Lawyers for Aaron Hernandez Request a Jail Transfer

The defense accused a sheriff of conspiring with the prosecution to find extra evidence against the former football player.
6:28 | 07/07/14

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Transcript for Lawyers for Aaron Hernandez Request a Jail Transfer
By all appearances and other carefree day in court for accused triple murder -- Hernandez. The former NFL star. All smiles. Even blowing -- kids to a supporter arriving for the first of two important court -- this week. Today -- request that her and has been moved from the ten by seven foot jail cell where he has been held for a year -- a month now. All to a location close it was attorneys and at the same time Bristol superior court judge Susan arch. Expressing serious concern at the defense who will be ready for trial by October 6 suggesting it may need to be moved to the first of next year. When I'm Dan Butler in new York and I want to bring -- ABC's -- -- gonna take us through what happened in court today in a preview. Of what is scheduled to happen when Hernandez returns on Wednesday so -- first talk about the request by. His lawyers to move him to a different jail what's behind that. Well there are two things according to the defense that what's behind this request one. As simple geography he's being held in southeastern Massachusetts on a charge of murdering Oden Lloyd. Near his home in Attleboro Massachusetts at the same time he's charged in a double murder. Up in Boston -- -- having to be driven back and forth to different courthouses. And the defense team is located in the city of Boston and so the defense is saying well. Since he's charged in Boston in another case can't you just move him to a jail that would be more convenient for us so we don't have to drive the hour or so. -- down to -- to to see him as we prepare for trial. That was one part of the request the other part they said. Is that that -- sheriff in Bristol county Massachusetts. Was conspiring with prosecutors to somehow. Gather up some extra evidence to be used against Aaron Hernandez and prosecutors said Dan that they had no problem granting the request to move him they don't care what -- he's held in but they said it was preposterous. To think that that somehow the the sheriff. Was conspiring against Aaron Hernandez he -- bunch of different policies in place they say that -- perfectly legitimate and that there's no reason to believe. That he was doing anything untoward. Will that what did we learn about the trial date for the -- -- murder case. Well originally it was scheduled -- at least tentatively to begin in October and the judge said she hasn't really decided she's considering. Whether to move it to January and and the defense may want more time if it is moved to January that would mean that Aaron Hernandez would do is scheduled now. Go on trial twice in 2015. For three different murders the murder vote Lloyd in January and then the double murder in Boston and that trial is tentatively set for -- What are the headlines and carried out of the courtroom this afternoon. Those of the two big ones I think there have -- of the moving he's going to be moving packing up moving jail cells and you remember in Bristol county. Jail he has been involved in at least one altercation that has led to to some accusations. Alleging that he -- people that he wasn't behaving properly. This new setting perhaps will be more fitting for him and his lawyers they say and then the other thing is that the potential trial date -- that important because it does. Give the attorneys a little bit more. Wiggle room to to build their case to build their defense and and to sort of play each each case off the other as the defense. Does what -- tentative to get off. Somebody buy it by all accounts at least according to prosecutors whose. Overwhelmingly guilty if you look at all the evidence the prosecutors say and they're ready to go to trial at whatever date for -- cents. And then on Wednesday we do this all over again as far as having -- and -- back in court this time though the New England Patriots they're going to be the target for the defense correct. Because. The defense wants access to all of Aaron Hernandez's medical records struck from the days that he was playing professional football. With the patriots and and the defense gave us only a little bit of a hint as to why in court papers they said it could speak to. Perhaps his mental competence and capacity on the day that he allegedly. Committed murder. Why is that important because. If you you look at the way the defense may be preparing for trial perhaps there's something in those records. That the defense could use to argue that he wasn't in a proper state of mind. Maybe it's a an attempt to get him mentally unfit maybe it's an attempt two -- an insanity defense. Or maybe it's something a little bit you know more common or or commonplace. Whatever it is they hope that those records the defense does would would reveal something that could explain the actions of Aaron Hernandez. In a different way than prosecutors have portrayed them which is just cold blooded murder. A question of privacy obviously coming up in that hearing that will take place on Wednesday. Who regarding though the other case against Hernandez to double murder charges that he faces in a differ Massachusetts -- -- that you have brought up earlier where does that. -- -- What I case is headed for trial in May we think and again that's a tentative trial date but one -- that the judge does not seem inclined to move -- -- sympathetic -- Aaron Hernandez faces other charges in other cases. But he said that's not really going to deter him from bringing the of the double murder trial at a date that which the judge wants not what the defense or -- or even the prosecutors. May want so that heads for trial in in -- -- -- will undoubtedly be a series of motions and -- and push poll setbacks whatever. That could as both sides wrangle over evidence prosecutors have now disclosed to the defense attorneys. Much of the evidence that they have. In that case soon there'll be fights and we started to hear a little bit of this today in the -- Lloyd case over what kinds of questions potential jurors would be asked. And so all of this is a rumbling now and and gaining steam. Toward -- trial in both of these cases. Aaron Hernandez -- instead of playing football will be fighting for his life. A very complicated legal landscape for Aaron Hernandez as both of those cases of moving toward American -- he always. Sorting out that he tells -- -- thank you so much for its not always appreciate it. Bankston and of course you can keep up with all the developments in the -- Hernandez murder cases in real time download an ABC news App -- this story. For exclusive updates on ago. For now. I'm -- -- in New York.

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{"id":24456914,"title":"Lawyers for Aaron Hernandez Request a Jail Transfer","duration":"6:28","description":"The defense accused a sheriff of conspiring with the prosecution to find extra evidence against the former football player.","url":"/US/video/aaron-hernandez-defense-lawyers-request-jail-transfer-24456914","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}