1991: National Anthem Sung at Pearl Harbor

Dec. 7, 1991: Part 3 of Pearl Harbor memorial service, 50 years after attack.
6:46 | 12/07/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 1991: National Anthem Sung at Pearl Harbor
The design -- this memorial. Helps us remember pearl harbors place in our nation's history. The raised entrance on that side represents the strength. Of the United States before the attack. The low point. In the Centre. Signifies our losses here on December 7. The low point of our defense. But the starting point on the road to victory. The rise in this end of the memorial. Represents our return to strengthen security. With our victory in World War II. As well as our status. As a leader. In the community of nations. The seven windows. On each side of the center span. And the seven windows across the top. Represent an eternal. When he -- gun salute. And the vertical divisions between the windows. Are symbolic. Of Marines. Standing perpetual guard over their compatriots. Are compatriots. Still at their posts below. It is written. Greater love hath no man than this. That he lay down his life for his friends. In memory. Of those who lay down their lives for us here Pearl Harbor. We will observe a minute of silence. At 7:55. AM. Attack behind the attack began. And that minute will be marked. By the whistle. Of the USS chosen. Following that minute of silence. Aircraft from the -- Air National Guard will memorialize our fallen comrades. By a fly over. In the missing man formation. And I should say that as they do fly over -- -- Give -- little noticed before before they get here they will be coming from the rear here. They will be low and they will be noisy -- make sure that we don't get caught. By surprise here. So we will be waiting now. For the approach. Of the USS. Chosen. And as she approaches. We will have -- minute of silence. You -- -- chosen. Appearing. -- -- -- Still -- silhouetted by a beautiful. -- day in a way background. -- sin is one of our. Newest aegis cruisers. It has and anti air capabilities. It has a planned attack capability. And anti ship capability and anti submarine warfare capability. This is an example of -- multi. Dimensional capabilities of our new ships. Of this day and age. In contrast to the 96 ships that were anchored. In the harbor here. 50 years ago this morning. Not cast him. Silence will actually Begin in just about a minute. The US has chosen is moving forward in the sounding of the ship's whistle which we will hear his unique to this ceremony. Ordinarily it is the post motions by which who have heard so many times it is the traditional way -- -- ship underway. To honor those who died on the Arizona. But only on this occasion which has a unique occasion this fiftieth anniversary -- -- ship's whistle sound the honor for those who fell. At Pearl Harbor. Ladies and gentlemen will you please bow your heads in a minute of silence. The four F fifteen fighters from the -- National Guard are now approaching memorial there. This is the missing man flyover which began in the -- We're to the missing man signifying an aircraft and -- Memorial one member pulled up and away. Leaving the rest to continue on in the missing man formation. This show is at their compatriots are gone but not forgotten.

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{"duration":"6:46","description":"Dec. 7, 1991: Part 3 of Pearl Harbor memorial service, 50 years after attack.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"15104159","title":"1991: National Anthem Sung at Pearl Harbor","url":"/US/video/1991-national-anthem-sung-pearl-harbor-15104159"}