ABC News Live: More Gaza protests erupt after Jerusalem embassy opening

Gaza violence escalates, Hawaii volcanic activity continues and royal wedding prep is underway.
23:25 | 05/15/18

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Transcript for ABC News Live: More Gaza protests erupt after Jerusalem embassy opening
Everybody what an ABC news lie about what Johnson thanks so much for joining us. We're talking to correspondents covering the biggest stories all around the world today including. The very latest on along it from the procedure that she underwent. We're gonna Karen Travers live at the White House also the latest drama surrounding the royal wedding Adrian baker is that Windsor Castle. More information about Megan Oracle's father and some of the other things the leading up to that big day on Saturday. We'll get to that a moment first though we want to go straight to Terry Moran who is live in Ramallah in the west bank and Terry yesterday. Deadly day of violence surrounding the US embassy move to Jerusalem. We're expecting more protests today smoke in the background of your shot here what we've seen so far. Well with the witnesses. Skirmishes with the aftershocks of that awful day of violence yesterday. We are only about eight miles. From Jerusalem. In the Palestinian territories right outside of Ramallah. All day now why don't want this way. Up that hill if you can see that as an Israeli military bases. This is Qaeda the battle. Young Palestinians have been. Try to fresh sport. Keep pressure on the Israeli. Here sir we. We have heard reports of one fatality so far as I say that. Aftershocks today as most and then a. That almost every mosque in Gaza. Loved ones. That is the greatest of them. Greatest bloodshed of Israelis Palestinians. And if that sentence all of the but also. Taking stock. Everybody is now looking. And ground towards that border. Massed along. My. It's. Shock us all I have been taking stock and already. Pork. No ma'am. Our older adults. Across the almost all attendees are. Doubled their ethics quiet bubble that let. They're there a major way to disperse. An Israeli. Would tear gas. And no fatalities here. Or on the West Bank. Song. What already terrible. The Israelis. And the United States about. Then there is a reckoning. Terry I wanted to ask you about the international response here Israel is based. A lot of criticism of the UN secretary. Counts. Security Council's meeting today in a fact we already heard from Nikki Haley UN ambassador. The US ambassador to the UN. Waning Hamas this is echoing what Israel is saying that this is hamas' fault that they are using the protest as hover. For all of this and the deadly violence how is that US response and the response from is for that matter being received. Where you walk. Well when I talk to people about. Believe me Hamas governs. Rather. Rather firm at its. Gaza on play. They are in shock and they did it all out people marched toward the border and they got. That was a a large that would allow. They are present. Isolated. More or bring. Published. Rated by the month. That really has nothing to do and has lost all hope so when. Over the border bars drew. What I hear from. This side. Hamas would. We have. He had a five Hamas terrorist operatives who started the fight that there were 600 join. It was. Oh. About it posts. Hi Tara grant for us thanks so much be safe out there we appreciate your reporting. From the West Bank today we've you wanna transition again over to the White House are Karen Travers is live there. We're also getting reaction from the president from other members of the cabinet there to what is happening we see some of the video here in the images coming in. From the borders with Israel specifically the Gaza border and the deadly protests that happened there if we can get the care Travers and there she is out there at the White House. We heard from the president yesterday Karen expressing that they still have hope for the peace process hear what more we hearing from the White House today. The White House certainly is trying to focus on what they say is the first step forward in this new conversation on the peace process with that reopening. Opening of the embassy in Jerusalem yesterday. The focus for them was on that as a pivotal moment and with the president called a long overdue stat. But of course there were a lot of questions of the White House briefing yesterday. About that split screen the image of senior White House officials including president's daughter and senior advisor at bunker Tron her husband Jared Kushner. The Treasury Secretary delivering remarks all smiles as they dedicated that new building. With the images of the violence that was happening just a couple dozen miles away. The White House said yesterday that the United States and Israel are not responsible for those protests at that fall squarely on hamas' Terry Moran was just saying. Certainly administration officials last week were teeing this up I anticipating that there would be violence and already deflecting blame. Saying that that's not what the administration went to CD were hoping people would stay safe but if something were to flare up. It would be Hamas that should be blames. And Karen another topic that I wanted to get to a lot of people are asking about is the First Lady at how she's doing she underwent a procedure for about nine kidney condition yesterday. Not a lot of information about what she went through what more we learning today from the white. House still very few details from the White House this was a procedures safer of the nine kidney condition that the White House has not said. What this symptoms were or how long the lead up was that led to that condition for her procedure yesterday morning. At a hospital outside of Washington DC the president tweeted earlier today that she is doing really well and he expects it shall be out of the hospital in two to three days. Her office is at last night she could likely stay in the hospital for the remainder of the week. Pence last night said that this with a long planned procedure. And we're told that the First Lady is in very good spirits and is already on the net but certainly that came as a very big surprise yesterday. She doesn't always have a big robust public schedule but we did see her several times last week she had that role out of her new policy initiative be best in the Rose Garden. And as with the president very early morning Thursday when he welcomed his detainees home from North Korea. Care quickly are wanted to ask you we don't president drop is going to Capitol Hill today to meet with Republicans it was supposed to be if friendly luncheon with this all leagues but. It's many Republicans are very upset that the White House has not come out and apologize about those comments about Senator John McCain. From elegance and. It has are certainly defending their colleague and good friend in your hearing more of the mountains say that the White House and Kelly Sadler that communications EO John McCain's Stanley a public apology. That has not happened and so far there's certainly no indication from anybody here that that is going to happen the White House is circling the wagons. Around Sadler in their team. And there are framing this as an issue of week they're more upset seemingly about the leak itself. Then about what Sadler sad about John McCain. Asked yesterday if the president expects that Republican senators are going to bring that up in their lunch today the White House said you'll have to check with the lawmakers they're not expecting anything. All right Karen Travers laws states you thank you so much reporting live for us from the White House this morning. What a shift gears to another topic of many Americans are when he hit the polls today voting taking place in primaries. In four separate states all of this leading up to the incredibly important. Midterm elections let's go ahead and bring in Stephanie Ramos force is live in Chester Pennsylvania this is the congressional district there Stephanie. As I mentioned voters hitting the polls in four separate states but what's significant about Pennsylvania. Hey there well well well today's primary here in Pennsylvania's it really big deal with the big primary across the state. When it comes it. This isn't particularly appointment Democrats when it comes to taking back the house in November this would be essentially the easiest way for Democrats take back the house. In November and who's on the ballot matters a whole lot and that of course will be determined. Tonight now Democrats are hoping to take about five to six. Seeds but overall Democrats need. 183 seats to take back the house in the applaud the Democrats your profits of eight are hoping that they can help out a lot with that by scooping up a lot of that went. And Stephanie we know that there was a court battle and they ultimately ended up re drawing the districts in Pennsylvania. What is the significance of that for both Democrats and Republicans heading into tonight. Well it could hurt Republican thing could help the Democrats significantly you're absolutely right there's new congressional map. It was used for elections in 2012 to 2016 that was dumped that was tossed out by the courts. Now and now was because it was old Republican it was looked at as it's skewing thwart Republicans. Now this new map is supposed to be more they are at levels the playing field for Democrats. Reason it's not from the new congressional map another reason why Democrats feel as though they have a good chance in this primary have a good chance of them all. Is because of all of the retirement they're taking place and resignations that you mention. I am in the fifth congressional district now this district was represented by Republican patent in. Who just recently resigned apps after sexual harassment accusations out. His seat is wide open now also keep in mind we are just outside of Philly is that they it. Eight largely democratic area this is an area that Hillary Clinton once the Democrats feel it felt they really have a good chance. Seem to win this ad. A group of that it that there art and that Democrats are lining. In this district alone so they are. Inundating the voters here in the Pacific alliance get elect as advocates at it's it's going to be very competitive primary as well I'd. Stephanie Ramos live for us in Pennsylvania we'll be watching those numbers come it later on tonight thank you so much. When a transition to another big story we're following take a look these images still incredible the lava flowing out of the kill away a volcano on the big island of Hawaii but you'll live to Marcy Gonzales who's been following this four. More than a week now and Marcy you've been there. Give us the latest developments we're hearing more cracks opening up in the earth that and more explosive concerns there on the big island. Yeah exactly went nineteen fissures have now opened here on the big island one of them. It's still spewing lava and and very X. Explosive glee it's what experts call eight while Bob bomb or multiple law although bonds at sending this molten rock shooting today air. As high as 500. It. Feet in some places. It is shaking homes and it is still loud. This thing with the headline of yesterday's newspaper absolutely deafening. Want to show you today's paper because it highlights. Another one of the concerns here eyes on the highways still the concern with this one Fisher that is still erupting right now is that it's blowing towards. One of the highways it's moving very slowly though about a hundred yards an hour it still more a hundred yards an hour that's right and it still more than a mile away so. They have some time before of the impact on this highway could potentially happen. There's another highway that they're also concerned about that if another fissure opens anywhere near that it could cut off access for people who live on the other side the only way for those people. To be able to leave would be through this. Very small one lane dirt road so the National Guard is keeping a close eye on this. Saying there's a possibility that as many as 2000. People could still be forced to evacuate and in this is as geologists are keeping a close eye. On one of the creators of killing it at that the summit they're worried about a possible deem it. Explosion we've been talking about this for a few days now it could send giant boulder is. Rocketing into the sky and they're also concerned about giant ash plumes it will go as high as 20000 feet into the air they're saying it could spread act. For miles there have been some smaller. Ash plumes coming out of that crater over the past few days. And there are people at least one community that we're hearing are seeing a little bit of ash fall from that nothing very major but people with respiratory issues are definitely on alert. It's something that geologists keeping a very very close by on split. And Marcy one of the alarming things here scientists don't seem to have any end in sight and this is a big problem for Hawaii which survives on tourism with the projected impact. On tourism in the long run here. Well they're already seeing that that impact what they're saying about 50% fewer bookings for. Hotels and tour is just here on the big island some of the airlines are offering vouchers for people who want to cancel their trips. And a very big impact we're now hearing about Norwegian cruise lines is decided to cancel its port stops at least for this week. Here on the big island so they won't be making a planned stop into Hilo which is 2.5 miles away from where this volcanic activity is. They also are canceling a stop in Colin L which is on the other side of the island is about eighty miles away. From where this volcanic activity is an and officials are saying that this is because of the big miss perception. And a lot of miscommunication about what is happening here because it bit volcanic eruptions are only impacting about 5%. Of this huge island so they want to get the message out. That the big island of Hawaii is still open for business hoping tourists. We'll still come here. I'm RC Gonzales more thank you so much for your reporting we'll check back in with you later on. Let's get through the royal wedding in the official countdown is under way for the big day on Saturday but amid all of the excitement there's family drama. Megan Oracle's father caught up in a paparazzi scandal. Let's get Adrian baker who's been following this Adrian you have some fun things to watch this sort of moment but first what's the latest with Megan articles father and some of the issues with the paparazzi. Well we do know this out wit that there are allegations according to he and the Megan's father staged photos. And the daughter is talked spoken now is his daughter Megan. Half sister has spoken out taking the fall for all of this saying that she just wanted to make sure her father was painted. In the right light up again this is all according to TMZ the palace is not confirming any of this but the results of which. Has been that there's been word that Thomas Markel senior won't even be asked the wedding. And won't be able to walk her down the ideal. Out we're still hearing more and more reports about whether or not this is true whether. They get it Harrier now coercing and tried to convince her father to come from Mexico all the way to London as was scheduled. But again the palace only asking that the public and everyone else respect. Mr. mark goals privacy and gave him understanding and compassion during what they're calling quote a difficult time. So it's still so many questions many people here have this idea that hopefully everything will work out and it's just a sad situation all around his forties before the way. Absolutely upsetting situation especially for the bride to be. Shifting gears though looking around you your live outside Windsor castle and we could see the British flags being worn proudly. Give us a little tour of what's going a lot of the activity out there. Well I'm glad you asked because really the anticipation is something here in Windsor. I think people are trying to stay focused on the matter what the headlines on newspapers it's all about this lovely scene here where there. One of the oldest castles and certainly the largest inhabited castle in the entire world. Windsor Castle we have Queen Victoria statue right here in the town center and so many tourists from far and wide locals who are here walking the streets doing their shopping. And those who might want to come here ahead of the busy news. That will be Saturday and the day of the wedding you see shops. With of course that the gifts that you can buy the souvenirs with Harry in Macon space on the net play of characters let me just. With me a little bit we're gonna make it to a street light and time to introduce you to wanna be most famous characters. Other royal. History and I say that because he's old enough to experience. Not only this wedding. Not only Kate and will's wedding. But Diana's wedding and the birth of all the royal baby. Again plenty of Carrick. High were gun and shot across the street here hot dog dot darts. Okay now royal watchers here are really super fans and typically cost him the union Jack the British flag of course. Display very prominently. And this gentleman right here mr. Terry huts said he would speak to you sir I'm eatery and Good Morning America an ABC news. We're actually live on television and I just wanted to confirm. You are one of the oldest British super fans this you are how many weddings have you been here that we're royal. And. But you want to be. Civilians who actually met the queen on unknown if they. At the men. What is this. Saint George's chapel okay wonderful and it's true that Kate and Wilson threw a birthday cake recently. A birthday cake. Addict and a birthday. It's okay. And a carton a letter that. Nine. Why are you so devoted why isn't so important to be at every major event including this historic wedding. They said. Yeah. Royal by association at least. Oh vote. With those of you have four years old. You saw walk about with the queen with your family. Rule rights held against him again. 93. AT three I thought so I'd wanted to make sure I have the right numbers. And what is your thoughts surrounding Prince Harry and make it Markel especially in light of all of this news that it's been coming out about her family. A little bit late in the don't know. Booked get tired anyway Harry. Played to go to that holding. He's countdown that would lead apps. State that's it and maybe that's. That makes him again that FaceBook. I discussed it. Thank you wise advice from an 83 year old man and super fan and love the suit by the way and you chops as a very nice very comfortable she's there. And the stock. That this area high. He was kind enough to make time for us but you know whether you wearing the flag or your waving the flag so many people here are very very excited to be part of this. History making wedding. Scheduled for Saturday we'll be there right alongside the long walk and getting the weather out here when it is. Phenomenal it's literally a picture perfect day and it's not expected to be. Cloud in the sky. On the day of the wedding and. Our faith love it Adrian also like his response that William and Kate sent me a birthday cake and a card no big deal. They take exactly. I need to get media and with ham made up and get a closer to the actual party afterwards the reception was seen wolves. I'm still waiting for that invitation by the way I don't get a by tomorrow I think ought to make other plans though. I Heidi creator Dick talk. Thank you so much truly appreciate it. All right don't forget you can stay tuned ABC news all of our coverage on the big day begins at 5 AM on Saturday that royal wedding. Full count down is officially under way and for any of our stories you can go to And download our ABC news app. For for all of us here right now at ABC news live up where Johnson thanks so much for joining us at a great debt.

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