4 People Killed in One-Car New York Accident

Police believe speeding was a factor in crash on Long Island's Southern State Parkway.
3:00 | 10/08/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 4 People Killed in One-Car New York Accident
Here's that would simply -- One car accident but the vehicle -- -- came off the road out here on the southern state. And crashed into a -- we understand for one of the people that saw the car this morning. That vehicle is paying mangled mess and it's still up against the trade here is that everybody in that car -- ejected. From the vehicle we did get a chance to talk to. One man who came out here after hearing the accident this morning said he did find one person. Walking around that was involved in the accident but that person pretty much was. Out of -- at one point in time but he said that it shook the house the impact was so so hour. We found a coral here. -- -- it was just attend again at that point is it was an eerie sight nonetheless you know. -- we spotted by the headlights and nobody was in the car everybody must have gotten thrown from the looks of it looks like -- -- the core -- the few times but. Everybody got thrown from the car. Radio so -- that was the the -- part of that we didn't know what happened. We actually found one young men wandering around. The the accident site. And didn't seem like -- describe John Obama how he made it out of the car like that. And it's just that eerie side he said to walk up to that vehicle and hear the radio still running now where the police cars are. The police -- right behind us that's where the vehicle is located. Several feet off the roadway according to one investigator out here at the -- he believes that speed was a factor there was only. One car out here on the roadway and involved in the accident the road. Might have also been a little bit slippery of course when the rain that we did have yesterday and overnight.

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{"id":17423324,"title":"4 People Killed in One-Car New York Accident","duration":"3:00","description":"Police believe speeding was a factor in crash on Long Island's Southern State Parkway.","url":"/US/video/4-people-killed-in-one-car-ny-accident-17423324","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}