World Trade Center Bombing Remembered 20 Years Later

Six people died in 1993 when terrorists detonated a truck bomb in the building's garage.
3:00 | 09/09/14

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Transcript for World Trade Center Bombing Remembered 20 Years Later
-- this afternoon -- -- somber anniversary in lower Manhattan exactly twenty years ago and terrorists bombed a garage. The World Trade Center tower six people were killed. More than a thousand entered a moment of silence will be held at the new World Trade Center site minutes from now. At the exact time of the attack eyewitnesses reported gash on occurs live now in lower Manhattan with this morning services Josh. Good afternoon Laurie you know when it comes to the World Trade Center it is of course September 11 that is the internationally recognized date to commemorate the loss of an entire nation but for a smaller group of mourners and survivors. This is the date they remember more because before 9/11 there was 226. It is in -- service that takes place every year in the lower Manhattan church but for survivors of the 93 World Trade Center bombing this year is especially hard. It's been twenty years since their world and ours changed forever so many people that would kill. For no reason school. It was lunchtime that snowy Friday when Islamic fundamentalists drove a thirteen hundred pound truck bomb into the public parking lot under the trade center right alongside an office filled with Port Authority workers. Anthony copilot was heading -- for lunch -- stops at his own office first. I probably would have been there. So I thank god -- They -- go back to myself. -- among the six who died that day four or his co workers a thousand more were injured. We never thought anything like that would happen David Dinkins was the mayor Ray Kelly in his first stint as police commissioner. Because it was solved so quickly I think the people intended to diminish the seriousness of the of spread. And as a result. In part he paid a price September 11 2001. For all the devastation it really was a failed plot because what convicted mastermind Ramzi Yousef really wanted was to bring the buildings down his personal. Building engineer Alan -- survived in 93 and on nine -- al-Qaeda achieve that ultimate goal -- had to dig himself out of rubble. Like many of its Port Authority friends he's still working here now in charge of rebuilding. We want to rebuild the site. For those who argue. -- otherwise -- probably would -- retired. But I came back down -- -- finish the job that others can't. And right now all work has stopped. On one -- World Trade Center which has been rising hear from ground zero because in the next few minutes. The moment of silence we'll begin with the Mayor Bloomberg participating I should say leading the moment of silence at 1218. That is the exact time. The bomb exploded twenty years ago today. -- -- -- -- Robert Kirkpatrick and my -- Steven. My father William McEnroe and for -- -- Monica Rodriguez -- And her unborn --

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{"id":18600347,"title":"World Trade Center Bombing Remembered 20 Years Later","duration":"3:00","description":"Six people died in 1993 when terrorists detonated a truck bomb in the building's garage.","url":"/US/video/1993-world-trade-center-bombing-remembered-20-years-later-18600347","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}