80-Year-old Chicago Priest Refuses to Leave Rectory

Chicago Archdiocese has asked Father Daniel Mallette to leave to make room for new leadership.
3:00 | 10/02/12

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Transcript for 80-Year-old Chicago Priest Refuses to Leave Rectory
Directory at saint Margaret of Scotland has been bothered them let's home for the past 35 years -- -- -- it. The archdiocese says that he -- there's a new pastor. And it's part of established church governance of the departing -- to -- for six months so that the new man is able to freely establishes leadership. But father -- Father Daniel -- that. I cannot make any prediction whatever -- because he is totally unpredictable. Other Milan is beloved is there should further complicating an already. -- on the eight year old priest was viciously beaten by burglars who went to directory in December of last year bullet recovered and returned. The archdiocese has proposed alternative housing -- He has decline. Some of his supporters among them longtime parishioner who can't -- Tom dart -- that some church officials have pushed -- -- -- fashion without the sensitivity should happen. The spokesperson for the archdiocese. Yeah. Percent and that everybody wants what's best for father -- there's just disagreement on how to get there. He just needs to get away you know he's given so much. And he's done so much for so meaning meaning he. Many prisoners don't want to see father -- ago but they're also concerned about the stress of a situation could do an eight year old man. Father alive on the record earlier today -- -- -- let it bring in about what right I don't know. Look for me intact. I'm I don't know I -- -- -- -- I just gotta go I forgot shall we come back and yes I'd be right there.

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{"id":17374915,"title":"80-Year-old Chicago Priest Refuses to Leave Rectory","duration":"3:00","description":"Chicago Archdiocese has asked Father Daniel Mallette to leave to make room for new leadership.","url":"/US/video/80-year-old-chicago-priest-refuses-to-leave-rectory-17374915","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}