87-Year-Old Woman Accused of Bullying

Bernadine Jones says she's being harassed by her elderly Georgia neighbor.
1:24 | 03/21/12

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Transcript for 87-Year-Old Woman Accused of Bullying
You didn't and its and I -- they would like they've been the year 71 year old Bernadine Jones is living in fear at this 87 year old woman. -- I'm up predators public but Maria zero Penske says Jones is the problem. So please -- -- live at the Marion road highrise senior homes in northeast Atlanta and Joseph says there wasn't a problem until two years ago when she disturbed a rose bush deserve this he planted in the guard at the public housing complex. She says that 87 year old Russian -- attacked -- Hitting her with a cane she says she called her racist names before spitting water and McDonald's Jimmy you know plant. Joseph showed me paperwork were zero -- he was charged with battery for that incident in 2000 -- -- he says serve as he was given anger management and ordered to stay away from her. Police cited zero of this deal last month for antagonizing. Jones and she was told again to state 200 yards away from -- so says she has ignored those orders and continues to threaten nerves he so afraid. Hate people to come up my -- I was there as it appeared to Robiskie. Tried to hit shows his dog with -- came -- -- says she just wants some peace I'm -- around like hasn't been. Just Peter --

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{"id":15972096,"title":"87-Year-Old Woman Accused of Bullying","duration":"1:24","description":"Bernadine Jones says she's being harassed by her elderly Georgia neighbor.","url":"/US/video/87-year-old-georgia-woman-accused-of-bullying-neighbor-15972096","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}