Families of Murder Victims Try to Block Bonus for Aaron Hernandez

The former football player is still receiving a $3.2 million payout from the New England Patriots.
16:12 | 07/02/14

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Transcript for Families of Murder Victims Try to Block Bonus for Aaron Hernandez
I'm Michelle Franzen in New York developing now the murder case involving former -- -- New England patriot Aaron Hernandez. Lawyers for families of the two of the victims Hernandez is accused of gunning down. Are on a mission they will be asking a judge to get the patriots to cut Hernandez off from the millions they are still paying him -- contract signing bonuses. Hearing we'll be taking place shortly in Suffolk superior court for the requests. Of that preliminary injunction Hernandez is not expected to be in court for the hearing and certainly we want to go to ABC's Aaron -- -- He who has been following this case all along. -- can you give us an idea of what is expected to be at this hearing today -- and and explain how Hernandez has been that getting paid all of these months. Well ID he's running out of money according 22. A lot of reports which say that you know he's having trouble paying his attorneys have they're still of course representing him but it is we've seen various filings to suggest. That the the millions of dollars -- slowly you're going away. And he has been fighting to get paid the DN FL players' union has been filing. Grievances on his behalf to get the patriots to cough up some money for him. Now the you're going to see in court today Michelle that lawyers for some of his alleged victims. Don't want that they're trying to preserve. Pots of money for perhaps wrongful death lawsuits down the road. So so -- and the fan -- attorney representing the families today. William Kennedy says that the patriots have challenged Hernandez's right to get the -- but he wants to get a court order. In case the team is ordered to have paid a murder suspect Kennedy also says Hernandez. Has filed a grievance to get the bonus money. So give us an idea of how this could play out it sounds like legal. -- -- -- It that -- that's really all it is city is just lawyers have heard with some contingencies in mind depending on. Who pays what money to whom and when because remember -- the families of the alleged victims of Aaron Hernandez from that 2012. Murder outside the nightclub in Boston. -- are likely going to file civil wrong for -- -- wrongful death lawsuits and and the attorney undoubtedly wants to make sure that there is some money there. So those suits are are successful and and can get these families. Some money to compensate them for their loss Aaron Hernandez has been fighting with the patriots to try and get. A signing bonus I think about three million dollars worth of a signing bonus that he says he's so that the patriots. Have cut him off they let him go after he was charged with another murder -- -- -- Lloyd. And and they say they don't know anything about the players' union has been fighting. Again Aaron Hernandez a little bit more money. Of course where that money can go and what he -- -- wooded. Yeah -- may -- a bit limited because he's in jail but nonetheless he could I guess in theory take steps to try to shield it. From from. Lawyers who would be working on behalf of this alleged victims. And we sell video short time ago when Hernandez was taken into custody for that murder last year of -- Lloyd and of course this is involving the victims' families as we mentioned from the 2012. How we heard anything from the NFL and they said anything about this issue he -- that they've cut him off. What are the possibilities here for them to have to continue paying him. What that was part part of the the what's so confounding about this case is that Aaron Hernandez signed a multi million dollar contract with the New England Patriots and and at the time. Had said that he was turning over a new leaf and was trying to lead a different kind of life and and felt. Almost if you listen to -- somewhat view. We knew -- -- rebirth going on there based upon them the confidence that the patriots had showed him with the value of this contract. And then of course as prosecutors have it he goes -- and commit murder. And and so it was really hard to understand why he would put himself in that position. Nonetheless the patriots -- for boards done but the players union believes they have a case to say that. He should still be being paid because he is still owed money from the team. No one's really talking about this publicly and and certainly that the patriots know. That based on the timing of some of the murder charges. Aaron Hernandez played a full season of football. While he was under suspicion of killing these two people in Boston outside that nightclub. It was only after the murder a vote and Lloyd a year later that he was let go by the team. ABC's -- Kanjorski thank you for that let's taking a Suffolk County courthouse where the hearing is underway. 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So some money and she. -- -- -- By all due to civil cases as well as -- And -- Let's be clear in I think it bears repeating it and -- repeated enough. At no time for the foreseeable future is my client going to see -- end of this month. It's just not going to be happening any time that we can -- on the horizon. The notion. That somehow this is something else to be attached. Border -- restraint. Is absolutely nonsense. It brings to mind heard from Stein's famous saying about city -- there is no there there. There is no there here there is nothing to argue about. Yeah I -- here in this court right now taking -- -- time. Arguing. A point that should not -- won't work because there's no basis for bringing these motions before. What is -- what. That patients should not be in this office. You know. Because -- his. No -- means that. In addition the patriots have indicated their willingness to be subjected to the -- pass. He. In order -- -- -- their custody he lead the way it is. The host. One each and -- There's is that it is. And here is is that explains. What one wants horses. And that he is not sitting here there -- -- the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Just to recap what happened in today's hearing the attorney for the patriots -- they don't know Aaron Hernandez quote another penny. After terminating its contract with him. And the judge telling the families of the victims Hernandez is accused of murdering. That there is already in order in place barring the patriots from paying him any bonus money. Because of the pending -- Lloyd murder case Hernandez is also facing. You can keep up with this story in real time by downloading the ABC news -- And starring the story for exclusive updates on the go for now I'm Michelle Franzen --

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{"id":24405778,"title":"Families of Murder Victims Try to Block Bonus for Aaron Hernandez","duration":"16:12","description":"The former football player is still receiving a $3.2 million payout from the New England Patriots.","url":"/US/video/aaron-hernandez-murder-trial-families-murder-victims-block-24405778","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}