87-Year-Old Man Skydives for Birthday

Monty Montgomery took four generations of his family along for the ride.
3:00 | 09/17/12

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Transcript for 87-Year-Old Man Skydives for Birthday
What's the word family mean is it just six letter spelled out in frames -- faces. Or is something else I think it's one of trust really so when Monty Montgomery asked his family to take a leap of faith and you -- -- go badly. The question of -- they hope the lines was it mean death for generations job. I've never heard of anything like. -- before one plane one adventure for generations trusting a parachute. Including 87 year old Monte. Who -- the world at his feet. Until the sky had a hold of him. -- says he felt the fall heard the wind smelled and tasted the air but most of all he says. He saw the horizon and that's important because when you ask if he do it again. Really can't answer that because I don't think it'd be any -- Jump -- the line. Yes Monty is going blind he has immaculate degeneration. Eight years ago a doctor said -- be blind by now. And I've been makeup and all our him for. Three years. Him Montes left -- is dead he used what's left of his right I -- take in the Earth's curves and contours. Along with the faces of family a family just seven years ago he didn't had. One day I don't have a fan next day I've -- boo -- In Haiti after a divorce forty years passed before the former sailor first laid eyes on his daughter -- -- -- Bob cried not me. Years later even through the clouded vision he can still see her and good thing I'm gorgeous why -- -- lightning. That's. Like any plunge into the unknown -- in -- -- falling into a new family took trust. Trust -- lobby Chandler trusts that could take the united. Leap of faith. I have a -- here long before. And I hope that via an -- for many more years. Wouldn't kill. -- -- Como foreign news.

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{"id":17253009,"title":"87-Year-Old Man Skydives for Birthday","duration":"3:00","description":"Monty Montgomery took four generations of his family along for the ride.","url":"/US/video/87-year-old-man-skydives-on-his-birthday-17253009","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}