911 Call: Woman Confesses to Killing Husband

North Caroline police charge 85-year-old woman with homicide.
1:19 | 12/21/11

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Transcript for 911 Call: Woman Confesses to Killing Husband
Police fire medical. I don't know -- think -- -- The 911 call list distorted but deputies say it is -- Britain's voice on the other end of the line admitting to killing her 88 year old husband. We're just trying to get your -- that what happened. Britain didn't answer any of our questions today minutes after being charged with homicide. But on the call you can hear the 85 year old held a 911 operator more than once she killed her husband. We -- about what I'm may not know somebody that it would happen. She had. Allege that there have been some. Domestic violence not physical more mental. Sheriff's deputy city had been to the home 44 hours earlier -- domestic abuse call. -- -- spent three hours would Cheney -- but did not find any signs of physical abuse. As a precaution they took her to a domestic violence shelter in Morgan -- But she left -- returned home last night. After the 911 call this morning officers found her house being dead on the floor in their bedroom they believe Britain shot him in the -- -- difficult -- also for a holiday season -- -- -- Her husband's period must now in custody at Christmas seasons since -- sandal wearing.

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{"id":15208199,"title":"911 Call: Woman Confesses to Killing Husband","duration":"1:19","description":"North Caroline police charge 85-year-old woman with homicide.","url":"/US/video/911-call-woman-confesses-killing-husband-15208199","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}