60 Injured in Connecticut Train Collision

An eastbound train derailed and crashed into a westbound train.
4:56 | 05/17/13

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Transcript for 60 Injured in Connecticut Train Collision
So far sixty people -- several critically injured and one of those patients extremely critical here's what happened in the eastbound train derailed. And then hit -- passing westbound train between Fairfield. And Bridgeport stations -- staged street. Service between south Norwalk in New Haven on the New Haven line is suspended. And it does Amtrak also uses the tracks Amtrak service is suspended between new York and Boston. We have two reports tonight we're -- -- I would you were Carol -- she's in Bridgeport -- the latest on the investigation. On Saturday Connecticut's governor Jim -- -- at a news conference a little bit about another half an hour ago -- confirmed. That yes at least sixty people were hurt in that accident. Why are in critical condition tonight at area hospitals and -- one person he says is an extremely. Critical condition tonight high school 21 of the passengers on that train tonight says. These photos were taken just moments after impact a forceful jolts passenger Jason Brown says. He won't soon forget. I can see there. Part of the train in front of me like curbing and I don't think that's not right -- and be -- see. Not. That and so my immediate instinct was to get opposite -- -- brace myself. Because I could see that we were going towards whenever a derailment happened to come and then I'd the next thing I knew I was in the air. In that chaos passengers helped each other. It's kind of in out of consciousness. And that's the same question over and over again like what happened or are we -- -- honorary you know we're we're on the train -- -- It's fast. The two trains traveling in different directions collided between each Fairfield metro north and Bridgeport stations around six. Injuring dozens of people and suspending Amtrak service is definitely from New York to Boston. Connecticut governor Dan Malloy says there was already trap worked in this area now complicating this new repair work. Normally we would have four tracks in this area they could switch traffic to -- at least one of those under normal conditions. We're not able to do that because. This. Overlap -- service. Crews are frantically working to get service restore 40 Monday morning commute. Passengers believe because this commuter train make so many stops there was no where near as bad as it could have been. We weren't going terribly fast I think -- that we've been going faster I think there -- -- would've been a lot more destruction. Thank you can -- -- about 700 people on both. -- Boyes says that this appears to be happening nothing more than that but the NTSB is on its way and will be investigated. Reporting live in Bridgeport Connecticut on -- lead channel seven Eyewitness News. -- -- thank you -- -- -- Penn Station where the domino effect the most damage to the tracks is affecting trade travel throughout the northeast that. -- so many people want to be with their families this weekend to celebrate. College graduation a lot of them will be happening in Boston. But they won't be able to get there via train that's because service to Boston out of Penn Station it has been halted and there's no indication of when it will be restored. Prince gets my brother's graduation in Niagara maintenance. It's a story we've heard over and over again from frustrated commuters trying to get out of Penn Station their eyes glued to the big -- -- -- -- who says she was on a train bound for Boston that got turned around. We where I'll never met have to -- -- will be heard planes. She trains collided in front of us. The train derailed so it's blogging software tracks is no Indians lost me now Amtrak -- Service indefinitely between new York and Boston because of this collision. The larger problem is the condition of the now mangled tracks blocking the way for both metro north and Amtrak trains. -- tracks have been torn up there's an extensive damage. And we have to get a better look at -- system as well. The torn up tracks have stranded travelers trying to leave Penn Station even though is headed south to Washington are experiencing delays. -- -- Teresa Marcus came to New York from Virginia to celebrate their anniversary but their train home keeps getting delayed. For the first thirty minutes they really said nothing and then -- updated it to say that they had. Other equipment that they were going to use. Now Amtrak says service to Washington DC and Pennsylvania has not been disrupted but we are seeing residual delays. Officials are saying service to Boston are hoping to have that restored by Monday. But there are no guarantees. Live from Penn Station that goes our channel seven Eyewitness News.

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{"id":19206903,"title":"60 Injured in Connecticut Train Collision","duration":"4:56","description":"An eastbound train derailed and crashed into a westbound train.","url":"/US/video/60-injured-connecticut-train-collision-19206903","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}