2020 Democratic presidential candidates set to visit Iowa State Fair

Former Vice President Joe Biden and Montana Gov. Steve Bullock are set to take to the fair's soapbox later Thursday.
4:04 | 08/08/19

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Transcript for 2020 Democratic presidential candidates set to visit Iowa State Fair
We're gonna turn next to the place where where politics. And and fried things meet and the Iowa state fair ABC's Adam Kelsey. Is there for a says it begins this is the place for all the presidential candidates are going to be. They dance they're Adam beckon to dampen any of the and media attention. Yeah it Aaron it's going to be an unbelievable. Eleven days here at the state fair unfortunately we're getting a little bit of rain shower but this morning it was absolutely beautiful on this the first day of the state fair. And this is not like you were saying like your typical state there they've got these all over the country but here in Iowa it is politics that takes center stage directions say it is politics. That takes he's still fox right behind me is where 21. These presidential candidates will be speaking over the course of this weekend today it kicks off with Montana governor Steve bulletins followed a little bit later in the afternoon. By former vice president Joseph Biden and the way this works is that these candidates have. Twenty minutes to talk about basically what ever they want to what many here. A lot from their stump speeches but also expect them to talk about local issues rural issues that are affecting I want farmers they come from all over this Hawkeye State to come to this fair. To hear candidates touch on those issues that are important to them and I would imagine that a number of these candidates as well are going to talk about gun control given the recent shootings in both Ohio. In El Paso, Texas and speaking of El Paso. It was supposed to be 22 presidential candidate that was your troops. Sunday that'll work the former congressman from help after deciding. Stay. Counts and if you can remain there would be victims of shootings and help support from. But in the meantime we're hoping that this rain. Quiet down sometimes see we want to get back out there. Try some more that fried food have already had caught some garlic cheese Kurds and a lemonade principals so far today the sugar start to get an answer to get a little bit more energized inoculate constrained he. Down there and I can see the V through the stomach turning and and it brings me back to fond memories. And you've got the sense that it at any favorites yet among the island's tourists were at that there and braving the weather will be. Yet when you start to talk to the folks you're here it. They are really politically engaged and they want to hear everybody from Joseph Biden right at the top Joseph sestack former congressman from. From Pennsylvania who just entered the race they're willing to cure everybody out but fighting is obviously. The big name and you'll notice if you look behind me this is not the biggest area in the world does in the league probably been about fifty to a hundred people when Joseph Biden's here this afternoon I would expect. To pack in hundreds even if it's raining kind of make its way out into the street that's over to my left here. In addition to Joseph Biden we're hearing a lot more buzz about Massachusetts senator Elizabeth Warren somebody who we've seen in the polls slowly building over time. And in fact we just saw in new mom at university poll. Are pulling folks here in I would just this morning Elizabeth Warren going from the single digits all the way up from second place now pulling in the high teens just behind Dubai. And and he knew we were concerned when we were at the last debate together. That there may not feed such public engagement. Big I is your sense that people really are. Excite in due to finally hear from these candidates one on one. Well I think you have to understand Aaron at Iowa is a different place and the rest of the country. The people who leave here in the Hawkeye State take this responsibility. I as the first in the nation caucus extremely seriously so you're gonna sneak. A lot more politically defense from the average voter here and I would and you might in some of the other states around the country to that being said Pete you just mentioned it we discussed this in Detroit last week when you're in a state like that Michigan and puts a little bit later on during the primary season Wenham following around candidates. I down south where again they put a little bit later on they're not quite tuned in yet but it's interesting that we're talking about this while we're at the I was a fair because this tends to be the time. During this presidential campaign cycle that things kind of kick into high gear because we got it's got started so early. This year all the way back in December and January for some of these candidates some of that pixel is starting pay six taking a meeting with his Iowa state fair this. It's this renewal of energy should get us out going up until next. I've very good ABC's Adam Kelsey on the ground at the Iowa state fair.

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{"duration":"4:04","description":"Former Vice President Joe Biden and Montana Gov. Steve Bullock are set to take to the fair's soapbox later Thursday.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"64859559","title":"2020 Democratic presidential candidates set to visit Iowa State Fair","url":"/US/video/2020-democratic-presidential-candidates-set-visit-iowa-state-64859559"}