3.3 million Americans file unemployment claims due to coronavirus pandemic

ABC News’ Jon Karl joins us to discuss how the White House is reacting to the unemployment numbers.
2:40 | 03/27/20

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Transcript for 3.3 million Americans file unemployment claims due to coronavirus pandemic
Jonathan Karl joins us now from Washington in the John and there was a one other number from our poll and I want to highlight that. 92%. Of Americans now expect a recession in the White House seems confident that this will be a temporary hit. But is there any concern is there that these job losses could just be the tip of the iceberg and take longer to reverse even with the relief bill. I think there is a widespread. Concern about that I think there's concern about that frankly at the White House as well as among the congressional leadership and that's why you saw. This movement to pass this two trillion dollar bill really and unprecedented. Not only in its size. Lindsay but also. In the speed with which congress. Is moving forward on this and even as they are doing this two trillion dollars in spending. To shore up the economy they're talking about. Going back to the well in doing it again if this crisis persist so I think there's a there's a real awareness that if this. Continues for much longer that we are at risk of a very serious long term. Economic downturn. And John that we heard the president once again talking today about getting the country back to work that's a big priority for him. What's the latest message out a timeline and how to be possible with the ongoing health threat to so many parts of the country. Well first you're not really hearing a lot of talk about Easter you know the president came out and been talked about the idea of getting the country back to work by Easter of seeing crowded. But she at churches on Easter Sunday. Two today some of his advisors were saying well that is that's a goalless in notional so it's via way to give people some hope about. I'll win this might you know would they do we want to get there eventually it's on a firm date but what you're hearing now from the president and he's been. He's been suggesting this offer for a few days now is the idea. Of loosening the restrictions in certain parts of the country's so. Keeping a tight restrictions in the hot spots in the places that are hit really hard obviously bright now that includes New York. California Washington State the state of Louisiana. New Orleans. But. Did the issue here. Lindsay is that that it might be it and actually idea to our reopened current parts of the country that are not. Currently being hit hard by this virus. But you just don't know where is going to appear in acts in the indicators. Are lagging so that's the idea that's certainly what the president wants to see happen I think the question now is whether or not the the health care the cord the public health professionals. Agreed affect me don't say. Right if they sign off on that as well OK Jonathan Karl for us in Washington thanks John.

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{"duration":"2:40","description":"ABC News’ Jon Karl joins us to discuss how the White House is reacting to the unemployment numbers.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"69827694","title":"3.3 million Americans file unemployment claims due to coronavirus pandemic","url":"/US/video/33-million-americans-file-unemployment-claims-due-coronavirus-69827694"}