Aaron Hernandez Legal Case Grows

No gag order for now for former NFL New England Patriots tight end.
5:39 | 10/09/13

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Transcript for Aaron Hernandez Legal Case Grows
This is a special room. Everyone anti Hernandez in New York -- a new digital special report. Former football player Aaron Hernandez will be back in court. Just a few minutes ago it just a few minutes. -- or call three months ago and it was charged with murdering owed it like he's been held without bond. Now that there are -- screen prosecutors it -- it with. Dating the sister of Hernandez fiance. And has ordered his execution -- -- -- body was found last year. Just a couple blocks away from Hernandez -- Today the judge is expected to rule on to option for two motions from Hernandez lawyers want involves a court imposed gag order. Asked that prosecutors returned. Return over at a Turkey or -- -- -- -- live picture. Of the pretrial hearing Aaron -- it's what's happening court this afternoon. Well this is your your basic pretrial hearing and it's notable because the last time we saw Aaron Hernandez in court he was in the docking he was so where defendants are kept here you see him at the defense table now conferring with his attorneys. And Aaron Hernandez is -- going to be asking for prosecutors to turn over some of their evidence this is a standard request for. Discovery off on the part of his attorneys they always want to have a look at at what prosecutors know as soon as possible as early as possible. And then of course that -- want to talk about a gag order and the defense attorneys have been upset they think prosecutors have been running their mouth a little bit too much about the case and about the evidence and about the circumstances. Of course these prosecutors haven't necessarily said much on the record. But the district attorney. In Fall River, Massachusetts for Bristol county Massachusetts Sam Sutter has spoken out publicly about it in the defense attorneys want that to stop. We have another claim from a man he says Hernandez shot him in February and he. Apparently with Hernandez on an item another double homicide in Boston would tell us about these updates. Well this is it is a whole separate case but it's one. And which it increasingly seem to Aaron Hernandez may have played a role -- he's been investigated. Four an unsolved double murder. Outside a Boston nightclub in 2012. And now it seems as if prosecutors in Boston are building a case against him. -- back but but that would be secondary it seems to into the murder of -- Lloyd. The case in Boston is interesting because it features the testimony before a grand jury of Alexander Bradley. This is a guy who's suing. Aaron Hernandez before shooting him in the face but that didn't really go anywhere. And now he's been called -- as a witness before the grand jury in this 2012. Double murder here where he says Aaron Hernandez was -- was with him that night -- -- -- Aaron Hernandez at the scene of the crime. OK we also have Hernandez's fiance. I -- -- Jenkins she is also in trouble -- -- Are credited the fiance -- Jenkins is thought to have played some kind of a role in either helping to dispose of the murder weapon she took co defendant -- Wallace down to his mother's house in Florida shortly after the murder of Oden Lloyd. And along the way one theory holds that -- they got rid of the murder -- somehow I don't through the water through the woods who knows the murder weapon. Still has not been found and it's a key piece of evidence. They can certainly build a case about it but it could be. A little bit more difficult at least defense attorneys can use it to poke some reasonable doubt into the case so she has been charged as an accessory after the fact. And that is a serious charge if she -- has proven to have gotten rid us. The current lack. Oh and it's a big deal they don't look it it's not -- in -- -- accusing her pulling the trigger being involved in in in the planning of all of this. But because it's murder it's still a significant charge nonetheless. And four others are facing charges in the murder -- Lloyd what do we know about them how they impacted the trial of Aaron Hernandez in terms of giving information. Well Carlos Ortiz one of Minnesota co defendants is thought to have started may be two to cooperate prosecutors won't. Comment officially forest but it's possible but Carlos Ortiz has decided to wanted to to give up some information and and and there's a lot of -- conversation that mentioned in court records that police have have ever recorded between some of these co defendants talking about. Who pulled the trigger and and putting the gun and Aaron Hernandez's hands so any testimony that Carlos Ortiz could give could be critical to the prosecution's case but it's part of the reason why prosecutors have been so confident. He's quoted as saying -- another co defendant. But it was Hernandez who in fact shot -- All right so when are we expecting this -- to get under -- we understand this is just a pretrial motion at this point. Any idea -- his Trout gonna start it could be a year or longer the way the system works in Massachusetts it in and and the defense attorneys have a couple of options for how they could delay the trial. But they may not want to do that because Aaron Hernandez has not been granted bail they may try again who knows as soon as today -- But that the trial itself. You could be months off him. All right well Aaron we're gonna let you go thank you so much for joining us -- Giving us the information the background on this trial on -- like say that the live streaming of that pretrial hearing is gonna continue on ABC news dot count on -- Hernandez in New York you've been watching any digital special report.

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{"id":20521159,"title":"Aaron Hernandez Legal Case Grows","duration":"5:39","description":"No gag order for now for former NFL New England Patriots tight end.","url":"/US/video/aaron-hernandez-legal-case-grows-20521159","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}