40-Year Fugitive Surrenders in California

Ronald Bridgeforth was wanted in connection with a 1968 shootout with police.
1:45 | 11/11/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 40-Year Fugitive Surrenders in California
Ronald Bridgeport ended the -- he's been living with for more than four decades the 67 year old again the uncertain process of repentance. This seems to be the right thing to do and in the -- it's always about them. Rich fourth lived in Ann Arbor, Michigan under the alias -- Jordan. He is married with two sons got a master's degree and taught at a community college. He skipped bail -- 1969. After pleading guilty on charges stemming from a shoot out. At a white front discount store in South San Francisco. Bridgeport. Gave a brief statement in court. This. There's -- problem. His lawyer Paul Harris argued for his client's release without -- It is. Is going to enable work here that. Prosecutor Karen would dowdy asked for 100000. Dollar base. -- serious charge hands. Three police officers were -- and very nearly. Hit with gunfire in the end judge Lisa Nowak set bail at 25000. Dollars. -- fourth was also wanted for another more serious crime this one for the murder of San Francisco police sergeant John Young. Police say he was the driver of the getaway car after young was shot to death at -- -- station in 1971. Eight suspects were arrested four years ago. -- pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter charges were dropped against the it's strictly ABC news.

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{"id":14931891,"title":"40-Year Fugitive Surrenders in California","duration":"1:45","description":"Ronald Bridgeforth was wanted in connection with a 1968 shootout with police.","url":"/US/video/40-year-fugitive-surrenders-in-california-14931891","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}