ABC News Live Prime: Friday, June 18, 2021

Delta variant ‘may threaten the work we have done,’ expert says; Hardline candidate expected to win Iran's presidential election; Instacart shoppers challenge ratings system
48:51 | 06/19/21

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Transcript for ABC News Live Prime: Friday, June 18, 2021
Funny moments caught on camera in New York City a gunman opening fire on a man in. Young children nearby and a ten year old girl using her body to shield her five year old brother tonight the search for the two suspects. This tropical storm bearing down tonight on New Orleans up to a foot of rain expected in some places by the end of the weekend. Our team in New Orleans tonight and our rob Marciano has the timing. Should major milestone tonight announced by president Biden. 300 million shots administered in a 150 days with the delta variants spreading heightened urgency tonight to vaccination. Even more Americans. And reach president people or communities and may have a tough time getting the shots. So overseas tonight it's Election Day in Iran that many voters say they don't play NT even head to the polls. The government barred most candidates from running Martha Raddatz reports from Toronto. There were over 500. Candidates she wanted to run for president tear but the majority of were disqualified. Others dropped out. Ratings battle instant car shoppers tonight say the company's rating system isn't fair they're pushing for change. I'm out here and win on time and provide their customers manner. And. What they're urging the company to do tonight. And I'll Lindsey Davis with an important story on allied ship tonight on the Americans can do to support every one in their community so how necessary. Is that white ally action there some heat. You'll never hear me. Photo Wyatt Allen who sends the same message and be her. And good evening I'm Trevor all in for Lindsey Davis thank you for streaming with us we begin tonight with the tropical system fast bearing down on the Gulf Coast. Are now tropical storm warnings and flash flood watch is in four states tonight Louisiana declaring a state of emergency closing floodgates and activating lock systems. And some rain and gusty winds already hitting the coast tonight. And take a look at the satellite images that is the tropical storm churning in the Gulf of Mexico. Teams filling sandbags in Jackson County Mississippi the skies darkening over the causeway above Lake Pontchartrain. And in Louisiana tonight concern over the potential for a foot of rain by Sunday. Flash flooding that could come with it our when Lopez leads us off from your wallets and. Tonight time running out along the Gulf Coast that tropical system now closing in. I want you to pay attention because look at all of this heavy widespread rain double red flags warning beach goers in Alabama at his feet out of the water. Outside New Orleans TC Danny's filling sandbags and bracing for an active hurricane season after I think that we've also ignored. I cannot. Hopefully not getting the region already saturated from relentless storms in recent weeks raising concerns about falling trees and power outages. We're bringing in a hundred additional resources from Alabama from Tennessee here from its fourth Missouri's economy and to respond to the needs of our customers. This system comes. Asked her own record breaking 20/20 hurricane season. With thirty named storms overall five of them making landfall in Louisiana three of them as hurricanes. And Alan Lopez joins us now already out in the rain in New Orleans out when you mentioned last year being a record breaking hurricane season we're now getting into the thick of it here. What is the National Hurricane Center predicting for this hurricane season. Yeah that's right cover they're expecting it to be an above average hurricane season without blinking named storms cover. Right now when. Lopez stay safe out there thank you. And let's bring in rob Marciano was tracking the tropical system rob time this out for us. Just offshore now a Trevor tropical storm force winds are spreading across the northeastern Gulf of Mexico we've got. Tropical storm warnings up now from New Orleans to Pensacola the senators about a hundred miles south of Morgan City, Louisiana moving north at five miles an hour. So that should bring the Sadr. On shore shortly after midnight tonight a computer model showing him being abreast of New Orleans by about 7 AM EC that heavy weather most of it most all of it really is east of senator. Flash flooding with downpours gusty winds and a brief tornado possible. Getting towards Montgomery vice Saturday afternoon a by Sunday morning it's into Atlanta and the Carolinas dissipating some but the main player with this. We'll have some power outages for sure about. Six to twelve inches of rain over this area that's completely saturated. We'll definitely see some dangerous flooding this weekend in the southeast. I got to touch on what's happening in the west that he continues their excessive heat warnings up for several states including. Nearly all of California only slight cooling happening as we get towards Sunday and Monday unprecedented heat wave continues. Trevor. Wanted to keep an eye on rob Marciano thank you. And on the other major news this Friday night the corona virus in the growing concern about the delta variant first seen in India. Now found in at least 45 US states experts fear that virus could mutate even more to evade our vaccines. ABC's Stephanie Ramos brings us this report. With a growing threat from the delta variant president Biden today urging Americans to debt fully vaccinated. It's a very good as more easily transmissible. Potentially deadlier. And particularly dangerous for young people. 300 million shots have been administered in the first 150. Days of Biden's presidency but at the current pace the country is less likely to reach his July 4 goal. One shot for 70% of adults so far 65%. Of adults have gotten shot. The president asked if the delta variant could force new lock downs. I don't think so because so many people have already been vaccinated but with the dollar variant can cause more people to die in areas where people have not been vaccinated. The CDC director today warned it could soon become the dominant strain. As viruses mutate they do so I'm with some advantage to the virus one of those advantages could be that it invades our vaccines and that's really what we're actively trying to prevent. Last year at southwest Missouri saw a spike in Kobe cases after these Memorial Day celebrations. The state now has the highest percentage of delta bearing cases in the country. It's the dominant strain in Springfield where some hospitals are running low on Bennett's. We're gonna seem both important thirty otherwise healthy unvaccinated. Some who saw last year there were some other underlying mission now. Adding to the challenge thirty million Americans still need they're second vaccine dose something experts say is critical for protection against the delta variant. Usually worn shot gives you pretty high level of protection. But not with the delta very well we've seen with the delta variant. Is it if you only gotten one chocolate certifies Iraq seemed you'll only have about 3035%. Protection and obviously that's way too little. And Stephanie now joins us from Yankee Stadium which will be at full capacity for the first time since the pandemic would no vaccination card required no vaccinated only sections anymore. Stephanie I wanna go back to president Biden's goal of getting 70% of adults with at least one shot just how far behind are we in hitting that target. Walter Everett seems likely the Biden administration and that may miss their goal on average about 387. Thousand adults are getting their first shot every day but to reach the president's pull that number would need to more than double. To 806000. Adults every day between now and July 4. Trevor. We've come a long way but still. We have to keep going Stephanie were Hamas thanks to you. And for more on this part of the delta variant in the state of vaccinations in the US let's bring in doctor Darian Sutton an emergency medicine physician and an ABC news medical contributor. Doctor Sutton thank you for joining us president Biden today in his speech while he was celebrating largely. He did also warn about the spread of the delta variant of we know the CDC has called it a variant of concern. Can you just explain to our viewers why this particular strain is so concerning especially for people who are unvaccinated. What we have seen is that this Barry and was first identified in India and now is dominant in the UK. Where for example in places like England and it has been associated 230%. Increase aces fourteen date sheets were. We're seeing right now and now in the US it's associated with approximately 10%. Of new cases now this is concerned because there has been shown to be more transmissible. And in some there's more severe in terms of symptoms and outcomes but we're still learning beginning or trying to understand. Whether or not this parent causing severe outcomes in terms deliberations. And desks. The reason why we need a closer pensions and this is because there may threaten the work that we had done so far to be quite honest with you hamburger vaccines that we're putting out there and making sure that people are protected against the virus. Another and our incentive really for adults to get their shot but on that point given this variance high rate of transit disability. Should there be particular concern for parents with children who aren't yet old enough to be vaccinated did they need to be taking extra precautions now. Right now what we know is that according to the American academy yeah its parent and over two million cases of could be associated with children. I'm in that has been associated with more than 300 deaths. Now that equates to approximately zero point 01%. Risk of death of those children to get over it and he. Although that percent is low of course every number counts each number represents. A missing the at a breakfast table at a camera that is the morning we want to prevent that's much of my personal advice to parents are or children who cannot backs needed to get back to Washington. I rang mask and a boarding crowded space news. Not yet safe to return to life for everyone and we have doctor also seen those reports of cases of my L card that is our heart inflammation that are showing up in some adolescents who had taken the vaccine and we don't wanna be alarmist we know this is a very small portion of millions of Americans who have been vaccinated. But they are looking into it and if there is a link. A frequent. Criticism of the vaccine that we hear from people who might be has a sense. Is that we don't yet fully know the long term potential impacts of these vaccines. Do is that a reason for concern due to benefit still outweigh everything it would what do we need to know about that. Adding that the benefits of vaccines stole what outweigh any possible risks that we are seeing so what we're seeing in these cases of my card that is which is simply an inflammation of the heart muscle that very hard data which is an inflammation around a good lighting around the hearts pristine I'll be over seven million children and adolescents have gotten vaccinated a small number are coming in the east on Adams majority of which are always that seem to have these symptoms after their second dose. Now again this number is small but it's an important signal to pay attention here but I want to get there some more context habits so much better since an inclination that we see in the heart muscle that is associated were many viral illnesses. Many of which include Kobe nineteen. And so what I try to explain or answer is that even risked a nineteen filed when is this possible. Milder Smart risk associated with these vaccines and it's important that we take that into consideration when making the decision to get back natives on because I also want to advise parents that meeting comes with its own Briscoe possibility it won't turn them from the associated decoded the white and 1000 children who get more inflammatory and and syndrome associated obit. I don't know what's preventing any hospital in recent. All locked and outcomes associated with Kobe so at. At the end the risk of Cody far outweighs any risks that we concede to you vaccines. And the history and that's the technology behind the backseat and studied over decades my card that is is treatable and usually temporary also right. Yes it actually in the study with the American academy of pediatrics they quit at a study specifically looking at seven children who happen to have my better after their vaccinations. All seven were treated with knots or order anti inflammatory medications commonly donors -- open and they seem to have resolved without issue that's really the issue. And also real quick doctor big picture here. We've now hit 300 million doses administered sends president Biden took office I do think he is correct that. We hit that number faster than a lot of people thought we would. At the same time we will likely fall short of president Biden's goal of 70% of Americans having at least one dose by the fourth of July week. Came out of the gate in a hurry. We might be running out of gas. Overall are we still in good position as a country at a vaccination rate are we still vulnerable how should Americans be feeling right now. I think we're in a good position I think that we should be proud of the work we have done and although we are winning in this race against hope that you shouldn't simply get up and Oregon are on I think you have more work to do. And we can just take a moment to reflect our achievements and so good about that while still knowing that there is work being done doctor Gary inside and thanks to you we appreciate your time. Thank you. Next tool horrifying scene on a street in New York City gunman chasing another man on a crowded sidewalk in opening fire just inches from children's tonight the NYPD asking for the public's help to find that shooter and his accomplice. ABC's aerial Russia has the video and we warn you. It is difficult to watch. Tonight that terrifying shooting caught on camera in the Bronx to children is keeping tragedy by a matter of inches. You can see that ten year old little girl shielding her five year old brother. As the suspect sprays bullets striking his 24 year old target in the back and both legs police say the victim who has an extensive criminal history. May have tried to use the kids as copper. I'm disgusted. Going to be out of through its very alarming that children miraculously managing to avoid the gunfire. Authorities now on the hunt for the perpetrators who took off on a scooter driven by an accomplice. New York City seeing a surge in gun violence in recent months according to the NYPD shootings are up more than 64%. Compared to this time last year. An aerial joins us now aerial that video is unbelievable it's so chilling do you have any information on the connection between the children in the shooter. Well Trevor police say they kids had no connection to the victim or the suspect in this case they were likely just caught up. And it dangerous case of gang violence Trevor. Unbelievably frightening aerial ration thank you. Overseas now to Iran where the polls have closed in the country's elections for a new president. And this is an election that could have major consequences for the U west's including on the fate of the renegotiation. Of the Iran nuclear deal but Iran has also grappling with its own difficult issues including a crippled economy. And apathy over this election that many view as already decided. ABC's chief global affairs correspondent Martha Raddatz has been on the ground talking to voters into rock. In came run tonight people winding up to cast their ballots to choose who'll be Iran's next president. Mr. right here should that he can stand up. War at the people and I person is necessary thing. But for many you're running it's this election feels predetermined. Polls predicting about 60%. Of Iran aliens will not sure what to vote. I don't think that these Israeli election marred the opening Leon blunt brought harm his high action. Hardliner Abraham right EC is the front runner and anticipated. Wiener to replace Iran's current president Hassan reclining. There were more than 500 candidates it wanted to run for president. But the majority of them were disqualified. A few dropped out it was narrowed down to a lethal. Right EC is the favorite of supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei this is the feeding of many. Millions of your opinion that that all of bullet simply. Doesn't Mac. The only moderate on the ballot. Abdel Nasser commodity homebody became governor of Iran's Central Bank shortly after president trump. Pulled out of the nuclear deal and imposed crippling economic sanctions commodities opponents blame him for Iran's dire economy. Iran's paper currency. Losing 68%. Of its value since the sanctions hit in twenty AT. But polls indicate right EC is expected to claim victory to help rebuild an ailing economy. He's Iran's current chief justice and what have come manes most trusted confidant but the anti westerners past is troubling. Ready C over sudden death commissions that ordered the extrajudicial. Executions. Of thousands of prisoners in Iran in 1988. At the end of the Iran Iraq War. Ended 2019. The trump administration sanctioned right EC for human rights abuses. The Biden administration has yet to remove rice he from the sanctions list. And with the Iran nuclear deal still hanging in the balance sanctions have yet to be lifted on Iran. Here in Tehran people feeling the real told. Middle class women hit the hardest by unemployment. The cost of milk up by 90%. Basic household items like bread and rice now seen as luxury items people stand in line to buy kick it. There hunger manifesting. Into range fiction they're asking us to vote up from who they can empower for years and nothing's changed. I have nothing to lose. Let them execute me. Iran's badly crippled economy is on the ballot and voters are desperate for relief. Rice he says he supports the nuclear deal which could bring economic benefits. But his anti western feelings could make it harder to get a longer and tougher deal which president Biden won't like. It's crazy. Is elected and what will the relationship came with the west do you think they didn't get the sanctions lifted. I think it's their right seeds. Pledged towards the nation in his. Speech is one that we're not going to be looking towards the west. OK we will be more than happy if they leave all of this action movie more than happy to join back. Into the deal and we are more than happy to you cooperate within with the international community but. The main point is that really what's looking towards solving it is not our priority our priority is phone Levy. Iran also continues to be crippled by hope and their doctors or leaving in droves over 3000. Left Iran last year. Those who have stayed face PPE and medicine shortages. Nobody. Exit a loss. Although no might transaction. Economic hardships and curbs on freedoms have kept many people especially Iran's youth. At home this election. The shafts about a month apple I think whoever wins among candidates not changed our commitment Christmas trees and apple with all the same that's I'm not going to vote. And want their seemingly little enthusiasm for the eventual winner in some circles. Iran's next president will undoubtedly face the challenge of convincing Iran's youth stat they still have a future of this country. The winner of the presidential race will officially be announced tomorrow but he does not take office for several months and there is no way a new nuclear deal will be signed before that Trevor. Martha Raddatz from Iran and when we come back the fear Rampage overseas tonight the animal terrorizing a Japanese city. When officials didn't get the situation under control. Cruise ship controversy. A judge ruling late today about whether the CDC can dictate how cruise ships. Deal with unvaccinated. Passengers who are ready to go back to see. But first used a cart ratings wars essential workers who helped American Stacy during the pandemic. Tonight you'll hear from some who were calling out the company's ratings system saying it costs them hundreds of dollars. Oh. We turn now to the popular grocery delivery act instant cart that's been a lifeline for many of us during the pandemic. Tonight we hear from some of the workers known as instant cart shoppers who were calling out the company's rating system saying a less than perfect rating can cost them hundreds of dollars ABC's fade to blue bay explains. Add to how. The Kobe pandemic the last thing DO Oracle wanted to do was to step inside a grocery store or so sheets too is to cart. A phone app allowing her to get all the groceries without ever leaving her home it's just kind of been willing eager even now in Albany. Inches and it's easier to get her he's done during the week and I didn't and in weekend when it in my house. And it's just a core shoppers like a hit so far on the other end making it possible. Walking the store aisles peaking the items and delivering them write to the customer's doorstep the payoff for this film maker flexible hours and quick cash. I felt like I found a hat to our economy and I'm like well you don't have to working nine to five when did things begin to change. At holly the most inconvenient aren't. We in the month I signed my new leads I got my purse or. According to mr. cart a shoppers rating is an average of the last 100 deliveries made and shoppers with higher readings gift first today at sun delivery batches. Meaning anything less than a perfect score and the badgers you can access could lead to lower paying. Some critics call it ratings prison. I wasn't seeing reporters that man's black and Eads humans aren't Briggs was ordered earth Q we. You have like a three point nine jeans yeah you're really gets spewed in Europe or point 86 average driver year. Probably a good driver I just assumed it was like that. A head says that one Forestar reading cost him hundreds of dollars in earnings each week. Verse is making my fiftieth day Alan may remain you know seven the eighty. Or you'll see less batch is coming in. So Williams has been an east of course shopper for two years recently more and more based on parts shoppers have been speaking out. Thousands of people also signing on to online petitions calling crystal card to immediately change how the ratings are calculated. The biggest frustrations shoppers saying sometimes not even getting an explanation about what B did to deserve it the system mostly assuming the customer's always right. And sometimes getting a bad reading for circumstances beyond their control like a store not having an item the customer wants. I'm out here has when I'm trying to provide good customer surveys. Hands if it's not my father's not adamant side can again I don't have control if the tomatoes are bad. And Sunday out of bananas are back. It's winning twenty as the pandemic was raging its course says it's suspended the rating system. But it's back to possibly rewarding the hardest working shoppers in weeding out those who don't always get you ranked. Clinical and forensic near a psychologist doctor Judy host has the negative impact of Reading systems can be detrimental to one's mental health and behavior. I think that that whole can be enormous especially because you feel like you have to live and die by this ratings has done and that can cause a person to me even do some really unsafe behaviors like driving really fast and a radically different and deliver quickly or on time. And I can get it also makes it much harder for them to actually focus on doing their job and equality way. This accord declined our request for a new new deal but in an email to ABC news the company says that they're also hearing from shoppers about the rating system and quote we're. Always working to provide a consist only fair and reliable experience for shoppers. And we look forward to continuing to evolve our systems and process he's to deliver the best offering for shoppers. The company points to measures like deleting a shoppers worst reading after 100 deliveries saying that it. Such a small margin. Or error and of course you strike her with this job but work flawed human beings just like leaping and like there's gonna be error along the way. It it and results in you losing your income. If the customer doesn't respond any need to replace a I had. And you don't you can't stay in the store for an hour waiting for customers to respond in some customers are upset what that so then I'll give you a lower rating. This court assist some of those issues are resolved in favor of the shopper. And better recent survey shows 75% of shoppers Spielberg customer rating system is fair. Some shoppers however. Have resorted to emotional police begging customers to with ho tips. Instead of leaving a reading that could haunt them for weeks so at some point it financially just in start making sense brain. Exactly earlier he had has since left behalf and. As I do you believe there should be some way it's new. Holds shoppers accountable and you need filter out any yards and we're redeemer who are we. Messed up job. Customers don't know how harmful. As a customer do you realize you had that much Tyler. No I was not I wouldn't really not that I had orders. And half year you know not just. Faith and today ABC news Washington. There's still ahead here on prime heading into the first weekend of summer the deadly tubing accident tonight. And warnings from officials for anyone heading onto the water this weekend. Plus your road trip and the move by the European Union tonight the nature dream vacation one step closer to reality. But first to June teens is now a national holiday it's hot of the date first game significance. We look by the numbers. Let's first start within day our own Michael Strahan with quite the honor his own star on the Hollywood walk of saint. Yeah. With June team this week officially recognized as a federal holiday we're looking back at the origins of the milestone day. By the numbers. Before the civil war slavery was legal in fifteen states with Texas the state for this west allowing it. It was in January of 1863. In the midst of the civil war from president Abraham Lincoln signed the emancipation proclamation which legally freed all sleeves in the US. But it wasn't for another 901. Days he leaped two and a half years later on June 191865. The union general Gordon Granger arrived in Galveston Texas to announce that slavery had handed. So at that time more than 250000. Black people were still in slaves in Texas and did not know that by law they should have already been free. Texans begin celebrating junior team than a year later in 1866. In any continue to do so he informally for more than a century before it was made an official state holiday. In 1980. And now with its national recognition this week June teens becomes the first new federal holiday since 1983. Martin Luther King Jr. day was recognize. And we still haven't time to get you here on crime is the latest mass shooting in America one person killed more than a dozen wounded and that Rampage happening over eight locations in what authorities are saying about the suspect now in custody. The remarkable story of survival in Alaska tonight a hiker charged fight bears were rescued after nearly two days in the wilds. And the portraits of former President Obama unveiled tonight. With a cross country to we're getting under way. But first a look at our top trending stories on And I'm. And millions of residents along the Gulf Coast are bracing for tropical systems this storm that could perform in the Gulf of Mexico from writing this about home and we don't want to leave. Alcohol forecasters predict heavy rain storm surge originally playing there. The time is now to make sure that you are doing what you can to prepare for the storm the expectation there's this weather events will be so. Focused on rains and I'm not so much on the win. In Lake Charles they are still cleaning up from last year's devastating flooding this. We're working very diligently right now to try to get those areas claims. Rescue teams are scouring a river in North Carolina for the second day after a deadly shooting accident. What went on the movie. Yeah. I. According to police at nine people were floating on the Dan river near the Virginia border on Wednesday night when they went over a dam. The Kurdish drop it from the river. Laura but I am and buyers can dangerous. And obviously. Source survivors were found by construction workers eighteen hours later clinging to what ever they could find some. More were located. Or the various items. Layer hand we were quick look water rescue injury you have for individuals and that's. Com we've got an aircraft to test firings the river and we still have a current water Bob search going on just how we have two votes on the river at this time. Thursday night in a devastating discovery officials telling ABC news that three of achievers were found dead in their bodies recovered three miles away from where they were last seen officials say they still consider this a rescue operation and they hopes of finding others. Dramatic video shows it there on a Rampage attacking several people in northern Japan. A local residents in the city as of tomorrow where the Olympics will be held in a month first reported citing a bear on the road in the early hours of the morning. The news footage from a local stations showed the bear running along a residential street. I'm crossing a busy road and Connie had to keep an active hand self defense force military barracks before running away. The bear was later shot down near the airport by did you men from the local hunting association from the local police said that bear attacks a dream and I am one of whom was seriously injured and a woman in her east. American tourists will soon be welcome back to Europe but they may have to jump through some hoops mommy are being union is recommending adding the US to its open admission list that's only a recommendation. And that money seven individual countries get him and that murdering wiring for instance testing. I'm vaccination status or imposing the quarantine areas. Solve that means jacket hand dizzy was required here are planning on traveling across the pond in the near future we'll nonessential travel from the US and Europe spends and since last year. But right now the Obama is visiting hometown Chicago then that is their official portraits are. The paintings already drawing. Huge crowds in Washington DC and now the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery from sending them on a cross country torn from first stop the iconic Art Institute of Chicago we ABC getting beat the exclusive first look. As the portraits rolled into town. This is a Chicago story museum director James Rondo taking us through some of the exhibition the windy city the front and center. I think it's so much of this story of Brockton Michelle Obama in Chicago is central and SSI. Visitors scene where the former first couple lived and worked from inside the museum where they're love story flourished. And there's another first. These portraits on display side by side for the first time since they're unveiling in 2018. Although I can't stay around our celebrity. He's fair but also they're incredibly. Excess and now even more true with visits and also planned in New York or Los Angeles Atlanta and Houston. And next we turn to that deadly shooting spree in Arizona a gunman going on a Rampage killing one person injuring a dozen. Opening fire in multiple locations that suspect is now in custody well car brings us the latest. Tonight the dramatic arrest of an alleged gunman who terrorized a quiet suburbs of Phoenix Arizona a police arresting nineteen year old ashen trite terrico they say went on a random shooting spree targeting anyone in this sites. The shooting started around 11:10 Thursday morning authorities say the suspect drove around three cities in the greater Phoenix area spraying bullets of both pedestrians and cars across eight locations shutting down busy interstates Indian four people were shot. One victim killed. Nine others injured in the chaos. My heart begin to break of course thinking of a family's. Com those are hurting after a harrowing ninety minutes police eventually catching up with the gunman officers surrounding him in this parking lot with their guns drawn. In placing him in hand counts in taking him into custody. That's suspect now faces multiple charges including murder he's being held on a million dollar bond and the big question now is why authorities are still looking. You were voted tonight. Car in Arizona and now to Florida earlier today a federal judge ruled in favor of the state in a lawsuit against the CDC and its conditional sale order when it comes to cruise ships this has post pandemic travel gets under way and one major cruise line revealed their requirements for pat. Passengers ABC's transportation correspondent Jim Benitez has the details. Tonight as summer travel. Picks up there may be different rules for the vaccinated vs those who wore. And the debate on this is growing earlier today a federal judge gave Florida governor Rwanda sent as a win for now saying the CDC overstepped its authority. In requiring vaccines on cruises. And that Florida is highly likely to prevail. And now tonight at least one cruise line has revealed its plans starting July 2 Royal Caribbean says for its first Florida cruises only. Vaccines are optional but the experience won't be the same. Ultimately passengers might have a little bit different experience of their vaccinated or not there might be little bit different rules in place for people on board. Royal Caribbean saying it'll charge unvaccinated passengers sixteen and up. A 136. Dollars for Covert tests on board masks will be required indoors and some shows and events will be just for the vaccinated. Dining hours will also be restricted for the unvaccinated. The CDC has until July 2 to respond to the judges ruled. And GO many tens joins us now GO you're just in Barbados last week when the first North American cruise sets sail it was an assignment we were all incredibly jealous. Give any idea when we'll start seeing cruises depart from here in the US. Well Trevor the first US cruise is actually just about a week. The way the celebrity Ed I've spoken with celebrity tonight and they say that that group will be at least 95%. Vaccinated but originally they were saying that they were going to require vaccines. For that cruise but because that crews arrived. Back in sport up after that July 1 deadline. They actually cannot do that anymore. They now say that they have to ask passengers and if those passengers say that they do not give those vaccines that they don't give proof. A vaccination. Those passengers will be counted as unvaccinated but right now they believe it's going to be a 95%. Vaccinated Cruz struck. If you get assigned to cover that one on board to geo news start to get upset she of the need X. Thank you I will be their. I'm preemptively angry thank you GO. A stand now to an incredible story of survival a woman lost in the Alaskan wilderness for days after being chased off the trail by bears. And making a not a lot ABC's Caylee heart tongue as. The story. After forty hours alone in the deep Alaska wild one hiker is battered and bruised but has a harrowing story of survival machine here right many times on. A group of grizzly bears charged 55 year old beanie Kiefer chasing her offer hiking trail she Cindy Beaumont with bear spray. And my artwork. They're charging me so wide I pepper spray on my side. And then she was sure he was charging me. It's great first spray. And then I said. And then he's stuck. His chart when he he Sosa Earl. He like turned around. Read and what second Barron oh most in the woods she taxing your husband saying she needed help. But then she stopped responding to calls and messages setting off a massive search and rescue operation more than a hundred people including ski patrol rescue dogs and your National Guard. The game scattering the wilderness through the following day and into the next night. Kiefer could hear helicopters overhead but they couldn't see her. Actually to build a virus small arm to be able to resolve warm and just being herself through the night I had water matches my husband had given me. And in my back pack winter thinking oh my he is. And then there for months had used on. Map that night I was soak in Puerto. Heavy rain May Day two of the search even more challenging eventually forcing the effort to pious but just an hour later Kiefer finally found her way to safety. I was just so thankful to be alive and might yeah. The challenging twelve mile trail keeper was attempting to follow warns hikers to be prepared to encounter Beers in moose. An incredible story that's Caylee heart function next on trying hard look at allied shipping in America the courage many of shown to support black Americans. The hard work many say still lies ahead. And. Because of the declaration this week today is the first time ever that June teens is observed as a federal holiday and his conversation surrounding race relations in America continue the topic of true allies shipped consistently plays a prominent role. Along with an ally who isn't just talking the talk. But walking the walk. Chambers burg Pennsylvania and his rooting Indian American history when it was rumored to be a stop on the underground railroad and burn down an 1864. By the confederacy. He is small town America who overwhelmingly Republican. And mostly white in a place where Linda Marvin worthy. And her eleven year old daughter Taylor call home. How is it raising your daughter here she's usually the only black students in her class we are the only black family heading that's. Was there weren't certain he felt unwelcome in chambers for because of your race. I received a phone call once asking me if I was Marvin wherever. And that understand my wife decided to enrolling your service. And but I found out that you are. And we want to withdraw. Excuse me. Is that which part of the don't you understand. The were these turned to their personal struggle into action. Forming a group called racial reconciliation. Mormon and I decided that we start after conversations about. How we can reconcile around the issue of race and our own community. For the next few years they hosted uncomfortable conversations. Mostly with their white neighbors. About what it really means to be an ally. There's not enough to be anti racist you have to do more than that you have to combat it confront it into erupted. And what do you do in a room full of white people for example. In the lane which is happening that's offensive to people of color you stand in the gap for people who are absent. That's the real Werman. Then. Blowing this. Big cities are updated to protest an end to the surprise of some new zoning chambers burglary. The hands holding the signs of protest here were overwhelmingly white. Chanting a phrase that was once unthinkable. Those uncomfortable conversations. Paid off when hundreds showed up for a demonstration organized by the working class. Fans. We've never seen that they had WiMax being that was a good what do you black women in a car was stopped. Go ahead this year's. Rolling down their face and said. You can't even imagine what this means to me. From his office window Matt told Franklin county's Republican district attorney watched and listened to the protests for weeks. Get a sense of your own personal reaction to the death of George fluid. Or Britain but became very frustrated and angry at times. Did just could not be quiet the battery and felt it was his patriotic duty to do something. Last June and he released a public statement debt sent shockwaves throughout the conservative community that elected him. Like lives matter period full stop. I was wrong part of the problem. It's not enough to avoid being a race it's about actual meaningful change. Was there any part of viewed it was anxious. Enough and no one is imminent news what they wanted to say. There was an if you sell my soul. Ally Sheehan has taken many forms this year. Inkster grand users blocking out their profiles on social media guru to businesses declaring support from black lives. Blood sugar were these are real ally shipped means including in the work. The other group doesn't get to define themselves as an ally that is marvel to inform them that their allies because you're gonna be basing your actions so. How necessary. Is that white ally should bear some people who'll never hear me. But a white allies who sends the same message. Can be heard. In Nat Sobel they say they found an ally. Two white viewers who are listening today. Who still say all wives matter how would you explain to them. Black lives matter. So you know when someone automatically route towards all lives mattered it's just a way to avoid the conversation so I guess my answer is no. You don't get to avoid. Now lines she and has a long history in this country need the abolitionist and to the civil rights movement. In 1969. Fred Hampton Chicago Black Panther Party leader bill the rainbow coalition. A his dream uniting different races and ethnicities. Is still alive in the city today. We can send a signal. Seeing the rest of the nation that where ethnic minorities. Unite. The flourishing of all humanity in America is but moments away. Last year pastor Charlie dates was approached by his longtime friend pastor Raymond Chang. Who felt called to bring their communities together. This country we'll originally targeted. The reported. Discriminated against. Ching put together a march. Thousand strong. And storage and Chinese church. Two historically black. It felt like we were declaring. That we were putting an end to a strong hold that had. Kept our communities. At odds with each other it represented. The fact that with God's. Anything really is. Possible. Quit the rise in attacks against Asian Americans. The two men have joined forces to draw attention to their communities shared struggles when we divide the races to win. We're not undo them. They say true collaboration. Must be rooted in love and humility humility will make you get up and lay your privilege aside. For the benefit of someone else people have to to cut the costs and see if if the work that they're doing requires anything of them beyond throwing something up into the twenty spear or you know conscience to grant. Courage and calm with a cost. District attorney fogle was censured by the local Republican Party so we laughed and then became an independent. I didn't anticipate the resistance. I don't underestimated. Today regrets. Types of non. Over the last year fogel has stood shoulder to shoulder with the word east. Making the members of an advisory board on race an equity that meets regularly racial reconciliation has given me space to be able to. Talk about my story for me mad as an example of the possibilities. Its essence community. Those possibilities. Have prompted Marvin to run for mayor. Both he and his wife for trying to re imagine chambers for ramping up their work their fight. For their daughter. He says you very. This is Taylor as home and so. I get up every day. Putting one foot forward. Don't want hard to going out. Thanks fans in the kind of raises an exclusion that I felt doesn't Townsend and that's why do the work being here asking others to do worse in the work and was greeted different narrative. We can make America beat away that we didn't Easton before all of us all of us who. That's our anchor Lindsey Davis reporting and that story and much more will be part of an ABC news soul of the nation's special. June teens together we trial including Michael Strahan is interview with former president Barack Obama airing tonight on ABC. And streaming tomorrow on Hulu cash and before we go tonight the image of the day. Let's show you capitol police officer immune Jeanne good and a hero of the January 6 capital insurrection at. Throwing out the first picture tonight's Washington Nationals game. Not quite over the plate Torre to give them some home cooking called that one a strike. That is our show tonight stay tuned to ABC news live for more context and analysis of the day's top stories. Thanks for streaming with us have a great weekend.

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