Aaron Hernandez Pleads Not Guilty to Murder

The former New England Patriot was arraigned on charges related to the death of Odin Lloyd.
9:04 | 09/06/13

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Transcript for Aaron Hernandez Pleads Not Guilty to Murder
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I think council. I'd say that there's an agreement this not a necessity -- into the the tobacco -- stating -- -- -- mr. McCall. Yeah. And the court is now -- -- out after former tight end for the New England Patriots Aaron Hernandez. Was arraigned on charges relating to the death of old -- a former friend. And so -- professional football player. Hernandez pleading not guilty to charges of murder and of weapons charges. And he is now being held without bail the defense can appeal that decision at a later point. But Hernandez has been sitting in jail as his former teammates the patriots. Are gearing -- to play their first NFL season game this Sunday he was arraigned on first degree murder charges and weapon charges and making those not guilty pleas just a short time ago. He is accused of planning. The killing of this man open Lloyd who was 27. When he died he was a friend of Hernandez. He was found shot to death an industrial park back in June prosecutors in this case say that Hernandez got to childhood friends. To kill -- when he became distrustful of him -- Lloyd's body was found with. Shots of five times from 45 caliber pistol. And the lead attorney for her and and as Michael -- has the prosecution's case. Is flawed and that it was an incredible rush to judgment and that it lacks evidence fee of course sure that Hernandez will be cleared of any wrongdoing. If however Hernandez was convicted of first degree murder in the former patriots player could spend the rest of his life behind bars. But as we say right now he is being held without bail until the next pretrial hearing next pretrial. Court date which has been scheduled as we just heard from that arraignment. For October 9. In the meantime however. The patriots we'll continue to play this Sunday. As you recall back in June after he was arrested just hours after that the patriots had cut him loose essentially. Cutting themselves of all ties from that. And now he is waiting for the next court date for the night of October. I want to bring in Michelle McPhee who was inside the courtroom has Hernandez was being arraigned and Michelle who else was inside the courtroom. -- -- Jenkins but more from. And what you think about her here is that you mean. What. Hey boss you in getting -- what partner and we believe we -- but he's in -- The -- will -- effect in about one support. Well me all waiver but it but it -- -- -- rain and smile that he eight -- -- right out of the courthouse. -- notable get negotiator mean that are injured and. In this this case obviously his has gained so much attention across the country. That in fact the judge has been imposes some sort of rule that was very similar to the Whitey Bulger case and limiting the amount of public and media that were allowed inside right. I mean it was not lie very early this morning currently and handed out recruitment media can't -- -- -- -- why aren't aren't. Each tried. We heard that during -- -- not guilty in this indictment and it -- -- art that are all -- -- And all but what -- target the prop weapons targets. -- -- audible. -- -- In addition to your identity and -- -- shortly or all of president and work at it crock pot and it's a great -- here. It is obviously very high profile case there was obviously no surprise that he would plead not guilty to this because there hadn't been any discussion about any kind of a plea deal that -- been discussed. Between -- lawyers but Michelle I want to ask you a little bit further in the details. They the judge talking with -- prosecutors and the defense about the possibility preserving evidence -- -- you mentioned that briefly. On about the possible connection with -- transit Hernandez's fiance. They got and I acting -- there is expected on going investigation of the grand jury -- -- -- -- Andy and -- shooting. Hernandez. -- -- suspect and -- -- July pretty well. Top prosecutors in the county are continuing to act in an act it. We know that mr. Hernandez -- had been. Remains jailed on charges -- -- -- to cooperate but anchor investigate and -- being held at bell. -- can support. We you know the actual -- App you'll see you expect -- -- can actually -- Lloyd murder. And it remained very active -- So the prosecutor that they were black actor what that was made. Eye that defense attorney to prepare an -- -- Frankly act and Spain but what -- need to do -- too important ruling -- And we and any any sport. Legal -- So he is now being held without bail -- what is next for Hernandez in this case. -- would have -- His secretary branch who argued for there. But -- technical. Earnings to be -- Any act Aaron Hernandez as we reported today is sitting in jail -- can't figure it unit. -- -- -- -- Any -- but for his teammates are on unit and bought the Patriot Act it's quiet it's beating out her current state. And as we just mentioned -- a short time ago that as soon as he was arrested within hours. The patriots cut him loose. And advocate strict Cutler immediately. And acting out are Mike -- -- -- that spot what. -- -- -- -- Up until the minute that -- went on him and Hewitt brought out of it -- that now famous shot. I can't -- it up and I am a white T shirt draped around his shoulders aren't even all of her body. -- -- after that it's accurate or let him out and now. -- eight year. -- -- -- -- -- Very much speculated about. Are any family -- -- either of own lawyer or Hernandez are they talking to any members of the media as a leaving the courthouse. Not -- -- matter of fact it was it would an export. That made sure that China -- Jenkins is out of date with proper against Libya well and it. -- advocate for the port has been working my old lawyer can't read from the very beginning and advocate means short of -- out without any. -- Actually being -- -- borders. It certainly a lot of attention on this very high profile case Michelle -- Thank you so much for that report coming from the very latest. On a former tight end for the New England Patriots Aaron Hernandez. Being charged formally arraigned on first degree murder charges and weapons charges -- those charges he had pleaded. Not guilty to he is now being held without bail the next court appearance. Will be October 9 we have a complete report on abcnews.com. For an on Dan -- -- New York with the CBC news digital special report. This has been a special report from ABC.

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{"id":20181049,"title":"Aaron Hernandez Pleads Not Guilty to Murder","duration":"9:04","description":"The former New England Patriot was arraigned on charges related to the death of Odin Lloyd.","url":"/US/video/aaron-hernandez-pleads-guilty-murder-20181049","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}