2021 PRIDE on ABC News Live: What’s next for the LGBTQ+ community

ABC News reports on the immense spirit of the LGBTQ+ community and movement.
46:20 | 06/18/21

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Transcript for 2021 PRIDE on ABC News Live: What’s next for the LGBTQ+ community
This is pride on ABC news law. What's next for the LG BTQ plus community and movement rock. The decision just emerging from the nation's highest court that could look bad. Half a century of progress LG BTQ plus Foster parents. And gay young people in that name of religious freedom. Plus pray away the Netflix stock debut shining new light on the true harms called Comverge and there are. Fighting lesbian love seeing community and there's plenty of it on take time. We go inside that smoking will not sex full performance on Saturday Night Live. Choreography for into the stores and on the movie. And the beautiful goodbye after three life changing C. Everybody told me that mark weirdness would be not liability. And it was. For decades. And then all of a sudden it was. You know I'm so grateful that I have lived long enough defeated. Howard juju Chang and and lights next. Dear Steve o.s and software. So close so glad you could join us for this latest edition of pride on ABC news live. We're with you at a critical time for people of the LG BTQ plus community across this country. And in the same moment there are pictures of celebration and reflection from coast to coast. In Fresno California high flying pride for the first time in the city's history. They're raising the pride flag over city hall and the city's first female fire chief is herself a member of the community. They're also waiting pride flags for the first time over Fresno state and at Fresno city car. And what started off as a bigger show of hate and Texas has turned into a sweet surprise that a big remained confections in east Texas. It lost business after celebrating the season. With rainbow cookies and the shape of a heart one angry customer canceling a large order. But there was a backlash to the backlash supporters lined up around the block in endless lines to buy the cookies selling out the shelves. All of this is during a difficult milestone in Orlando Florida five years have now passed. Since the massacre at the pulse nightclub a lone gunman killed 49 people and wounded. Dozens of others most of victims of gay and Latino leaving that community and the country. Forever changed president Biden is expected to sign a bill naming the former nightclub. A national memorial. And to the cheers for the surprise visit. From the vice president at pride events in Washington DC Kabul Harris is making history as the first sitting vice president to join the march appearing. Had to walk in the nation's capital with her husband. The second channel. And we begin here today with that major decision just in this week from the highest court in the land the first test on LG BTQ plus rights. For the 63 court handing down the key decision. That will affect families for generations to come. Here's ABC's senior Washington reporter Devin Dwyer. The pride month decision triggering a sigh of relief. This is a good outcome in that the court again is is finally saying. That discrimination has no place in our Austin yard option systems. And anywhere really in our democracy. The most conservative court in the generation reaching unanimous agreement in dispute that pitted the city of Philadelphia is anti discrimination policy. Against the Catholic social services agency refusing to work with same sex couples. To the city it's pretty straightforward he ventured into a contract that says very explicitly that you are to serve all in any. I'm and that's not that's neat you know mutually applied to all providers. In 2018 Philadelphia canceled its Foster care contract with Catholic social services' the bid to root out discrimination. The agency refusing to certify LG BT people as Foster parents as a matter of faith. And accusing the city of targeting its beliefs in violation of the first. And then suddenly we were refusing to let Foster families with an open palms taken more kids just been partnered with CS fast. Lower federal courts sided with this city but in a major reversal. All nine Supreme Court justices this week said the city went too far the court effectively said that the city of Philadelphia. The plied their rule. In a wave that violated the constitution that rule the court said. Allows exemptions and because the city denied one to the Catholic agency it ran afoul of the law. Chief Justice John Roberts writing the city is burdened the religious exercise of Catholic social services. To policies that do not meet the requirement of being neutral and generally applicable. But Roberts also making clear the city's interest in fighting discrimination is a weighty one for society's come to the recognition they gay persons engaged couples he says. Cannot be treated as social outcasts or is inferior in dignity and worth. It says that nondiscrimination laws can and will continue to apply to all including religious institutions. If you do apply these laws. You have to make short you applied them in a neutral in generally applicable way. The stakes for Foster care are significant. There are currently 4100. Kids in Philadelphia's resource homes. Including about 360. Children in group facilities awaiting placement with the family. Studies show a disproportionate. Number of our LG BTQ will public policy it's. Derek hit the senate comes our hot ticket Erica Chan an impeach Davis who been Foster parents in Philly for seven years. Sit recruiting more same sex Foster parents is an urgent priority. I grew up Catholic went group Christians still go to church on Sundays take her son. Eliminate families based on the mean things sex. Is eliminating a potential loving home for child. On the other side families who worried about discrimination. Against religion there's such a need for people that have a heart to help the children. Should be involved in the system. Patty Bernard and her husband Kevin are Christian Foster parents not connected to Catholic social services but sympathetic to the agency's position premium. As both sides when there's two sides of freedom right. And this country was founded on religious freedom. And as such you should be a what do help where you can help. And still practice your faith. And so did church wants to help but they can't do it in another area dinner should be somebody that can help those people. Also do that. We don't want people be displayed at Beers dill recruit recruiting. Gambling is Paramount and parents parents and couples should be column by parents and I certainly don't want folks in the community be discreet it. A this particular angle. Philadelphia's Foster care network has 24 private agencies that screen parents Catholic social services is the only one that denies same sex couples. The agency among ten Catholic Foster parents like Sharon L Fulton sidelined by the contract dispute hope that the partnership with the city resumed soon. I have room in my house. And time in my life. And I want to make a difference Catholic social service does wonderful work and we have children that hurt. And we need to service. He got a chance that her neck her decision she is relieved you know this has been a long fight it's been three years without allowing any children to be placed her Omer other homes are Catholic social services and don't just a big sire. Early this city of Philadelphia says it's still deciding whether will resume its contract with Catholic social services and parents like Fulton in light of the court's decision. It could also try to revise its anti discrimination policy to keep them boxed out. There are more homes for children went kaput social services as allowed to serve. I think the courts made it pretty clear what the city needs to do next year. We want to understand what does this and how we'll look forward insisted he added. How could ultimately impacts from across the country. Meantime advocates leading the movement for LG BTQ plus equality. Say they're just please this conservative court. Didn't go further this is not a free license to discriminate I mean our opponents. Have been looking for that he wanted the court to issue a sweeping decision that would have explicitly overturned. Constitutional precedent and look what did not do that for ABC news. I'm Devin Dwyer in Washington. Our thanks to Devin Dwyer for that report and up next right here. The creative filmmaking team behind pray away the new Netflix documentary. About trying to pray away the game debuting at the TriBeCa film festival. We'll be right back. Home on the season you want to. That's up and coming artists Jake Wesley Rodgers in the new single momentary paying tribute to queer heroes. Real and make believe then we're back now on pride here on ABC news live with the highly anticipated Netflix documentary. Making its world premiere at the TriBeCa film festival this week. Pray away looks at the brutal and long lasting harms of conversion therapy and we're joined now. By the filmmakers Christine still moccasins Jessica debating welcome thank you for joining us and being with us and sharing this important work seriously important Christine. Can you explain to us first just how powerful and common this so called pray away the gay movement. Has become in the United States for the last few decades. Are you. They came out of transit with AT&T let there at pac. It can person I eat. And that cannot be had I knew about the movement from occurred soccer. Is that what the IOI did you read or that make her many years later. That I realized how you bet wouldn't it is we know that. And and we know that it being cracked egg and relatively main aim related organization venture is a Christian mind. Adam and mark conservative Christian communities around three though we know that it. And we're really. If economic pregnant and all oh lead in which we hope. And it dialogue about had a meeting early and that our. It called at. Any movement or an act. You lived in mostly Ed Adam I. I'm. Here and Eric B. Adding or acted individually with an epic like it or not. I'm and that the majority of the can actually if I. Engaging in one lion one on one talk Eric BI can't I articulate. And and part of that movement that made under head. And often people being at work writing at ideology could bear. Parishioners. And that individual kid that come dotted gay and go their past or help. Might not even realize that they are essentially an immigration Barrett even if they've had it out there. It's just it's. It's more prevalent in Taiwan people think Jessica in the film we also hear from multiple former so called ex gay leaders. Who claim that there are no longer gay but have since acknowledged that they weren't really telling the truth that. That they truly are gay or lesbian. Yeah I know we really wanted to focus on and leaders of movement and because. It's not just about a couple of people it's really looking at numbers and they're being not just that the practice but as a as a movement and as long as homophobia and in Serbia are alive and keep in Newton and and Christian communities today to Britain they're it will persist and so as ET Beasley there is Dino de sacs and come to speak out against embers and they're being and more leaders from the younger generation. Won't be it product and their place. And so focusing on the leadership really helped get to the root what it sustained the system's structure early. Without revealing too much that's that's that's in this special. Can you tell me how do they explain. The hypocrisy. How to they how to they explain. How they. Were able to lie to themselves for that long. A lot of people and chair with really good intentions. A lot of people who end up in leadership art beat has and they hired by record in the conversant Eric BM. They make a healing and unity of extract and I'm. Or even medium moment and gender fluidity or actual validity is real and true changes all. No I wanna it knowledge and that and they nutter film really does show. And they could not at them a bad apple the opulent look at intention. And IA. Urged people who are in the movement taken their rocking back elm. Because I think partly why people a yet they don't hear that Hillary on survivors and harm that it cotton. I'm confident they choose not be here and they attempt Al critically of denial. Adam and I I think that it really common part of all stories then our comment. And that killed he asked her how people I'd be opened. I think I would just add that wind this is such a powerful example only internalized homophobia wielded outward in. 918 times and individually and collectively to our community. Before I get to my next question let's watch a clip from the film they. Suffered. Each Rahman. And they definitely resulted in extreme forms of self teacher in. But they survive. I'm really happy and I it sounds to me and love so much and we're doing well but. Not everybody is. Some ex gay leaders are doing what they believe is the best thing for all of us. The problem is that they think Colin healthy means. Trying to fit ourselves and as we can't beat. I wish that they would listen to us and believe us when we say. That we really are so much healthier and happier now that we're no longer a part of that. God created you for communion with one in America from the highest. This can mean would be your marriage. He makes a super eight. Okay. I wish that that they knew that we were healthy that's of course what. This so hard to convince some people thought Jessica explain to be the journey that so many survivors of gay conversion therapy go through what kind of trauma. Have they under. You know there's a reels and into the experience of conversion therapy or even growing up and not affirming communities period list but us. Send messages that are similar to those of legendary heavyweight is that you are not full and healthy as you. And something is detected about you need to be TE used in terms of your sexuality your identity and art ever each individual reasons. Journey through that trauma. It is really dependent on the intersection different vulnerabilities that they happen terms of those. Interns and their access to resources there are ways to get out hands you know I think we also signed Hogan a lot of DDT keep its locks down in. Oh it's hard not earned being hands Egypt deeds beans and different. Compound in traumas are being back. There's not an art out we don't we don't resolve the trauma that we face as dvds you folks who learned how to live with that and learn how to slowly and I of those nots overtime. And that the water resource is that we have in terms of those earning community and Eric B and health resources. And that are widely available the more we're able to continue on the journey and kindness knots over time. Julie the young woman we just heard from has been able to move on with her life happily marry another woman as you tell us but many others aren't that lucky. What can you tell us about the high suicide rate. Among those have been exposed to gay conversion therapy. We know that young people who leaked and conversion therapy arm Moran and clay is like Lee you Patrick LA Asian territory and period I'd. And they are different can't covering. Question and I'm sharing the land that. And then most measured on their it is exciting that that they even higher in the great. After and it Leo manna as Asia and other low meant that if any good pension it -- year. That core part of WR is owned and and well. I you can see how that would result Barry devastatingly in people picking their own lives and. It. Horrible. And Christie you know you talk about the personal connection that you have to this that this this isn't. This isn't theory this is something that you and your family have dealt way. And it I trauma and a teen at that I ever heard very. You're out one family. And often never goes away dead down wind borne out of greed and loved my uncle Ole. When I went. And it lands. In the wake of payback and I'm really. I'm truly credit under Dan. So much of the pain of his life that I take union. Well this order result when the original. Picnic Irian. Living in net. Al DB EU movement. And you know it had been our heart and my own making life met bit on probably would not have made had he not. I'm be inundated with an incredible amount and later I agree I had to do something like that brief Aaron atop an action I'd let her camp. Well excellent that you made this film Christine Jessica we thank you so much for being here in for your powerful work the powerful film pray away. About the former leaders and survivors of the ex gay movement start streaming August 3. And up next right here on prior technology warming the hearts ticked off and lesbian love and community. Back now online our ABC news like pride special those are two uptick talks. Topped influences debris Blanchard and so Bosco who found love on social media on that social media app during the pandemic. They're just two of the millions of young lesbian women. Who are using tick tock as a matchmaking at finding love and creating contents for LG BTQ plus folks. All over the world it's an article we first on the New York Times and joining us now our Avery and self welcome thanks for being with us. And yeah. So first four are. Anyone watching living on to Iraq why is tick tock so special what is it about tick tock Beckett has has the young people all interest it. I think if the sense of community that it greens like there's so many communities then take top and it. So easy to get in there and I'm Tunisian you're comfortable. And that means it it's amazing that I'm doing math. So want to ask how was quarantined for you was a couple would have been the biggest positives in the biggest challenges. So. Honestly it was re we got to spend. Much more time together than we otherwise would have benched any really the only had each other and so we use that to our advantage and just was there and should use that time artistic leap for our contents to an intruder on ten. And just overall well of course I don't want to go back here he hit that. Again god intimately not a criminal but I'm glad happy and and aliens into being I think it really dribble glass together and keep. So for most people tick tock did you find the dance videos the choreography be you know it's it's funny. You two met on this out. It's an app that isn't necessarily used for dating but somehow now team called the new tender. Tell me about that how did you connect using tip top. Oh we got very lucky. Legal but added that you will acres high solar. Eight convention called clearest lives. Which lets. He's February 20 trying to show. That's angered not go in my group to that. Convention inch and that career at her he met. I'm but because of quarantine and because of doom we able you're seeing those contacts throughout the whole quarantine in cash. It's getting closer and closer grassroots through to hang out again and then newly learned. Student. That's wonderful what is it about tick tock that's created in your opinion such a global. Community for LG PTQ plus people. I think that algorithm has really big. Heart to do it around in that sense of community yeah. You know it melted BGG plus community mean to within the first couple days enjoyment and taught. Com my prepaid Bristol but just all of really awesome OG CGG frustrated that I am honored to be friends and now I think if it does the job. Here's an example of how your con tan is more than just fun dance videos Avery. You made this one to help people come out to their loved ones but see. Yeah. I still have. Anything to do. What kind of reaction did you get to that. I'm really great positive reaction usually with the forty page act as you know egregious LGB teach you class audience and a couple people reached out to me and nick comment section industry all based. Stories about how they shy about telling the brother sister parents and its owner of bombing. Responsible loved that they got which really heartwarming. How has some of your content changed as you've got more comfortable. You know with your identity. So mind definitely has shipped still Lott in a way that maybe you wouldn't ink so. When I first started and I was getting her comfort myself I am content is very each. Centered around the idea of Kenya on TB EU community. And I I grew more and ask that humor Cumberland man crouched it's shifting away from that being this'll terrorism my videos so it was as an attached. Making those videos that where super centered around yet to be you must meeting made me. More comfortable just being Mena and I watched it here I'm always perceived every one or it's nothing at all and how he learned that I'm still Meehan and on the community even if I'm making an idiot you know I'm trying reading and English matter what Amy and Molly's and he and I think that's really a lesson to be. Sometimes when you're trying to be used there are people who feel that you're not being gay enough especially on social media platform. Dick either review ever sort of experience that idea that you're not. Queer enough for tick tock. Definitely I think I am as a man who presents rather feminine agony that a lie in a lot of us. Eminem do. The grand and commentaries that people using. Take time in the Siena beat mark this year video and Irish airline there's no we can be Indians and the community you look so feminine air crash you look so strange as they would stay and I mean there's no. Expect our. What you should look like there's no definition no higher jackpots are what you what you should present act. Anybody Letterman immigrant matter who they are Indian community and actress shared experience and I eight we had given it's very common sense media. And people don't really realize how much acts that person. Because we're people oh yeah. Sometimes you have to remind folks of that rainbow flag right. Yeah. And visionary and who doesn't just have one coming and so for those who are struggling to come out. You also made a video to help people get through it. I am struck. By the fact that these videos are social work. But they still have this big impact you know you would think that the video would be longer to get the kind of reaction that that the two of you've been seeing but. Sometimes I guess short and sweet is the key right. Yes absolutely that's what it and people don't have you another's time you know Greece hey Jane here. Digging her on these video that you just rolled into talking finally videos that are supporting and encouraging a change and that's the magic and to under haven't been like if you aren't even searching more. You have 152 idiotic all right you're like well I guess I didn't need that I I didn't want that but like I not yet gotten. A space like this is never existed before of course what do you think it means for empowering. This young generation of lesbians in particular and future generations of LG BTQ plus people. I think talking is doing something that has not really been done before it's like. Giving every one and wiped so much comfort and it's making ever not feel so alone be as I know I was. Young I mean I've pregnant anyway. His I didn't have anything like that I don't mean new Ellen DeGeneres and again pretty much at it but. No one ever talked about it is never out there whenever I heard jailers let you went. Thing that comes out. Act like me deep down I knew that I was and I think the internalized homophobia and everything meet you like that. Like once you're surrounded by and it's. Not have you and your more come to life I think that. I am and that could tick talk is doing is making a rumor come by can get dot cellmate in Shawnee. People like on judge does he want for example. Kids like 12 o'clock at night to give a girlfriend or boyfriend my English not a mom just so much as I've never seen before yeah. Well thank you very much both of you for joining us for being a real selves. For reaching out for represent me and four are trying to change lives really appreciate you joining us. Do you think yeah. You're more than welcome and up next right here when we come back. The groundbreaking series pose taking its final bow juju Chang very personal conversation. With the man at the center of at all Billy quarter giving it everything he's got. Things. There and leading these people in Jordan I. Boehner of this book call her column color need to start off by saying happy Friday. Spent all of your. Photographed being critical holds up. He taught me so much about all of a mile from. Insane would I didn't really honored to have the chance he shared his hook at all this. Absolutely. I'd gotten the book beautiful person who hugged and most importantly stay sane and who's had a price looked particularly important bonuses and love us also shot up up. And we're back now with the emotional farewell to the ground breaking show pose. What does life hold. For out and proud Emmy winner Billy Porter. Our juju Chang sat down with him to hit show's grand finale. And there wasn't a dry high on the set. When I got into this business. And the mid eighties. This. What you see fit and in front of you we're all relieved accolades and all the lives she was not possible. Won a Tony keep winning grammys you won and and the first openly gay man to win. Lead actor in drama category you. We are all the this could save you up out. Representation. In Hollywood. And in entertainment. Should you know everybody told me that mark clear in his would be my liability. And it was. And they were right for decades. And then all of a sudden what the search. You know I'm so grateful that I lived long enough to see this day should impose. And pray tell heart meet. How to dream the impossible. You say not song in that church of the sudden what does it mean to you. You have grown of in the church. One of the things. That was unifying about it. For your character the church has done a lot of damage yes and yet that song seems represented. It represents. Forgiveness it represents. So render you. Referred to doing pose. Is allowing you to release you Shane yet. And that you were allowed to feel the feelings that you had to compartmentalized. So many here so what was that moment where you said I'm Ghana. Reveal my HIV status not just the world. But to my mother. It was the time. Debt. We were forced into with Kobe that allowed for me to find presence inside of this. Journey and go well I need. To heal some stocks. I've been thinking about it for a long time. In the fourteen year period I realized. All my life just Kabul there's a platform now. That requires me to show up in a different way. What was so wrong to me was the fact that you revealed so much despair. Beyond. You're HIV there are stat your it was you know 2007 with a really difficult year for me you know it what is. Diabetes in February. Bankruptcy. And marched and HIV positive by June in. I just didn't have anything at that point and I knew. If I could just hold and you know it's very hard to do to act. When all the UC right in front of you is darkness it's really really hard which you know I had such wonderful touch. Angel was. Around me. Encamped all around me and forms of friends and forms of chosen family informs him. You know my sister my you know just. And never would've made it biomass else. And trucks along came. Thank you can't live. I just. Go to Paris for Christmas. Fit in the park. And watch the birds return for spring. You talk about chosen Chamblee what do you see ultimately is the legacy of your chosen pose am we watch these characters. Whose biological family's very off then. Don't have the capacity. Don't have the understanding. I don't want to what ever it is that blocked them from. Living up to quite frankly what I feel is their responsibility is certainly. Those of us who live inside of that reality. Must go I'll. And choose our families. That's probably survive. That's what else you BGQ plus community have done since the beginning of time. In great tells character and your real life. Is the journey of telling your mother. I'm not your HIV Staten. After fourteen years of hiding and I've KF about two awful don't know what you care about. Is what everybody at the church. Thinks about you. What is she's eighteen he finally told. She said to me I love you Bob. I've always lived GM please stop doing this. She's a baby are now out what then you know I didn't have all the told what you came out but that was. Decades ago now but please stop doing this I didn't like police stopped. Not telling you stuff like please. Let me be your mother let me beat your mother. Let me. And that's enough to push its like we have to Jim with the people an opportunity. To grow we have to give the people in our lives who have hurt us the opportunity. To roll. So that forgiveness can happen so that we can heal my mama could render there's no stronger. More resilient woman who has graced this earth I love you mommy what is the message to the next generation. Of young. Love yourself. Validate yourself. To figure out how to ground. Yourself. If first. Don't require mix. For validation from the outside she is where we get cut off. That the message is you are enough just as you are and lead from there start. From there. I. Our thanks to juju Chang and up next here. Teaching will not fix everything he knows when it comes to pole dancing. Out and proud the next generation power conversation with Shawn bankhead this next. And we're back now with a peek behind the choreographers. Are it was up. Pole dancing moments. On live television will not sex bring in the culture to the children. On Saturday Night Live how young black and queer artist like little knots are pushing gender norms with the style and expertise. Of this man Shawn bankhead part of our look here goes out and proud the next generation. Here's ABC's auction site. It was a performance. To remember. Will not vex hitting the stage with leather pants and a stripper pole. Some scandalous dance. His musical performance of Montero or call me by or name on SNL are breaking the norms of what you're used to seeing. In the mains. We meet we kind of just. These ideas and I wouldn't even as it must put it we had a marvelous the militias net and he's kind of kept saying my dad lets you elect why it was phrased. The man behind it all. Case. 32 year old choreographer John bankhead it's taken a long time for a performance like little nods x.'s. So beyond a stage like Saturday night lives don't you think. It was that person does not mean Dane. Talking keeping an owners haven't seen the floor expects it would be a blow. Artists. You might not recognizable. You've seen his iconic routines and that's the space in my career where. I've been named woods who understand it and simple oklahomans can happen and arm pop culture on people's lives. Yeah one of the industry's biggest dancers. Choreographed superstars like Carty means Missy Elliott no money and of course we will not let us. He's working with a new generation of talent given while building off popular. Creating a style all his own diverse stresses route and free how do you feel like you're paving the way very young men of color and gay men of color. I do know that always kind of walk on the MV much so always McDonough ma am and how old were you when you first realize. Com and answer. Among its enemies stories that she would just be amazed when she need. You know in the car seat gym at him and I'll beat you this man can always. From a young age he was inspired by the MTV top stars of the late nineties and early 2000 skyworks learn Janet Jackson's chances of us. The I do see. Britney Spears always kind of had Brigham and movement and an ma. After his family moved to Atlanta when Sean was a kid. The dancer quickly found choreography snowstorm. Is flows in people's argues that all of a sudden. I'm an opportunity soup easy dance class and there was a representative. From bad boy the boy in my class Mike mustangs and decided. Can you weren't released video and I had never heard anything in my I don't know what you teach. From there his career took golf. After working with pro group fifth harmony. Get his first big break choreographed and former members Omani news music video for motivation. Motivation was the first. Being single meet the people really relax the back where are the vintage blues made it. His creative moves quickly spreading from music videos who credits. Oh Yabuki broad. To tick tock. Where they've become viral trends. Dick Carter he wanted to create a dance center went home. To learn and could actually. Hands as the 22 when he won grammys choreograph and Carty bee's eye popping performance for walk. Personally just easier Taylor you can. Carter clear card read it and it is item than performance related businesses are clear. I thought it was lower year. Our lives are so it's my ball. And you know stranger to the controversy. It's also you know you you why does the news. As if he had rock the boat enough already. Sean you he had a chance to really send a message. Clinton will not sexes intestinal performance I always had minor league if I get my hands on Friday I'm really going to kind of take it to the next. Do you feel like he had something different NN that allowed you sort of tap. Such a boundary pushing choreography in Suzuki. Steve thank you what you gonna go me get and it's going to get an animal named or known. Not as brazen this inspire you annoy. Absolutely even just meeting him and then within mountain and got along so well we're a young who gave elections so. I've got him he got me and he. He represented the cross section of two minority group says it as a gay man and as a black man. Tell me a little bit about some of the struggles that you face as a choreographer and really needs a lot of exists. Didn't call moments being a young black chord Akron you know Jim labels and human management team you've been underestimating. My. Business is and where it you know a lot of times. By a hard worker more money for the same job and I. Does his performance and triumph over mainstream media and we're black voices have historically been sound. Do you think we've made any progress at all where anything we stand as far as the conversation goes. Maybe two steps you know not fifteen Dayton it just doesn't even really really really seemed at ease happened on just a whole generation. And pop culture weathered a few words openly gay closeted in my bad I'm Susan like he was scared seems. The barracks EMB to console her because she didn't know. Well welcome to beat. Bob those whose service based on her uncle Sean is gearing up for his next big product. Continuing to push the boundaries on and off the stage. And hoping to inspire a new generation of dancers inspiration right here sorrow and continue to inspire. You grow and truly aren't answering some groups caution saying ABC news New York. Before we go a reminder. That the did deep pride collection is out now which includes Pixar marvel and Star Wars icons and characters for the first time. Part of the proceeds are going to organizations around the world supporting LG BTQ plus community. And a few final thoughts now. In this same country where so many of us who are about my age and game grew up afraid to be thought or compared to a drag queen. One of the most popular shows in all of television today celebrates drag queens and the straight people love it. Gay marriage in America is now just marriage and the earth didn't stop spending. Today we're also learning about fired rust he was an out gay man and an unsung hero of the civil rights movement. In the 1960s he was one of the first freedom riders served as an advisor to Dr. Martin Luther King. And helped organize the 1963. March on Washington. And if you're listening right now another out black gay man. Is here telling you this story. Times have changed. And to borrow a phrase. It gets better. So thanks so much for joining us here on pride on ABC news line I'm Steve Centanni. And for all of us here at ABC news thanks for watching. Until next time.

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