2-Legged Dog's Journey for Prosthetics

4-year-old Fabio may be fitted for prosthetics after losing his hind legs to an abusive owner.
1:33 | 03/12/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 2-Legged Dog's Journey for Prosthetics
Four year old Fabio is moving around this afternoon like he does most days slowly but surely. The starting tomorrow Bobby goes life will likely change forever for the better. Fabio will fly to New Orleans and he will be examined by doctor Alison Barca. She's put together a team of specialists to it was -- -- him. His back legs hacked off just below the joined by someone who didn't want him to jump over a backyard fence. Fabio has adapted in gets by at his own speed. -- -- -- -- are gonna make it better or. Doctor barker was part of a group that outfitted Molly the Shetland pony with a prosthetic leg after Hurricane Katrina. -- says there's several avenues of help to explore when it comes to Fabio. How I should. Call 88 -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I'll -- Oh. Fabio will also spend time at des exiles a rehab home for dogs with physical challenges some of these dogs have even walked in second line parades in the Big Easy. I would love to be -- -- a handkerchief. And following Fabio and then a second line parade that would be my during. Big plans for such a small dog who once faced some pretty tough -- In Pinellas County Brad Davis ABC action news.

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{"id":18709466,"title":"2-Legged Dog's Journey for Prosthetics","duration":"1:33","description":"4-year-old Fabio may be fitted for prosthetics after losing his hind legs to an abusive owner.","url":"/US/video/2-legged-dogs-journey-for-prosthetics-18709466","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}