3.9 million acres burned in California wildfires

Excessive heat warnings continue in California, plus how forest management could help prevent wildfires.
4:13 | 10/01/20

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Transcript for 3.9 million acres burned in California wildfires
And for more on when these fires might let up and what can be done to help prevent them in the future let's go to our chief meteorologist ginger Z ginger good morning. I think and I wish I had different news but the immediate future looks pretty bleak especially in Napa Valley where that glass fire is still burning us talking to a friend yesterday in Weatherford and even though she's not mandatory evacuations. They had to leave because the smoke so thick and so let's focus in on the Bay Area. Especially their north where those red flag warnings are still up at night it's really difficult because the relative humidity drops to below 10%. That means very dry conditions and Ana winds can gust of forty miles per hour it's all of very hot during the day with the San Jose still at 97. So you're gonna have a problem there until Friday that's when those red flag warning start to lift we see a bit of a shift in the wind and that's gonna help air quality too likely. Excessive heat warnings in southern California's so the bobcat and other small fires. That are burning going to be really tough to fight any Long Beach was a record 105. Those excessive heat warnings are gonna stick around for a day or two but things are gonna start to improve by the end of the weekend temperaturewise that this whole ridge that's been in place. Is going to just in just give up just a little from north to south but not as much south you can see Palm Springs attached hottest summer. On September on record Burbank dropping only 92 but Sacramento gets a good fifteen to twenty degree drop its. We also have to talk about this because we've been talking about how at the this season has Ben right. Three point nine million acres burned just to give you perspective. Our previous record of acreage burned was one point eight. Million so now we're talking about. Less that every more than half two times it's really really big numbers and the next natural question is. What is the cost and this is on the hit and it's not too late that is what we do tonight. On the ABC news life here with Lindsey Davis I do an environmental or climate story every week and this week. I'm going to be fact checking and giving some context to the climate section. Of the debate. Now kind of moderate Arab moderator has not asked a question about climate change in twelve years of presidential debates so we were grateful that it happened. But it quickly could learn a bit more wildfires was hit pretty hard and I think climate change related to wildfire is important so listen to Daniel so. I think this has really speaks to how counter intuitively that large he effects and just a few degrees of forming have been. In certain sectors I think the wildfire crisis in California and other parts of the west is one of these places. Where the impacts seemingly interminable aren't more rating. Are not in criminal at all I think a lot of folks correctly characterize the wildfire situation in charge ten years in California bush said changed. Com the new normal but the new abnormal because it still appears to be getting worse it's clear and stabilizing at this point. As important as it is to note that they heat dries out the foliage and that prolonged period is related to climate change. One of the other major problems is forest management so when president trump talked about that he was right. They have to change the way they manage the forests. It does not mean cutting down forests it does not mean breaking the forest storage. Means essentially emulating. Natural fire our citizens iron fire in itself has not inherently bad thing some degree or another and so excluded from bodies ecosystems completely virtue bar that really the goal is to reintroduce it away. Truth seekers to tell it reduces risk such urban area has never uses these. NASA snow there 'cause he's choking smoke storms and urban area. And that's just it it's a complex issue of climate change forest management but there's also sustainability and the Wayne me build. And we are we built and that's something else that we will be addressing in future it's not too late segments I hope you'll watch tonight and for now had back to Diane. Thanks ginger and you can your genders full report tonight on ABC news live prime at 7 PM eastern.

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{"duration":"4:13","description":"Excessive heat warnings continue in California, plus how forest management could help prevent wildfires.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"73365777","title":"3.9 million acres burned in California wildfires","url":"/US/video/39-million-acres-burned-california-wildfires-73365777"}