ABC News Live Prime: Friday, January 15, 2021

Israel’s speedy vaccine rollout creates divide; By the Numbers: Biden’s $15 per hour minimum wage plan; Patrick Warren's family ‘looking for answers’ in fatal police shooting
45:48 | 01/16/21

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Transcript for ABC News Live Prime: Friday, January 15, 2021
North Korea doing its best to be heard above all the noise in Washington. State run media reports the night time military parade took place under the watchful eyes of Kim Jung moon. Unveiling what they claim is the world's most powerful weapon a submarine launched ballistic missile. A message. And a major setback tonight in the fight against Kobe. America's reserve supply the vaccine exhausted. Governors in multiple states are furious warning reserved doses were already gone when the trump administration promised to release them. And coming finding the administration says it will ramp up production. And what this now means as many who receive their first shot wonder if that crucial second shot would even be available. Security crackdown in Washington up to 25000. National Guard troops down to believe the inauguration of president elect Biden. Sources tell ABC news the inauguration rehearsal planned for Sunday. Home the FBI now warning of the substantial threat of explosive devices it protests this weekend. And the alarming new details about just how close from truck drivers came to confronting vice president hands. Last weekend in the White House president trumps final days and his plans for a military style send off the morning you know. Vice president pens finally calling to gradually vice president elect Connell Harris today 72 days after the election. To sit on that car. What started as a call the police for mental health emergency. Ended their actions warranted shot dead in front of his family. Rebel video captures the moments leading up to the shooting. Tonight warning sun joins us as the family seeks justice whose honesty out why would you. June and we just looking feeds. Access to the vaccine and Israel's President Bush to have all of its adults vaccinated by the end of march. Offering its citizens as part of a mass trial. Leave the Palestinian territories who have been shut out. Who's responsible for their health care and in Hanna reports. Good evening everyone I'm Lindsey Davis thank you so much for streaming with us it is being called fortress Washington. Our country's seat of government currently looks more like a war zone as we prepare to transfer power. Take a look now this is a security crackdown ahead of the Biden Harrison on duration anxieties running time with a capital in all fifty states on alert. The FBI is warning of a substantial threat of IEDs during protests beginning this weekend. But as we know the pandemic continues to claim lives and their could be another crisis brewing this time with the vaccine supply. We heard skating accusations from governors today after they learn that they would not be getting the vaccine doses that they expected saying that the federal government lying about its vaccine reserves. There are questions tonight about we are the rollout goes from here Biden calls what happened so far a dismal failure. More than 390000. Americans have already died from this relentless virus. So we begin tonight with the state of our vaccine supply do we have enough and who's to blame for the shortage we giants' lead to sell. Tonight outrage growing days after the federal government said it would release second doses of vaccine to reach more America it's. Some states learning those doses had already been sent out long before the secretary of health and human services announced it we are releasing the entire supply we have. Four order by states. Rather than holding second doses in physical reserve tonight some governors furious after they told the residents they would be getting more vaccine. They were a lie. They don't have any doses help. There is no strategic supply for the second doses from Minnesota to Oregon let me and he very clear. This deception. On a national scale. And in New York governor Andrew Cuomo frustrated over his state instead getting a decrease of 50000 doses. The federal government creates a situation where you have the floodgates opened and they eat. Syringe at the bottom seven million people for. 250000. Doses per week but the reality is those second doses had already been shipping out over the last three weeks and the remaining eight million in reserve. Will be delivered in just days nationwide 31 million vaccine doses delivered twelve million shots given. But only one point six million people have gotten their second doses. Demand soaring. After many states expanded access to more priority groups overnight lines snaking through Brooklyn. After a false rumor on social media spread about X for doses those people turned away. The Javits Center a converted field hospital just ten months ago. Now one of the city's mass vaccination sites but some telling me they waited on line for hours just to get an appointment seems that it. Act. At bat. Right. Senior citizens of course in at high risk group would Johnson joins us now from the Javits Center in New York which. There's an alarming new report out tonight from the CDC warning that this UK variant could become the predominant variant in the US by march what do you know about that. Yet just a couple of months away Lindsay that is the concern that UK variant has already been discovered in fifteen states. Not thought to be more deadly but some early estimates indicate that it could be up to 50% more contagious. So the CDC is calling on all Americans to double down on things like masks and social distancing. And expedite the vaccine roll out which researchers do believe we'll still work against this variant Lindsay. All right with Johnson thanks so much. Doesn't like Biden is pledging that under his watch 100 million shots of the vaccine in his first 100 days will get into the arms of Americans but he did not mince words saying. It may get worse before it gets better Mary Bruce reports now on how Biden is trying to turn the tide. On this pandemic. Calling the vaccine roll outs so far a dismal failure president elect Joseph Biden today is promising to do better. Outlining his plan to deliver 100 million shops in 100 days. Our planet's as clear as visible. Get more people vaccinated for free. Create more places for them to get faxed. Mobilized more medical teams to get shots of people's arms. Increased supply and get it out the door as soon as possible. The president elect says he'll use FEMA and the National Guard to set up 100 emergency vaccination centers around the country. Converting Jim stadiums and community centers. And he's promising that the federal government will streamline the vaccine distribution process to states right now we're here that they can't play. Here's they don't know how much supply of vaccines they can expect at what time for. Biden today asking the American people to be patient but promising change is coming. The city want to most challenging operation efforts ever undertaken by our country. You have my word. Nannies that hell this average is two requests to the nation keep the faith and Wear a mask. Mary Bruce joins us now from Washington area that request to Wear a mask also appears to extend this in the house Republicans invited. May try to work with to pass this agenda. It Lindy Baidu they had them pretty harsh words for those Republican members of congress who were spotted. Last week refusing to Wareham mass is they were huddled in close quarters with their colleagues that they are hiding out in a secure location during. This each for members of congress at least have now tested positive several of them were in that room including everything cancer survivor. Fighting was once he said what the hell is the matter with them saying it is stupid not to Wear a mask and telling them point blank to grow up. And Biden also can take any questions but he did respond quickly and forcefully on the way out about whether he feels at next week's inauguration will be safe what do you say. He said in one word clearly and without hesitation yes he is confident that next week's swearing in will be safe now we're told he does plan to spend some time this weekend working. On the big address that he will be delivering at that ceremony and while he will be standing of course in that same spot in front of the capitol where we just saw. Such a horrific violence Biden is planning to try and use this. As a moment to call for unity and healing Lindsay. All right Mary Bruce thanks so much. As you saw the beginning of the show the nation's capital is a fortress tonight the capitol building surrounded by fencing razor wire and thousands of National Guard troops as many as 2.5 thousand troops will be there to protect Wednesday's inauguration. It comes is we're learning just how close vice president pens came to potential danger during the siege as the rioters stormed the building. We're also hearing more from some of the officers who were under attack ABC's Martha Raddatz was on the scene all week and she has latest for us tonight. Tonight the nation's capital braced for violence checkpoints and barricades through Al this city. Armed National Guard patrolling Capitol Hill. And with just four days before Joseph Biden is sworn in unprecedented. Shutdowns. As of this morning. Secretary of the interior. Has officially closed areas in the National Mall and an inaugural rehearsal planned by the Biden team for Sunday has been postponed according to sources. Among the FBI's taught concerns for inauguration day. The substantial. Threat of improvised explosive devices and the ongoing threat to members of congress and political leaders. And tonight we are learning just how close the rioters who stormed the capital last Wednesday. Got to vice president pants the Washington Post reporting pence was rushed from the senate chamber. One minute before this group reached the second floor. Only led away by officer Eugene Goodman who acted as a Decourt. That scene playing out while hence his wife and daughter were just a hundred feet away. After he was rushed to safety one of the first people to reach parents is desk Jacob chancellery the so called Q and on Sharman. Prosecutors arguing he should remain in custody after leaving a note on hence is desk that red. It's only a matter of time. Justice is calming prosecutors also citing images they say are of retired air force lieutenant colonel. Larry Brach with a zip ties as evidence of plans to take hostages. Brought and Chan's Lee. Both served in the military and Jacob frank Kerr one of the two Rocky Mount Virginia policeman arrested. Is also a corporal in the Virginian National Guard off duty at the time. General Ryan was arrested today the Texas real estate agent took a private jet to Washington. And called one of the best days of her life. Hand tonight chilling firsthand accounts from some of the heroic police officers fighting off the mob last week. 32 year old Daniel Hodges crushed against a door not certain. And he would survive. At this point my Arthur Penn the second defend myself what's the governor mask off he also was able to report in my right but tonne from me and started beating me in the head with a and officer Michael thing known grabbed by the mob tasted beaten people sort of chain kill him with his own gun hit that point is self preservation kicked in our members' thinking. Doc kill some of these guys. But that would give them the justification that they were looking for I think she was to kill me the father of four pleading for his life talking today with our Pierre Thomas. You know not to anybody in specific point you know I have key aides. And not seem to work. But he suffered a mild heart attack and spent two days in the hospital. But it could have been so much worse. And tonight that sobering sight in the district those armed National Guard on the heel 25000. Expected by next week. Inside the security perimeter today we spoke to members of the guard preparing for the worst I was here that day. There were veterans. In the crowd. It. We are my heart heavy to feel that Brothers and sisters that serves before me to pave the way for us serving today we're taking part in such an act hopefully they can answer for there. Disheartening for so many Martha Raddatz joins us now Martha of course you are out there. Threw out the attack last week is the capitol building was being stormed. At what's it like there now does to see the US military have to secure the city and had a what's usually a celebratory event. Got the confluence of these two events really is extraordinary and once again the city is boarded up every place you go. You have humvees on the street as you can see behind me and the capital to see those armed National Guard personnel surrounding the capital some of them. With long weapons. Very very alarming Lindsay and I do know that most of the people in the city feel safe now. That's good to know Martha Raddatz our thanks to you. And now let's bring in our Chief Justice correspondent Pierre Thomas peer the FBI has issued a bulletin warning that the capital siege wasn't likely a one off attack but. Part of a trend. What are officials most concerned about ahead of the inauguration just five days away a look at what kind of progress of the making on arrests. Lindsay the bottom line is that officials worried that last week was just the beginning that. All these different groups far right radical groups are now. Are on the warpath potentially looking for another fight here in Washington and it fifty state capitals across the country there's been bulletin after bulletin from the FBI. Telling local officials and be ready be prepared for a fight there are over 300 cows cases nearly 300 cases I should say. Oh openly under investigation they've just just knows it very disturbing trend. Which is current and former law enforcement. Officials who have been targeted for possible investigation and in some cases arrested Lindsay. And you spoke today with those the two officers we saw on Martha's report who were among the law enforcement under attack of the capital. What was their message. Lindsay out to Terry it was one of the most chilling interviews I've done in quite some time to hair on the back of my neck was standing up as he's offices. Described fighting. Hundreds of people literally in the fight of their lives one official said it was something like. Out of medieval times quite frankly another of the officers thought he was going to die in the melee. Both been said that the crowd had hate in their eyes when described a man that was attacking him is probably at the mouth. Unhurt while it's just so scary and tremendous here appear Thomas. Presidential meanwhile was out of sight again today now just five days left in office but we've now learned that he planned to leave the White House the morning of the inauguration that he plans to hold a military style ceremony at Andrews Air Force Base before his departure from Washington. Meanwhile vice president pence has reached out to vice president elect Connell a Harris congratulating her an offering assistance but. It does come with little time left before the Biden Harris administration takes over here's our chief White House correspondent Jonathan Karl. A little over a week after inciting a mob of his supporters to attack the US capitol. President trump is now planning an elaborate military style sendoff for himself on the morning of the inauguration. Sources briefed on his plans tele BC news the president hopes to depart to the sounds of a military band. Walking down a red carpet flanked by troops as he boards air force worn for the last time. He's even talking about a flyover by air force fighter jets user. Trump plans his exit he's left it to vice president and actually the actual commander in chief. Reviewing inauguration security plans and visiting troops at the capitol. Have a safe. Inauguration. I. Soon after he leaves DC troupe will find himself on trial in the senate. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi hasn't yet decided wind chill delivered the article of impeachment it will trigger distorted the trial. You'll be at first to know. And media. And we announced that went on under there. The impeachment trial could begin the same day as the inauguration. But team Biden today insisted that won't stall their agenda we. Get. That left and any required house Democrats prepare their case against the president. Speaker Pelosi today announced retired general Russell operate will lead an immediate review of capital security. Including whether any members of congress gave rioters access to the building that day before so they could plan America. If they aided and abetted the crime. There may have to be actions taken beyond the congress. And and in terms of prosecution. Jonathan Karl joins us now judge you mention the vice president they're taking on the role that the president would usually play and we also learned that he is now reached out to Connolly Harris 72. Days after the election comes very late in this transition. But what really know about their conversation. Officials briefed on the call Lindsay say that it was gracious in pleasant there was even talk. Kabul Harris getting coming by and visiting. Vice president parents that at the naval observatory the vice presidential residence before the inauguration. Put as you point out this comes long after this election. Is over long after. Biden and Harris were projected to be the winners although worth pointing out that there's one person still has not placed a call not as Donald Trump. And also still days are remaining in the term presidency John anything we can expect in terms of pardons. And house of president preparing for his second impeachment trial. Regarding pardons I do expect we'll see at least some pardons on clear. How many more in the biggest question is will he go ahead and try to pardon himself against the advice of his own White House lawyers. On the question of of the impeachment trial that conversations the president is having on this. I am told were all over the map he is talked about mounting a full defense possibly led by Rudy Giuliani possibly not. A full defense that could include the president himself testifying. To mounting no defense whatsoever and simply declaring that the impeachment. Is illegitimate. And. And John before you go you know some of those who have now been investigator with breaching the capital of said that they were hoping that they might get a pardon from the president. Absolutely no chance of that right. You know we've we've this president. Four days little more than four days left. I wouldn't say you know I would reflect anything out but but that would be 8888 crazy thing and I certainly don't expect it. But as I said. I mean no guarantees. Not ruling it out president. Jonathan Karl thanks so much. If you. I don't we come back the investigation now under way after this accident look at that how did that bus and up like that. Israel setbacks and ate all of its citizens by march their remarkable story and the anger over how few vaccines are. Being provided to Palestinians in the occupied territories. Up next we speak to the family of this man shot dead in front of a home by police that they had called. To come to the house. Welcome back everybody we turn now to case out of Texas where her call for help to police turned deadly the family of 52 year old Patrick Warren called police after they say that he was. Having some sort of mental health episode. Patrick is seen in this video walking out to the officer with his arms up then moments later you hear gunshots. It's not completely clear what happened based on this video Loma joining us now are two people. Who can help provide us with some of the details to explain the son of Patrick warned Patrick Warren junior. Along with family attorneys leave merit our thanks to both of you Patrick want to express our condolences. For the loss of your father can you just Connie give us a sense of exactly what happened that day. I did he study crazy guy who dreary Lelie in the house letting us know Rick. Pay and spiritual warfare. Agent praising. Is easily slight gains allow light was praising. An extent in its own hate calm downs on this porno mind you let me know was spiritual. And that he needed the praise god because the evil must comment. When site is not in my Dow's late case under the Illinois please reach out soon peninsula is. Resource officers we spoke use who previously. He since we coffin and actually announce in the house. They never let us know that their districts. That that particular resource officer was no longer a real walker at eight. Carter did he win becoming our our resource office altogether windy coming out. And so we were surprised when police officers sheriff's house. When he shadows of the house. And ended at the door saloon Connie and Allan no in my father was going to do something please no fire Lawrence. He spoke some peace was speaking Arafat into the hallway. In my father who is inviting what are considered he Siegel hostile so yes you are the property. And let us know you have to worry. He doesn't do beats like these and slammed the door when big outside. From that we. We did not get endured so my father. Acting dealing with someone else so he winds actually opened the door so he opened endured when you open the door we saw in Korea beaten endured. Which may need consent is on seating in the train. I'm holding the season though and I am rooting in the news oil. So it concerns our home runs and you know so it does little or down. He runs in the door and my mom is now we're needs of the door. Already X and a I'll see transcribe don't hornets eight you'll see that it. And in Caribbean out he'd say is my father. And the players is an Arafat who try and see what the greatest lanes also asks are we yelling but screen is a lot Illinois. And probably proceeded peel off the ground and that's when he shot him who. Would you. Children and which is answers. And Lee at this point you're not only calling for the firing and that officer but also the rest in that officer has anyone from the police department reached out to you or your family to explain why this officer was sent alone to a call that was about. A mental health crisis. No area. And I'm sorry. Big days instead we spoke would be the terror the prosecutor for the reason that reasons don't count the prosecutors may in regards to punish these responsible for prosecuting this case issue an arrest warrants and we encourage him yesterday. Speaking firmly about the evidence that they had apparently he did you have the video evidence that was available. To the need yes it's a we will work with them now makes him he has been. All information that he needs to issue an arrest warrants or not we're not. Terrorists I was assuming I'm sorry contreras is an ambulance officer Renaldo considers yes we Lee Davis arrest warrants he should work for him immediately based on. The probable cause evidence been circulating the Internet town house and we knew we of course want clean TV city cleaned to investigate what policies and procedures. May have been placed to deal with mental health calls. Call or help from a badly she never resolved and a man he murdered innocent. Morrow and Patrick next steps for you and for your family do you plan on pursuing any sort of legal action against the police department. Absolutely that's all we have you mayor here. We want to see it is never embassy anyone else can Alice special needs little brother and I just think twice what it was him you know what it's one called off. Seattle police on him again and he you know needing a politician or means little contingent. But that was him so. We definitely plan to pursue this in I actually live we neared its eight year notes. Holiday in Moby you know really get justice from Arafat a disaster mainly geared is that near white sandy anyone else. And you want immediate premium product is eating desserts. And it going forward it you're talking about your brother who would you ever call the police again for help. TSA has a right now would it you know and I don't know who you can call. India's big day you know you load when is going through something in Arlington sales. Current drill and I just I don't know I don't trustees. And so I personally win. He was shot deal with the crisis in other wrestler moon are elderly. Aids is not an option from the at this point. Right and only what are the options are mainly talk about the of the war on mental health talk to some of about the importance of having someone who's equipped specifically to handle these types of calls to company perhaps police officers for the safety not only of the officer but also the person who's involved. And if the police department doesn't have those kinds of resources now. How should these kinds of situations be handled. In this case from the perfect example because in this case he had a good costs in bed on my birthday and good cop resource officer with mental training was dispatched to the families owned 84. That was murders east both spent to build local poor each heat gauge them in a way that was not. Our violent and wasn't what I might do normal police officer. And he was able to get access to decide at. Anyway he went to preferable to the hospital with a volunteer action and in the following days. When Mets Indians series and the seven call for additional help us and this time they got the bad cops in your -- what we don't need just policies like George Floyd just some police snagged before congress right now says we need more resources on those good cops who do we need more resources from mental health workers to respond to families in crisis appropriate at least we need to investment into additional money into healthcare resources to meet its healthcare crisis 20% of Americans have undiagnosed mental. Conditions. And in my PC eighty in this household this is a situation that may arise again action is 23 year old little brother is is announcing drops into law enforcement hasn't been talked to engage someone might is little brother a black people in the community who like everyone else America suffered some mental health issues and so. We need to take a realistic approach to reforming police state necessarily requires investment in health care system. Salim Aaron Patrick Warren junior we thank you so much for sharing your story thank you for your time. Few weeks. Still ahead here on prime the powerful storms sweeping through the nation bringing hurricane force winds departs the country our weather team is tracking it. Good luck story of health care heroes in Alaska are racing to deliver the coded vaccine to one of the world's most remote places. And finding is proposing raising minimum wage we take a look by the numbers but first our feet up on the day when it's your dad's birthday. Then he just happens to be one of the most consequential people in this nation's history happy birthday Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Welcome back everybody and cornerstone of president elect Joseph Biden's economic plan raising the federal minimum wage to fifteen dollars an hour. Economists dispute the potential impact to our economy job markets and the country's millions of working poor we take a closer look. By the numbers seven dollars and 25 cents an hour that's our current federal minimum wage which is not increase by a penny in eleven years. It's the bottom wage in 21 states 129 states and Washington DC of set their minimum wages above the federal level. With California mandating fourteen dollars an hour now the highest statewide minimum wage in the country. And Florida a conservative state just voted to move to fifteen dollars an hour by 20/20 six. A living wage in America is at least sixteen dollars and fifty cents an hour for a family of four with two working parents it's according to researchers at MIT. Who point out that living costs vary widely. Of course by location. Raising the federal minimum wage to fifteen dollars an hour by 20/20 five could leave up to three point seven million Americans jobless as employers could potentially scaled back. But it would boost the pay of seventeen million workers in lift one point three million workers above the poverty line according to a 2019 study. By the Congressional Budget Office. And we still have lots to get to hear on prime tonight the nations set to be tracked by Pfizer in exchange for millions of doses. If you're one of the millions of Americans struggling with sleep issues we just might have a tool that could help you out but first look at our top trending stories. On From them from. But one. President elect Joseph Biden promising change in the race to magnate America and its let me be clear. I'm convinced we can get it done and he's aiming for a hundred million shots in his first 100 days as president was in the meantime the trust administration is facing major backlash. After promising to release all vaccine doses rather than holding them secular ones back. The only problem despite claims to the contrary by the government yeah there's no surplus vaccines in Federal Reserve to increase regular shipments according to the Washington Post cruise draining is the federal supply. New concerns about security trends. There's a great deal of very concerning cannot earth. And at what you don't know and so we are preparing for. ABC news has obtained an assessment by federal authorities and several local law enforcement agencies claiming domestic violent extremists. Pose the most likely threat should president elect Joseph Biden inauguration the FBI has now arrested more than a hundred suspects linked to the capital mob last week and hundreds more are under investigation. In federal court in Arizona prosecutors making an alarming new claims about Jacobs can't sleep. The self described human on shaman seen wearing horns of the capital an amazing there's strong evidence including canceling his own words and actions at the capitol that supports the intent of the capital writers western captures. And assassinate elected officials in the United States government chance Lee's lawyer telling CNN his client was doing what the president was calling more people don't like she was answering that call we'll. Our president and a massive winter storm is raging across the midwest and in taking aim at the northeast this weekend. We had a half foot of snow in some places including option Iowa big time problems from South Dakota and Minnesota down into even Missouri with the snow and the wind there's a pound right now in western Nebraska being. That is evacuating because of fire on the southern zionists that you know there's been problems in exchange for close. And 65 mile per hour gusts are still possible. New York city's MTA is conducting an investigation after bonds was left. Dangling over an overpass and it crashed through road barriers from plunging into the beaten all eight people on board including the driver suffered non life threatening injuries. We know the bus was going between seventeen and 26 miles per hour at the time of the incidents for. But the appropriate speak for taking another turn such as this is between three and four miles an hour. The driver was rushed to save mart at this hospital with cuts bruises and broken jaw although he had passed an NYPD breath analyzer at the scene. The review. Take a drug test. Brain. Soon into certain. Recent analysis of 38 studies by University of Pennsylvania researcher broken and potential benefits of white noise into three categories. First silly nonsense and this time it takes to flawlessly and then there was data suggesting and maybe someone improvements white Neitzel and cats sleep fragmentation. In the ability to spontaneously. Common findings did not challenge clearing room. And in the final category sleep quality more studies suggested playing really isn't nothing else deep sleep. Nrgreen seabees diseases in lesions turn blue and white pillars and national awareness need or hospital. Welcome back one of America's most powerful lobby organizations is filing for bankruptcy the NRA says that they are doing it as part of a broader restructuring plan and that they're leaving New York State the state where they are headquartered. And heading for Texas to become a nonprofit. In a statement the group called New York who erupt. Last year the New York attorney general tried to dissolve the group accusing its leaders of diverting millions for their own personal use. In a statement tonight the AG's office said quote the NRA's claimed financial status as finally met its moral status. Bankrupt. By spring Israel believes most of its citizens will been vaccinated against Kobe but that doesn't quite tell the whole story. Virtually no Palestinians in the occupied territories have been vaccinated and all and Israel has no plan to help them any time soon. In panel reports. In the race to inoculate. Israel population of nine million kids vaccinated more citizens per capita than any other country in the world. And mark senior high in minutes ago and manner and finished. Very well Oregon. Racing ahead at speeds other countries. Canon three well it's taken them only three weeks to inoculate 20% to their population. Compared to just 3%. In the United States. By the end of march they planned to vaccinated every citizen group with sixteen years old. Some health care workers even volunteering their free time to back to NATO news we. Understand that to disaster. It emergency situation. We have a crucial time to wait and this is what we really used to do we have to me so. Their energy. They want new tool we do war do really looking forward to give the vaccine to as many as possible Israelis. But the war gains this virus isn't one yet. Israel still being arrested bike who made they've had half a million cases. Just this week. Nearly 101000 new infections were reported in one day alone in a staggering number for a country only about the salaries that new juicy. Ultimately it's always thought it spinning their eyes all of it on man. Clinton fights back to face they. Securing vaccines elite has been key to success but it's also come at a price. In exchange for ten million doses is throat culture virtually agreed to give fines from the WHIO. He age gender and other personal put on identifiable data of those getting the chapped as well as reporting side effects. And the efficacy the vaccine. Its citizens and now parts of the largest mass trial of this vaccine in the world. But for Israel success there's another side to this story has stoked tale of the haves and the have no. About pulling million Palestinians in the Israeli occupied territories of the west bank and Gaza. Have been completely left out of these rules vaccination role out. We need direction those who has missed the because the well facing. The constitution and because. The lack resources. We are those he's. So I think is. As wonderful as responsive to get that achieved through Palestinians. Doctor Mahmoud el Sheikh Ali is a doctor in the Gaza Strip. Like so many of the from I'm book is he's seen what the disease is capable. Who don't have bogged cases we don't but it cases we just have officials with the how I salute you like severe illnesses. Could because illnesses. He had too many cases the host the dialogue. Sort of patients wouldn't have acne. It can bid. The Keba fuels for more than 100%. Do two put some bishops in nearby school. Palestinians and the WHIO say the responsibility. Is only Israelis the occupying falls under the Geneva conventions to packs an eight. But Israelis say the sound of the Oslo accords. The Palestinians. Responsible for their own health cat. Gaza hospitalizations. For now at least but the fear is this a second wave he's just around the corner. When the did had a vision is doubled it wouldn't become loose. So without having to that he over the school markets. Mosques so we think and upcoming few weeks that could have couldn't fees. Just this week the Palestinian Authority reached a deal with all companies to distribute vaccines in the next two months while none would be. But there's real anger. Prime minister Mohamed stale accusing Israel of racism over boxing distribution. Israel's Health Minister rejecting that saying. It systems regardless of creed. Come full list. If there would be any shortage and they aside and there will be no shortage no shortage on the Israeli side. We would definitely be able to discuss it didn't cooperate with the Palestinians but. We do have to understand that our. First and foremost responsibility. Is to vaccinated the citizens of the stated as. But in the end it's too government fighting the same disease though both need immunity to protect their populations. Both must battle a virus the greatest all. Just like doctor Mahmoud duking Garza who's important and daily seltzer tends to hook patients more intently. Both chairing the anguish of caring for those and remain opening his. Have to explain to a nation that he's getting in to make it. And you might. Medical mine might not survive. Very difficult for me far out. To do that than to explain for the family. Despite the success of its vaccination program so far there are still days when it can feel like a losing battle. Afterward 26 counts ship docked Asselta tells us she just lost another patient's. I'm so over ninety years old thing. Rules say it's common to see you day treatment at home. And beer riot in Mosul McCain and greedy and bit of those days. And despite all my efforts he passed away in the morning and it's always hide. Today. It's always hard when it was a patient thing. And doing are at career as a stop there though are those patients he'll he'll remember. All your life. Take home we do you think about that won't time Wednesday night. Game. And you feel some kind of lost. You've handled but ABC news line. Never quite get used to that our thanks to Ian panel and next to the bizarre accusations facing Hollywood star army hammer. The actors breaking his silence tonight it is also dropping out of a movie with Jennifer Lopez to be with his children. Aerial Russia explains. He's one of Hollywood's hottest stars nominated for a Golden Globe and the film called me by your name. School. And playing Ruth Bader Ginsburg's husband in on the basis of sex and he thinks he's discrimination. Again. Room rocketing to fame in 2010 for his role as the winkle bus to and in the social network this idea is potentially worth millions of dog do it but actor army hammer is backing out of an upcoming blockbuster film shotgun wedding. Starring. The move comes days after unverified messages he reportedly sent to a now acts were made public. Those tax allegedly including fantasies of cannibalism. And sexual assault this filthy he allegedly sent her grabbing his own throat. Going viral in a statement to ABC news the 34 year old saying I am not responding to these expletive claims but in light of the vicious and buries online attacks against me I cannot in good conscience now leave my children for four months to shoot a film in the Dominican Republic but hammer has been open about his sex life in the past in 2013 telling Playboy he enjoyed rough sex sentiments he later said he regretted and that he had been drinking. During the interview. Mr. Hillary regarding. And last year while promoting that Netflix film Rebecca when asked what historical person he would like to have dinner with he replied marquis decide. The French philosopher whose works depicted sexual fantasies of violence which were the inspiration for the term sadism. We probably expect him yet maybe just a year ago under the radar for bet that writes you try to discuss what actually happened around meanwhile I think it will still be watching and waiting to see what happens with these other count Morgan forward. Our thanks to aerial fanatic and when we come back kicker women who got out of snow mobiles to deliver Kobe vaccines some of the most remote regions on earth. Whole lot of money is up for grabs it has seen a whole lot locked together at tonight's mega million drawing is worth. At least 750 million dollars miles powerball is now at least 600. Forty million dollars so. We think the chances are winning both how bout one in 88 quadrillion. Good luck. Finally tonight an all female medical team racing across the frozen tundra to deliver the Kobe vaccine. Cano whitworth has this story. They are true. Health care heroes practitioners across Alaska flying too remote villages to vaccinated elders against the in nineteen. And breathing deadly conditions to do it. Based content you Alaska 33 miles north of the Arctic Circle this all female team a doctor two nurses and a pharmacist. Board of bush they're flying with the vaccine and he sent to small villages just 200 people largely cut off from the rest of the world. If it seems didn't make peace trips some of the people would have no way to get the vaccine. Want failing and villagers drive out to them on snowmobiles that women load up in the sled and are pulled the rest of the way into the village. In one day this team traveled hundreds of miles backs needing 65 people. In the past month various teams have made about thirty of these trips all part of the commitment these health care professionals make to service Borough villagers. And not be forgotten. No they will not everything's to Cain if event before we go tonight the image of the day. The Washington monument in between the barriers that in turn to our capital into a fortress. The fragility of democracy and links week ago to protect. That is our show for the so be sure to stay tuned to ABC news live for more context and analysis of the day's top stories. I'm Lindsey Davis thinks so much for streaming with us. And have a good weekend.

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