep Grand Cherokee its tires in bumper to -- not. All the result police say of a fourteen year old was not only behind the wheel and -- to stop but he's accused of stealing the G. It was an opportunity. -- and a fourteen year old as was at the perfect time and the perfect moment. Teen's mother who did not want to show her face says although she's upset with their son she's angry at the owner of the -- calling that quote irresponsible. I'm not downplaying my son's role and it's taken something they didn't belong to -- but I am the same day. -- actually left their keys in the car and the vehicle -- -- until done by anybody. There is no law that says that you cannot keep your keys in your vehicle. Now is that careless yes it is but it's not against the law. Did early stage police are not releasing its name to tell us they started it chased this stolen Jeep after spot again at Penn hills. But quickly called off the pursuit when -- unlicensed driver jumped on the BC parkway east. It was there where the team must control slammed into a guide rail side -- another driver before leaning on the roof. The teen went through the windshield -- ending thirty feet from the vehicle. Moms say she Natalie blames the victim and pleas for not doing more to stop her son but also the victim's boyfriend he started to follow -- heat and called police. He had no right to -- my -- Which it could have been a situation made it could have been just a joy ride down the street maybe he wanted to go. -- then he -- like walking.

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{"id":17004237,"title":"14-Year-Old's Joyride Ends in Crash","duration":"3:00","description":"Pennsylvania teen accused of stealing a jeep hit a guardrail trying to flee police.","url":"/US/video/14-year-olds-joyride-ends-crash-17004237","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}