2011: The Year of Headlines

Mother Nature and the war on terror topped the headlines in 2011.
3:49 | 12/28/11

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Transcript for 2011: The Year of Headlines
As great as gifts to. Watching. Credible torrents in the same room. -- right now thousands of people evacuated near that nuclear how are my thoughts and -- careers. Japan images of destruction and flooding. Coming -- -- -- and Hillary. -- -- -- -- -- A newborn. Just two weeks old pulled alive from the rubble and Turkey. The reality is -- continued to. We need to do much more much sooner -- There's so many people that lost their lives. Case is material. You can't replace a life. Was one of the deadliest tornadoes in the history of the united. -- -- Rarely before has -- hurricane barrels forward. So many major American cities in the past. Power and in October. Much of the world. Living on high alert tonight as the death of North Korea's leader Kim Jong. Bill that the United States has conducted an operation that killed Osama bin Laden. The leader Bob -- Day. After nearly nine years. -- war rock. I was on my heart -- me. And yeah you. Some troubling developments in Greece where growing debt crisis could not threaten banks here and around the world America at the. Over the coming year. Solutions congress has now approved a compromise to reduce -- and and the burden of the ball for the first time in nearly a century US no longer has a AAA credit rating. We -- dealing with the definition five and stock market. This is. The most -- and I. -- -- -- will be released in his own recognizance. Thank you to every line. As we've seen -- charge of aggravated manslaughter haven't. We the jury find the defendant not guilty -- Red Robin. Skelton. For involuntary manslaughter. Liftoff. Finally lift off of the violence. Shoulders of the space Shuttle America will continue --

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{"id":15248400,"title":"2011: The Year of Headlines","duration":"3:49","description":"Mother Nature and the war on terror topped the headlines in 2011.","url":"/US/video/2011-year-of-headlines-15248400","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}