'21'club's Bar 21 Three Chop Burger

Chef John Greeley's Presents A New All Hours Bar Menu.
6:51 | 11/23/11

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Transcript for '21'club's Bar 21 Three Chop Burger
Today I'm chef's table pulled the stool at the new park 21. Featuring an exceptional -- from chef John Greeley. All within the hallowed walls of the 21 club. You get the chef's secrets for making the perfect bar. -- it's what we've done here we've built this new -- obviously still the bar room is still cranking away still really busy restaurant -- -- -- -- there. We built this new -- we wanted to do something. For the client but to come in and dying faster -- -- have something a little more health conscious but normally wouldn't expect to have a new buffalo where he produces. Later -- its and faster you know he's become and have a drink have something -- be -- here under an hour. Now the first thing we do we get started as we want to select really quality meats and what we -- here. We use our own home a blend in the kitchen. That is a chuck drapes are lined. And then he's a little bit short -- the reason we use all -- different types of meat is because we wanna get a really good statement -- Tora -- everything's done and -- hand from this meet. So quickly show you how we can. Thanks up the -- we Cuban up we have. An in house grinder. So every morning we're doing a lot of -- -- grinding it we're -- it with some onion. Thyme salt pepper it's a pretty basic recipe again. It's all about the money we're after a flavor of the state and that's why we've really used this drives -- -- a lot of places would even think of using. Such a quality cut of meat in a -- but. We find the flavor just makes the burner. So -- such a great outfielders. Ultimately -- Everything in the -- here. You're writing -- and Romeo is -- -- season the -- Got a little -- time here. You see here we got all -- -- all cut up. Nice manageable -- that we can feed into our -- the next step would be to refrigerate this thing -- -- We'd end up with something. Like this 121 burger. And it's a larger size and are smaller. Barber. Usually the 21 -- -- -- the Harbour consulting a little bit different we'll -- -- do that. The most important thing is where birders. -- you don't. 12 impressive play with the two -- let it sit let -- -- if the fires too high it's looking too much turned it down to just claim on it. But you don't want to squeeze the juices you wanna -- the murder -- gonna take a little wild be patient. When the browns -- -- and gets formalized means formalize -- a little bit. -- -- flipped it. Traditionally out of the service -- medium rare very sticky. The fact content and it is about 20%. I'm excited to see it started -- formalized pretty well. -- -- -- Nice color on there. Got a real nice crust on it that's exactly what we're looking for it should come out perfect sitting here for a little while another five minutes -- -- And now we have the rest of the components for a burger here reusing -- actually. -- are responding with sesame seeds on over to -- some place -- He smoked bacon cheddar cheese and pickles Brett slice of some tomato and have a little bit let us software. He made only a little more approachable we're doing happens -- -- That on the murder little better. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That fills -- barrel cured pickles. Couple -- only. Volcanoes whenever we're -- Palestinians are doing a little bit of -- obviously a lot of people make the mistake if it's his -- you're cutting through thick. We're not taking out seeds but the way we get around that at least waste Paper -- Slices of help -- With the -- so there is placed but it's such a small amount that -- -- -- see through them I don't just happen just the right amount and -- the number. And this beautiful bacon we have here this is a smoked bacon. -- all things we won't have to really had any more season for the murder we just like the queen of the -- and a little bit. A woman on the -- right now. The last thing to do is a butterfly we're gonna -- are -- quickly on the he punches well. -- be ready to play. She's -- Fun and just about there. A lot of people ask me. Heidi donut -- ready you know you don't want us questions you know especially when you're drilling outside or even in the at home when -- much the murder all the juices they want that cheeseburger and they'd come out of the murder. -- the flair for playing. -- a small fire. The driver of the way -- pass the murder -- in the picture kind of continued let me index -- -- -- well done medium medium rare. Another way the better -- -- the meat thermometer that the meat thermometer right side of the murder. Together -- precise temperature for medium rare -- 130 reasons we'll see how nicely. Really juicy it's still plump -- -- down. -- -- -- well she's of their debate let's let's go to the play with the murder. Last but not least bit surprised here that we took us. But right on the play service -- sum 41 sponsors and catch up and they haven't. -- -- -- -- Coming up. Jeff really creates to perfection is sesame crusted salmon.

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{"id":15020692,"title":"'21'club's Bar 21 Three Chop Burger","duration":"6:51","description":"Chef John Greeley's Presents A New All Hours Bar Menu.","url":"/US/video/21clubs-bar-21-chop-burger-15020692","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}