9-Year-Old Prepares to Climb Mount Aconcagua

Tyler Armstrong hopes to set a new record by scaling the tallest peak in two hemispheres.
1:42 | 11/20/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 9-Year-Old Prepares to Climb Mount Aconcagua
At just nine years old. Tyler Armstrong is preparing to clinch Argentina's mount -- Congo. The tallest mountain in the western and Southern Hemisphere's. And busted apart and mean reaching -- hot and having a while back and at seven Tyler became the youngest person to climb Mount Whitney in a day. Then at eight he was the second youngest to conquer Kilimanjaro. Yeah. But climbing -- Kong -- over two weeks at more than 22000. Feet will be even more challenging with temperatures possibly reaching twenty below zero. Mario little scared at all claiming that big mountain. -- bullpen all -- antennae and very cold case who lots and lots of change. This Southern California fourth grader has been training for ice climbing and building up his strength. This time were taking more than mountaineering type Geraldine -- -- -- bonds harnesses but when Tyler and his father arrive in December Argentinian courts must first approve a special under fourteen hiking permits. Safety is -- concern. As a father I would never put my silent danger he's taken the proper training he's proven he can do it had to say. And my dad. And not anybody out since it's fine in this record setting climb also comes with a bigger mission and getting from what one had -- -- Do -- and is a muscle disease that affects 300000 employees worldwide confining most to a wheelchair he's doing it. To help others who can't climate. It makes me feel very proud. And Tyler remain stopped after -- Congo a -- India and -- -- Mount McKinley in Alaska Brady hit ABC news Los Angeles.

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{"id":20957764,"title":"9-Year-Old Prepares to Climb Mount Aconcagua","duration":"1:42","description":"Tyler Armstrong hopes to set a new record by scaling the tallest peak in two hemispheres.","url":"/US/video/9-year-old-prepares-climb-mount-aconcagua-20957764","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}