2010: Apple iPad Revealed

Jan. 27, 2010: Apple introduces its long awaited tablet device.
3:00 | 03/09/15

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Transcript for 2010: Apple iPad Revealed
Well the anticipation began building many months ago news of another apple game changer in the works a device that would once again push the bounds of technology today. Steve Jobs revealed his iPad but what is it how does it work. And how can it possibly live up to all the hype John Donvan has our report. There yet. Today apple about it long rumored tablet device information week since the Apple Tablet coming up. Ten inches and Diane to the touch screen would be nice food style LCD display coming from might have to call. Doing in the job. I'm building up night it was one long cheese before Steve Jobs finally got up there today and told us all the name. He iPad. So it's not the right tablet would be isolate as we have heard from months of speculation that Apple's latest new thing was gonna change the world. Michelle it's you know. This is what it looks like we'll just what does this mean do this iPad. You can browse the web within. Phenomenal for mail it's a dream to type on. Look at all your photos fields in the calendar. Address book application if you can discover music you can purchase it. Movies. TV shows podcasts. It's not available till march starting at 500 dollars but our Neal Karlinsky got a close up look. Take a look acts acts and one half pounds. And yes they say it's one and a half pounds and actually fuels fairly light it is just like a giant. IPod is one of the new features I've books. And sort of a list of books that actually shows a series of books on a bookshelf very clear very easy to read this very lightly turn the page. And the big question is not whether this slab of carbon is going to sell well we'll have to see on that but the question is it apples talking. Then we infer a revolution right. Well not necessarily. Remember this at all. Most natural way did you toxins to. Job for us catch. We wanted new DP that natural the Newton was in 1993 device from apple that like the iPad was mostly screen that you could write on and take anywhere with you but it went. No where it never caught on in part because it never had. And just about any apps eighteen ES short for applications symbolized by those. Extra little colorful rectangles that once pushed turn a device into a calendar a game of scrabble or a visit to your bank apps. Are what made the iPhone. They are important and when we're talking perhaps we are talking a lot of maps lots of maps that election where you'll. Send the fax scan a business card cash to video get to actions book trip. Not to make. Shut down aliens play to dress and then there's all the make believe. The make beard the make believes after the make the lighter and last but not least the app that does this must I explain. Apps although dependent on apple are an economy unto themselves most of them created by outside firms like reverse a small software company in Brooklyn New York. We've been developing for the iPhone since it launched and where. Very much in that world now we've pretty much turned all of our assets of our company towards iPhone development. And the tablet is just very exciting it's a bigger canvas on which to work. It's over here is. Is a little bit of chicken and egg magic at work here apps need to device but the device also needs apps. There's always have a magic period in any new technology and we go now and we are there now we are. Everywhere around this ecosystem is magic and potentially explosive of women except magic right now. What makes a magic is. Mobile the mobile Internet and mobile experience was all. So hypothetical until the iPhone came and now I think everyone sees that it's real and it's and it's here. And it's not just software companies all kinds of firms are putting out apps you want to find the car. That you've got reserves you can give it a command that it'll beep the horn. Yeah yeah. And tune core another Brooklyn company. Is hoping their apps will bring musicians and fans closer together. Hope to disasters did you work for you want to tell me the hope is that it's gonna give our fans away two. Get sort of more deeply immersed with the music and there's there's a music videos alone Trump's new music and it. Steve Jobs sat through much of his presentation today to make a point it sold much more instruments. Final laptop. And it's so much more capable than a Smartphone with this gorgeous large display. The iPad is meant to be something that you sit back which like a magazine. And out you know wouldn't. Leaning forward into the computer screen looking for information they're leaning back you know and there. China as it was a paper magazine get that going. No doubt they saw that today here if by near publications in New York owner of a lot of famous old media titles. Us funnier has already built most of an app it plans to plant on the iPad. Two months Indian descent and that once again how this. Lean back experience. And then rebuilding and that we channel and create something that is more about storytelling. Like paper magazines that people pay for or used to until the Internet addicted everyone to news for free. But can the iPad make people willing to pay again. Sure hope so at a time when when readers have gotten used to going to the Internet not paying a dime. To read the articles. You are you going to model where you want them to to start paying ought yesterday. That's important yes and he and I can. Just swirl around here. And look at the whole. Front page of the New York Times. The New York Times is also on board in fact today it was on stage jobs also announced the launch of I books and online bookstore. So maybe digital is about to save print. We'll see. The iPad not another Newton for so they hope I'm John Donvan for Nightline in Brooklyn New York.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Jan. 27, 2010: Apple introduces its long awaited tablet device.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"29502213","title":"2010: Apple iPad Revealed","url":"/US/video/2007-apple-ipad-revealed-29502213"}