21-year-old dies after taking Xanax laced with fentanyl

Madeline Globe took what she believed was anti-anxiety medication and never woke up.
3:52 | 02/12/20

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Transcript for 21-year-old dies after taking Xanax laced with fentanyl
And gloat grew up. Beautiful intelligent. And well loved and she's doing great and she is Smart. Responsible thoughtful and dynamics here spending part of her high school years in steamboat ventures more sports club here her parents Alden and Suzyn. Have the fondest memories of their only daughter and laugh. Her kindness. Or soft hands. Crone who of the world now use the most inspiring. Person I've ever known she then went off to college at CU boulder planning her dorm room designed. You know let's get on top of massive neutron bomb flattened KC USS buries us a press release sophisticated exit Penn like. Incredibly glamour X. And so interest and in the world and helping people in this summer of 2018. She had just completed a semester abroad and who for years and traveled around the world even before that Matty was on her way. Her whole life. In front of her and I sat. We get that win. Then. It all came crashing down. I still and then desperately she had just moved into her new place in boulder for her senior year at CU that the well. And Harris had. And it an anti anxiety pills that he thought was xanax I had no idea that Hispanics was being taken. It acts as a party drug this came as a sharpton's it shocked her friends to hasn't Allen thought fatten wallets again. You know then acts. Andrew Kirsch bomb was the lead detective on the case he says Matty and her friends bought xanax a prescription medication from a dealer off the streets that night. They only that nobody knew was that it won at least one of those pills one of those bars but the referred to. Was a waste of time. Mattie globe and went to bat. Yet and several car she and fiercely. Fred Johnson was the prosecutor. Using the grand jury process to ultimately find and convict the person who sold the drugs to Matty and her friends he didn't seem to know what was in them in this annex either nobody. Knows what's in some of these drugs no one. Except the filmmaker and that's what's so dangerous it's a new phenomenon with the dark Weber you can just order drugs. And they'll come to you they are often made overseas pills being pressed by underground drug pushers in places like China. And but no is off and meet at a did which is really cheap gas cheap. And deadly and it's nearly impossible to track its origins here no idea. We're came from the person selling them the person receiving them all the way down the line don't know what's in them. It's black market laboratories need to think twice before. Taking some trying to someone gives you its not from a doctor you know no one illness while daddy's case is tragic sadly it's not the first. Or the last she had no idea that. That's hell with it and her life it stops your breathing. Right it relaxes you so much do you stop and you. So picket. I really miss her Matty spreads like Bailey her now hoping others will take notice I. I Matty was not a drug that ends. This could happen to anyone this could have been anyone's daughter and England's child's. Someone's only child she had big plans. Thrust. And it happened hair in Steamboat Springs just bachelor's and Russell hateful. 10%.

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{"duration":"3:52","description":"Madeline Globe took what she believed was anti-anxiety medication and never woke up. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"68946025","title":"21-year-old dies after taking Xanax laced with fentanyl","url":"/US/video/21-year-dies-taking-xanax-laced-fentanyl-68946025"}