96-Year-Old's Lifetime Hole-in-One Count: 9

Michigan man has shot three since he turned 91.
3:00 | 07/27/12

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Transcript for 96-Year-Old's Lifetime Hole-in-One Count: 9
That game of golf T agree ultimate goal ball in the hole. Right in films like. According to the national all of you -- the golfers United States. At least -- year. Are over fifty yours today. -- pretty good very assuring her homeland more than capital backed group is over sixty. Criminals -- Over -- area and playing bill. -- -- -- Then there's Stewart wrote the old news he's 96. I can't do much you know -- Doing well Hitler except for one thing that's criminal through. -- from. -- I run on batteries. My third -- Perrier. This New -- centenarian Steele tries to squeeze in 27 holes the week. Streaking. Except when it comes to the most important part -- -- -- -- -- Your reaction to all he can't believe it -- religion -- -- -- you know you'll have perfection what later. Compatible. On anything analysts. His most recent eighties and before. June 15 2012100. Point 85 -- -- on the par 30 hole had to live at Oceanic golf club. He's now eighties that same -- a course record. Three times I think a lot of good American life and -- He almost -- another one while showing off for our camera. -- -- Impressed yet if not you're about to be I think -- I think some of that -- -- because the -- mr. -- is old ones have come since he turned 91. After nine years old playing golf is one thing. Via live as another -- and make 301 was incredible. Two at Oceana the other. At golden sands golf course in silver lake. Yet the whole I'm -- -- whole three. It's a part three and he came -- very excited. Three aces in his ninety's. Does that make mr. Roche a record holder it's. Unheard of as far as I don't I really like to -- all we wanted to know to. First stopped to Guinness book of world records. Hole in one -- trees galore. We informed -- of mr. roaches accomplishment. They quickly responded saying while mr. -- is -- is impressive. They don't qualify their -- and one records category by age. Next stop golf digest. He's done some has accord and our records we can't planet has been done before. We've been keeping records here since the fifties as unique as these things can be. -- they've often been done before but you can mr. -- is Casey can't really say that because we don't have an incidence of a man. After 891 make and three eighths -- -- What was remarkable and comer Colin for mr. -- your officially a record holder by children who appreciate. And I went through a few years and left that. Which at this rate might include. Another eight.

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{"id":16872547,"title":"96-Year-Old's Lifetime Hole-in-One Count: 9","duration":"3:00","description":"Michigan man has shot three since he turned 91.","url":"/US/video/96-year-olds-lifetime-hole-one-count-9-16872547","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}