2012: iPhone 5's Impact on the Economy

Could strong iPhone 5 sales have the power to boost the economy?
2:11 | 03/09/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 2012: iPhone 5's Impact on the Economy
It was big theater today at the brand new iPhone was unveiled and will tell you about the phone but we also have another question. How much does this one device change the energy and the American economy does it create American jobs. ABC's Neal Karlinsky takes us inside version five of the new big thing. Apple unleashed its latest the iPhone 5 sitting on a pedestal treated like a tie. Glass in aluminum work of art and this is not going the most successful Smartphone in a sea of competition has a bigger screen is thinner and lighter. When you function is called pass books that you have an airline ticket electronically either your phone. It knows where you are when he walked into the airport the plane ticket pops up on your phony checks he would automatically. But it didn't pack any big surprise as the fact that along grievance seems to matter to Apple's massive bottom line. We'll be ahead yes. Yes it really matter who it doesn't even matter it will be ahead so many people are on apple bandwagon right now. Analysts believe the new iPhone 5 can sell enough to actually help the entire nation's economy. JPMorgan's chief economist predicted the iPhone 5 could add between a quarter and a half percentage point to the gross domestic product. I think without a doubt he can affect the US economy. It's affecting it's affecting that they had the economy globally soda so why not oust him. Apple's manufacturing process is controversial costing just eight dollars per phone and done in China. But the company says American jobs are part of the process. More than 500000. American jobs are in one way or another connected to the apple universe. Among them the people according who make the phones amazing Gorilla Glass. They say the invention of the iPhone single handedly saved a plant in Kentucky and. In the manufacturing facility itself there's approximately 400 people. But we have several hundred additional researchers scientists other developers. Support staff. But don't expect to see an iPhone made here any time soon Apple's new CEO Tim Cook has said he'd like to move more jobs back to America. Some day. You'll Karlinsky ABC news San Francisco.

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{"duration":"2:11","description":"Could strong iPhone 5 sales have the power to boost the economy?","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"29509289","title":"2012: iPhone 5's Impact on the Economy","url":"/US/video/2012-iphone-5s-impact-economy-29509289"}