ABC News Live: Johnson & Johnson shot may be less effective against delta variant

Plus, the Milwaukee Bucks win the NBA Finals and COVID-19 cases surge at the Tokyo Olympics.
28:54 | 07/21/21

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Transcript for ABC News Live: Johnson & Johnson shot may be less effective against delta variant
Good morning I'm Dennis data thanks for streaming with us the Milwaukee Bucks are champions for the first time in fifteen years. The Bucs beat the suns and an incredible game six sending thousands of fans outside the arena into an absolute frenzy. We'll hear from the star affectionately known as the Greek Greek this morning about the historic win. And there are new concerns about the effectiveness of the Johnson Johnson vaccine against the delta variant of the very and is now responsible for more than 80% of new cases in the US. We'll hear from health experts on how to stay safe as some kids head back to school today. And travel in Tokyo amid a new surge in cases the CEO of the Olympics says he could still cancel the games the last minute. Kenneth Martin joins us live from Tokyo this morning with the latest. But we begin with the Milwaukee Bucks taking home their first NBA championship in fifty years. Janice accident Colombo put up fifty points in game six to cap off an NBP performance. ABC's we'll read caught up with the Greek freed after the big win. This morning after a fifteen year title drought. The Phoenix Suns led by veteran Chris Paul chasing they're in his first championship. Coming up soon in the final seconds. And me are just mean back to work. Back to work. No none more and unless the Bucs were ahead by just four with one minute left to play Chris Middleton making this difficult jumper to give the book some breathing room. There's been a long journey here involved are working to go to Russia whose tumor from a home never do vote. Saw what the short. Books T may Jrue Holiday was new to Milwaukee this year. And in game five made perhaps the series defining play how does the dream. Compare to the reality is not a disclose I think has been ever to imagine this the weather be like. Is way different from actually fill in and fill in the crowd. The bucks winning 105 to 98. Led by an unprecedented. Other worldly fifty point fourteen rebound five block performance from finals MVPs Donna socks to compile. With billions inside and the more than 65000. Fans outside the box arena in. Milwaukee erupted. You've grown up in Greece. Had to hustle you had to grind third everything in your life how far away does that part of the journey feel now he. He doesn't prove I don't know. We just like yesterday eight years ago would tend to get a move on get on its milk from one to 197 bit like I was won't keep any data and I want it. Many times for the city of Milwaukee. And for myself also. When the clock hit zero the confetti comes down this place is going nuts what goes through your mind in your heart in that moment problems to give up. Family life how how much they want to do. How much I want to do what we have to go through university these was this is what it is for you and me we can't stop them that keep. Keep getting better and do it again fifteen points in the clinching game and a fifty year drought explain to a mere human. What that feels like how was he did speak enough votes. Point I was just thinking about. Winning these games like had he won the gold back to Phoenix when live my family your champion your son your brother your father. What was it like sharing this moment with your son it's amazing he doesn't know he's so young but he did he was an entity today. I am before this season the honest chose to re sign here in Milwaukee rather than test the waters of free agency as so many stars of recent NBA vintage have done. I asked him if it immediate sweeter to win the title here in Milwaukee. This city that drafted him and in many ways raised him he said yes and that he can't wait to do it here again. Diane. There ankle will read in Milwaukee thank you. And the future the Olympics is now in question after the CEO announced he's not ruling out canceling the summer games the last minute. So far 79 code cases have been reported related to the Olympics Amy robot in Tokyo with the latest. This morning officials in Tokyo revealing that Kobe cases have increased 155%. In the past seven days there are now 1832. New positive cases of covad. In the city as the Olympics are set to begin. This as the CEO of the games refusing to rule out canceling them last minute. As go the cases are on the rise 79 accredited individuals including athletes now testing positive comments from who must cut them and with just days to go until the games officially open. The head of the Tokyo games now saying. They could convene five party talks to decide an action plan if there is a spike in cases in sight Olympic village distress of testing positive. Or being deemed ineligible due to close contact with infected individuals. Weighing on athletes team USA swim captain Ryan Murphy speaking to us earlier this morning about life inside the Olympic film. Which we have been hearing talk about the gains potentially being canceled what are your. That's I mean that's kind of museums a scenario. Sorry Rudy tried not to go to combat. Accredited officials undergoing a slew of high security safety measures. This is one of the few limited places we've been able to travel to hear in Tokyo just outside of national stadium. Where the opening and closing ceremonies will take place in normally. In any other Olympics this would be a place of celebration enthusiasm that's not the case right now with mass mandates in place. With Dave very under vaccinated population here and rising Kobe nineteen numbers by the day. With goaded looming over the games some Olympic sponsors like one of the biggest Toyota says it's pulling Olympic related ads in Japan. But will reportedly keep its US marketing plans in place and some senior business leaders including Toyota's president and Panasonic CEO. Plan on skipping the opening ceremony altogether. With billions of dollars at stake if the Olympics are canceled outright. Big games soaring to fifteen point four billion with some experts saying the actual cost could be more than twenty billion. Another Olympic news. Earlier the US women's national soccer team lost their first match to Sweden three to nothing each sweetened famously knocked teen USA out of the Olympics back in 2016 so this was seen by many. As a chance at redemption they are down but they are not out they play again on Saturday. Against New Zealand Diane. Diet Amy wrote back thanks for that let's go to our Katz voted in Tokyo for more on this Kenneth. Good morning or good evening to you lies since day you I'm curious what is the reaction been there. After this huge announcement by the CEO that he's still considering canceling the Olympic Games. I know Diane there with a stunner for many of us and for many who've been covering these Olympic Games. Yes it was a stunning revelation. When they heard him say those words that he's not ruling out. Canceling this games consider we're just two days away from opening ceremony considering that. Tens of thousands of people including eleven Dow than athletes have started to make their way into this country. But Diane there are others who also pointed out that this Tokyo Tony Tony CEO has said this before that he's been very cautious saying. He would take a look at the Covert numbers if he's also urge you keep an eye on it. I get all that the BI delegations together to talk about there's all the stakeholders together to talk about. A possible. What to do with these games if there's a surge as over some. Yes it was a surprise for others they say that they've seen this cautious talk before but I will say that even with the uptick in Kobe case is. And the negative opinion of these games by the Japanese people will be tough to see a cancellation here that athletes are here the infrastructure is here fifteen did. Twenty billion dollars have been spent on these Olympic Games so they are expected to kick off. This Friday without opening ceremony. And no doubt a lot has gone in to try to putting these games on. That case is there have increased 155%. In the past seven days so how are they trying to reverse that trend. Or at least stop it from getting worse. Well they say they're got to do what they've been doing which is. To be vigilant and to remind athletes and the delegations who were coming into this country to be vigilant. To follow the playbook to follow the strict Covert protocols where your mask. Social death since. All of those things. But Diana will save the director of the World Health Organization spoke today here in Tokyo and he said this that there is zero risk their lives that the choices governments and organizations. Make regarding this pandemic. Who either increase risk or deep crease said but they never eliminate risk and he said that the mark of success is making sure they cases are identified. Isolated tracing cure for as. Quickly as possible. And Tenet says Amy alluded to in the meantime there are still some games already happening is our house team USA looking so far. Well you heard our friendly robot bears say Sweden knocked out. Teen USA women's soccer. We all know their champions. Any this ended their 44 game winning streak. I bit down. But they're not out they're still and they still have a chance here is gonna be tough though to win gold but they are still and that's also the US Olympic softball team claimed 20 shut out. Win over Italy and the opening round so some very good news they're per team USA. All right we'll take it came out on Tokyo thank you my friend. Thank you. And here at home a new study is raising questions about the effectiveness of the Johnson Johnson vaccine against the delta variant. The news comes as new call that hot spots are popping up across the country and many kids are heading back to school. Kate and whitworth has in Chandler Arizona where students are back in the classroom this morning. Overnight and new study raising questions about the efficacy of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine is suggesting that the one shot vaccine it could be less effective against the highly contagious delta variant the authors concluding that thirteen million Americans who receives Johnson & Johnson might need a booster shots but experts point out the findings contradict prior studies indicating the vaccine likely works well against delta and say this study which is not yet peer reviewed. But it blood samples from just ten patients two and a half months post vaccination. In his statement Johnson & Johnson saying these results do not speak to the full nature of immune protection the company also saying earlier peer reviewed studies conducted over an eight month period should the vaccine generated strong persistent activity against the rapidly spreading delta variant for now the FDA and CDC saying and none of our currently authorized vaccines need to be boosted with an additional dose. Doctor found she's saying vaccines can protect from hospitalization. Or debts. And breakthrough cases are to be expected. When you hear about a breakthrough infection. That doesn't necessarily mean the vaccine is failing. This as some kids are already heading back to the classroom today. Lawmakers in eight states including Arizona have enacted legislation banning school districts from implementing mask mandate set. And while kids are less vulnerable a sobering reminder from the CDC director more than 400 children. Have died children aren't supposed to die and so 400 is as a huge amount. Clearly an emotional start to the year now the American academy of pediatrics does recommend universal masking in schools but. Some apparent that I spoke with here say they really appreciate the freedom to make the best decisions for their family. And while you nineteen differing opinions here dance. One thing that all of the parents seem to agree on is that they really will do whatever it takes to get their kids back in the classroom this year dance and I came away were thanks for that. An earlier on GMA eighteen of the brown university school of public health doctors she Zhao spoke to George Stephanopoulos. About the delta co that surge and so called breakthrough cases. Let's start with a new study in the Johnson Johnson vaccine doesn't really track. With the other studies out there what's your big take away. My big takeaways is that it when I put all the data together I think that J&J vaccine is holding up just fine we're not. Seen large numbers of breakthrough infections are costly decisions and people who've gotten agenda of vaccine. I think we need more data. But for people who've gotten the vaccine I would hold tight and not act. Or worry that this vaccine isn't gonna work these and even though there are breakthrough cases we still know that these vaccines prevent. Larceny serious illness and death. Yeah absolutely and we're going to see breakthrough infections when there are large outbreaks happening overall. When you have lots of people infected by the un and the unvaccinated and large numbers of infect a virus circulating in the community we're gonna see if you break throughs. But the good news is people are not getting hospitalized but are not dying if they've been vaccinated. And that's the key. We're getting all this different guidance on mass and schools for kids what's your advice to parents. My place of parents is for smoke your kid is twelve or over get unvaccinated because that's the best way to keep them safe. And to prevent transmission in schools it field your kid is under twelve. If you're an hot spot is pretty reasonable be wearing a mask in Norris. If you're in a place with very few infections. I don't think mass or as unnecessary. Our thanks to doctor shot and George Stephanopoulos for that interview. Meanwhile wildfires in the west are creating hazy skies across the country sending massive clouds of smoke as far away as New York City. And now there's a new weather threat headed for the northeast chief meteorologist ginger zee is tracking it all Forrest good morning ginger. The day and I don't you want outside at all yesterday but you probably noticed. Quite hazy scene images here from Linda Christy Jerry Zia on the left side of the screen that's what it usually looks like when you look at New York City crystal clear the system Samantha Power producer and meteorologist hear from her place. But on the right it was totally obscured. And then you see from gray Maine that's what a lot of folks have seen for sunrise and sunset recently that reddish orange barely see and it. And that is because there are wild fires all over the west but also throughout Canada. And that smoke can travel a thousand miles or more and so that's the smoke that we are actually seen here in New York in the tristate beyond. And as far south as Texas and Oklahoma. This severe storms though today this afternoon with the damaging wind is the main threat that's gonna help clear things out since connecting the big broom brush and all off into the ocean but it will come with the damaging winds in the afternoon and evening sell if you've got especially that saturated soil because we're. Closing in on what will likely be one of the wettest if not the wettest July is on record for a lot of folks. You want to watch for those winds especially if you've got big trees that are susceptible. Then you will outlast and you talk about the players this one more than 61000 acres burned they've got a 15% contained it's called the Dixie fires north Sacramento. This is one of so many large wildfires if you were close to eighty yourself. Big Lunsford and out west and unfortunately many of them have started by lightning we get those dry lightning the pockets of you know the rain doesn't make it to the ground out of a thunderstorm it evaporates we called America. And then the lightning starts in new fire we could see that today believe it also see relative humidity as low as 10%. And the wind gusts about 35 miles per hour so red flag warnings from northern California southern organ all the way through Montana Diane. RI chief meteorologist ginger zee thank you. And the death toll is climbing in China after severe flash flooding at least sixteen people are confirmed dead and officials warned things can get much worse. With more rain in the forecast critical and it is in Hong Kong with the latest good morning Brett. Hi Diana well Tyrus watching a damaged boy young seeking don't file from don't joke wind dozens of people have died in severe flooding that. The Chinese military releasing a statement saying that the data is in danger of bursting at any time soldiers have been deployed to the area to try and reinforce it to stop. And relieve pressure on that Dan to really stop it from collapsing and highly these dads. Class sizes have voice. But many for a long time now that they create problems and interrupt the natural waterways. China is no stranger to flooding but whether or causes them to warn that this is out of character that it is it is a more active than normal. And that the situation is. A fumble die there are usually. How do you understand advance it 200000 people. I have been evacuated from the area total road to being this advanced and highly and we sold his videos of hundreds of people trapped in the subway. We've built. Flood waters I'm today wastes. As rescuers had to try and create a hole in the top of the carriages had to get them out but others Diane have not been as lucky. Out of bed that death told that we know son Bob we understand that most of them died in the subway system during of those months. Full cost is unfortunately warning that in the next 24 Alice more showers more downpours. Are expected. And of the warnings from she'd opening that the situation is extremely Soviet thereof consents Diane that the situation will just grow more desperate in the coming Alice. And in the coming days. Scary and that its brick planet in Hong Kong thank you. And it key test vote scheduled for today on a bipartisan infrastructure deal could be pushed to next week after negotiations went late into last night. Republicans tell majority leader Chuck Schumer the bill needs to be fully written before anyone in the party will vote to advance it. A senior lawmaker tells ABC news they expect the one point two trillion dollar bill to be final. By Monday and we'll bring you that test vote live when it happens. A longtime friend and confidant of former president Donald Trump says he will plead not guilty after being arrested in California yesterday. Thomas Barrett who is backed chair trumps inaugural committee is facing multiple charges including improperly acting as a foreign government agent. Senior national correspondent Terry Moran. Has the details good morning Terry. And Tom Barrick is a billionaire businessman and one of Donald Trump's closest friends they've known each other. For forty years and he was a top fundraisers to raise a 107 million dollars for Trump's twice seventeen integration that was a record. And he now stands accused of using his close connections to Donald Trump. To illegally advance the interests of a foreign government the United Arab Emirates prosecutors say that Barrick and two co defendants violated. A lobbying law designed to protect the country from foreign corrupt influence by seeking to influence trump. And other high officials and then lying about. Barrick has been arrested he now faces charges of failing to register as a foreign agent obstruction of justice and lying to investigators all felonies. I in a statement his lawyer declaring he is not guilty and will be pleading not guilty. Barrett now becomes the seventh person associated. But with the 2016 trump campaign who faced indictment many of them of course were pardoned by president truck before he left office. And this indictment comes just weeks after the chief financial officer of the Trump Organization was indicted. In an unrelated tax fraud case Donald Trump still involved in this one but at them in that one but in this case it's important to note. Prosecutors say doctor was in the dark. That he knew nothing Barrett's work on behalf of the UAE that he is in the sense in this case of victim betrayed. By one of his old close friends. I have. I Tamer and thanks for that. And the FAA is reporting nearly 100 more incidents of an early passengers in just the last week. The new uptick comes amid a general increase in cases this year now the TSA is also reporting an uptick in incidents before passengers get on the plane. Victor canto is at Miami International Airport was more and we should mention some of these videos are difficult to watch. This morning. Turbulence in the release killings stunned. This cell phone video capturing a heated argument between two men turning violent as passengers were boarding a Frontier Airlines flight in Miami. The number of disruptive passengers across the country skyrocketing. The Federal Aviation Administration. Announcing nearly 100 more incidents with an unruly passengers. In just the last week. This year alone airlines reporting more than 3000 incidents a bad behavior on board flights. More than 2000 of those incidents involving passengers refusing to comply with federal mask mandates and before Tay don't. TSA officers at security lines also seeing an alarming uptake and assaults. The number of attacks up by 40% since may. 85 attacks happening this year including reports of passengers pushing and even biting officers. With anything. You know and everybody is forced into one small area and short staff Jones gonna cause chaos everywhere. And the FAA continues to enforce its zero tolerance policy and on really passengers proposing fines as high as 52000. Dollars per incident. Diane act Victor Canada thanks. And coming up a New York couple is speaking out this morning after they say their child suffered third degree burns from appellate ton treadmill. When we come back here they're warning other parents in this exclusive interview yeah. Stay with us. Welcome back a New York couple is speaking out after they say their four year old boy was seriously injured by it pellets on treadmill. The treadmills were recalled in May after being connected to several accidents now the family is suing saying pellet ton knew or should have known the product was dangerous. If the pilgrim has the exclusive interview. It's a death trap. This morning parents of a four year old boy who suffered third degree burns after getting pinned underneath the pellets Hun tread plus treadmill are speaking out. Children should not be sucked. Under a conveyor belt that can kill them. Period. Bigelow and serious to do and say they had dropped their son off with family for a sleepover. Hours later and their son was in route to the hospital in extraordinary. Pain. When you sign your son in the hospital we were shocked to see the extent of difference my song was called bird. In birds were shocked to hear that the treadmill. Can do that to some it. Nearly two dozen families like the one seen in this video had had children reportedly hurt by the pellet time tread. One child even dying of their injuries the fact that the telephone has neither safety guard or censor. To me. Extremely alarming health alcoholics get the sort started. They hugely popular wellness company surged in popularity during the pandemic. As many turn to interactive fitness like the 4300 dollar tread plus treadmill. In April the Consumer Product Safety Commission issuing an urgent warning about the pellet on tread plus. Urging users with small children in their home. To stop using the product immediately saying they can become in trapped pinned and pulled under the rear roll were of the treadmill. Pella time initially calling the warning inaccurate and misleading. Pellets on later backtracking and issuing a recall CEO and co-founder John Foley later apologizing right here on GMA. He did make a mistake by not engaging with the Consumer Product Safety Commission. In a more productive dialogue earlier in the process. For the so Jim family it was too little too late I read a written statement from the company. After knowing that. So many kids have been injured. That a child had died and filled insisting that their product was safe. And taken weeks to actually were called the product. That was when we decided. We need to sue this company. The lawsuit filed against the fitness giant claims total time knew or should have known that subject treadmill was extremely and unreasonably dangerous. Part of what severe in family wants is to raise awareness about how dangerous this treadmill as do you think it was terrible yes we think batter. More safe not defective product design would have avoided this child's injuries. Now the lawyers for this family telling me that a lot of other at home use treadmills had a safety guard on the back of the treadmill to prevent accidents. Like this one. Hello Todd telling me that they taken these kinds of incidents very seriously. And they are continuing to cooperate with the consumer product safety commission on this recall. Offering their customers a full refund through November 6. Diane Karen. Either pilgrim thank you. And coming up. They hit show Ted lasso is changing the lives of real life coaches. We'll tell you all about the so called Ted laughs so effective after the break. Welcome back the so called Ted lasso affect is making its mark on pro sports. The comedy about an optimistic soccer coach has been nominated for twenty Emmys. Now real life coaches and players are a court pretty some laughs so tactics hoping you'll give them an edge here's ABC's will read. It's called the Ted lasso effect. Named for the perpetually optimistic character from the Jason Sudeikis hit comedy tent lasso. Wants to know that I value each of your opinions. Even when the wrong well. And a soccer coach who knows little about soccer but a lot about life. And with a happy is an animal on earth this. Gold yeah. July. You know you can say memory. He goldfish name. That's the responsibility for all coaches that are out there regardless of what he's coaching in those scenes were young managers in the office that's your goals. We get the best out of the people that are around us. The show's writers finding their own inspiration in real life would NBA greats like Gregg Popovich and Phil Jackson. See I believe and hope. I believe in belief in Phoenix Suns star Chris Paul said he didn't hit between games. And Monty Williams and Mike Boone holes are the sons and Bucs coaches. Bring the last so he steps to their squads. And with scene stealers like this for me success is not about who wins and losses. It's companies young feels it best versions of themselves on and also feel it as life lessons that all of us can get behind. A they and a couple more lasso lessons are experts say worked in coaching and in life number one be curious but not judgmental number two. Be caring and empathetic and number three be positive you want to create. And environments that people want to be a part of on the field. Or off. Diane. I love that advice will read thanks for that. And that doesn't for this news cast I'm Diane Maceda thanks for joining us senate remember ABC news live easier for you all day with the latest news context and analysis. We'll see you right back here at 11 AM eastern until then have a great morning.

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