Mourners Hold Vigil in Downtown Orlando

ABC News' Charli James takes us inside a vigil held in downtown Orlando honoring shooting victims.
17:26 | 06/13/16

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Transcript for Mourners Hold Vigil in Downtown Orlando
Hi everyone turley James on the ground here and heartland. Very sad day here in this city today following. See overnight shooting at least fifty people at Chelsea nightclub. One of the ways that people are mourning. Right now across city are to gather together. This is one of those gatherings I'm very little park. Downtown in Orlando. There are. About a hundred or so people here who are getting up and taking turns speaking I'm talking about where people can go and get free. Help three. Crisis centers. If they need to people giving out. Water. As well I want to take us inside organ iris actually go and and listen a little bets as to what people are saying here and talk to some people as well. I'm gonna turn the camera around and let's just take a listen here an ideal apart in Orlando how people. Are mourning those victims. I. An hour. I know a lot of feeling if you got my god I've been doing I mean but my parents. I think it would take I'm including school. Painfully enlist. Its own people here again he did not eat your point. Prominently living paying anything my name is. Good times and here's how. And you know what's happening to a halt and genius. Like right now. A lot of people. Back to action news that we shouldn't be here. A lot of people look back on hold. You know and it means a lot of people and yeah. You know they might shut down. Let you know as an incumbent and you know I'm Michelle MySpace. And my community completely and flower street. And I'm here to support a lot like mine and at night. You know you've got caught. I'm. Looking at you don't. I'm. I'm. You know. Yeah. I. How many people here I didn't expect him. We can't I. Only about exactly. I'm can't write and yeah. Loves me. You cannot have. That meant I didn't I didn't. If you don't believe and that's kind of. Here I'm. Never done. Tired and I don't pray it's scary moment that you agree. It's really really great homework. Weighing on the remaining other I don't even know. How to cope and it was warm front. A lot of things well. I'm parent. Hands. Just don't know they they their friends and honey. The loving thing helping. Like dragons and pain in. So appropriate thing you've ever recapturing the you marry me. To love you I just want everyone else you can feel like. And his leaving them. Glad they didn't. Pulling rain. In my clothes. There's solid gains making its. The media buying me I'm yeah I hate all of my friend told me you. And that's. I can't I was hitting me. Because. I eat culture and slow sold off so. People boring game plan. It looks like everybody else they need to make anybody will instantly anybody else. And Britney I think one of my homework and what's shocking act. Eat anything all of us and you could expect him to keep them. Get it together as well that has come here is important. Canada's with you guys Mike that's. Let me ankle and equally that's what I feel comfortable he. Isn't. About a mile line is nobody watches lets you where would you do you hear it on the mountain and I'm not community and I don't they and that. Everybody's in my thoughts and parent and I don't expect anything I'm here personally I'm supporting my. Business here and act. People are equally dumb it doesn't matter. They want you and us people are keeps us. I just aren't as well generally at the moment. To meet Greek. It's. Sad but no matter what life is lost because we as people now and we feel that all life is precious. No matter as we've all insane plea police are what you I'm probably all cheers went together to help children are. And I just want to elaborate on how important it is that we uphold. The idea that this this nation stands as. As city and as a nation together that. Every man has created equal. Can't get him by his creator. Life liberty and the pursuit happy news. That every man is innocent until proven guilty. We are no better and the man who commit atrocities in the weeks and now. We live and overcome. And only did the technology we've been developing annual spread as ideal love and we just all. But a selfless. Lead McCain. Matters he loves you so much. I. My thoughts in my prayers and condolences. Are with an. Failing and the friends. And everybody's been involved in this I'm personally don't know. The people that could have been there. And that's a really scary thing. But there is helping someone echo. Can't hurt to be heard again which is that. Gate meeting hey listen to breeds more hate. And it's easier said than done. Like anger breeds bitterness. And forgiveness we'll every piece. And when you have a heart that decides to love rather than hate. Decides to forgive and to let go rather than to hold on. We've clenched fists. Much better result. I don't know if I may be well about state may not. It may not relate for a lot of you can't but when I welcome this morning bright younger brother and told me. That's how people have been killed and barring it is just. I was kind of waking up and it just didn't hit me you know and it's not me and I'm not a hard and whatever. And and haven't then that's all started to rise I was sitting in church that morning ended just. To wait so heavy on my punches he's a real people. This team something they just blew me away I think. You know you get out all right with this but for me it's. Pretty rare that I ever cried X I can contain myself it was just. It was bursting out because I couldn't believe this. How it happened because it's something may happen so often but it's not to meet this guy here it's not a window. And I know in my experience. Isn't. You left I hear things happening in Asia here's thing that happened I hear things. That happens even in our country and other parts of the country and it doesn't rattling. It doesn't move my heart it doesn't give me a Costner and that's going to urge you guys next. When you have compassion like we're talking about her remains or mention. Your honor the people. We've got us. What you happened hasn't been acreage standing right here you ought to them that not only that I'm at least to me and my own heart. I have and hit him when I have compassion towards any single person whether it my neighbors or somebody in Asian countries. Verbally if these. Or physically abused or murdered boring sex slavery witches. Huge and there's all these different horrible things going around the world accomplish what encourage you that every time that you step up. Reporter for those. Without a voice those of helpless and defenseless. That you honor. Those are helpless defenseless you honor. Die. You accruals due to hate but when you stand up and and you look people I believe that your honoring. Your fellow Brothers and fellow sisters cousins Stanley your friends your coworkers you honor them. When you stand up against other atrocities in the and hello my name's Kevin not a good public speakers. Is honest and I just to hear from ten today. To come across that country. So I saw some really cool things really beautiful things. This new home. We ought to be proud. And I don't know why I'm sad. We commence. It's been proud of almost all home now. Don't think I was thinking about it. How would you like heat and lights a superhero. We are. You thought you'd think while I was also drank it. This is eat you know how have you held that day. Well I think. It's you know I think that it's you week you know what apparently one female one. His has. Anything they should you. And and you IC can really fly. Cannot mean when you cannot really even look at these are strong. He went and it isn't coming how hot that we there's one person make it different. They issued a little girl. And we think that we don't. Who would lose much. Passionately advocating. That we can't win it. And beaten these grainy significantly changing them every single moment and you display this week. We all have all but that he well here every. You know when you're absolutely I can't keep your eyes. I'll why. Didn't fixing anything. We shall we are pulled and mouth too every I that we can all come together and actually make it you know we want them. And so much. My. Many people here and around the world supporting. And inner feeling. I you create a two to be here. You know I definitely think of me and being like everybody shares is going to be my money. See if you can change while you're changing the world. Today we have a challenge you know what we do after he. What he went years the end what you do you can't you have to raise and you cannot lately after. You aren't going to change. And that reality party people are people. Reality here ready if you're in and carrying you'll have is paying you happy for rocking it you. You're gonna hurt other. Well I ask you able to share with others and help heal that pain you know I'd leave. That we. The problem. Anything. We know that we can't make an appearance that. I am product and everybody here. And Alan tell you got that we apparently. At enlightening and pain you feel. But leaves behind parents and islands and beaten I would eat hot they could I don't. To be able to make him. And beat him I don't eat and take passions like that you actually he actually chose to be here. So I think issues. Tomorrow when you wake up there's going to be a weekend that they after and the day after for the rest of the archive proposing a heart that you an upbeat. And you cannot reach. Them. A plan and I as well.

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{"duration":"17:26","description":"ABC News' Charli James takes us inside a vigil held in downtown Orlando honoring shooting victims.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"39805725","title":"Mourners Hold Vigil in Downtown Orlando ","url":"/US/video/abc-news-charli-james-takes-us-inside-vigil-39805725"}