ABC News Live Prime: Friday, October 30, 2020

Ballot Watch: Combating voter disinformation in the 2020 election; ‘Virus Hunters’ tracking infectious diseases; Making haunted houses safe during the pandemic
54:27 | 10/31/20

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Transcript for ABC News Live Prime: Friday, October 30, 2020
Yeah. This deadly earthquake off the coast of Greece and Turkey the magnitude seven quake toppling buildings injuring hundreds of rescuers are now frantically searching for survivors overnight. Battleground blitz they trump inviting campaigns Criss crossing the midwest today we three states each way to change the course of the country. And bring his fax seven months as early runs and that's what the whole world what the president playing down the Kobe crisis as it. Record numbers but this silly. And what people are getting better. But I'm an example other and the president's son says Kobe in nineteen desert quote almost nothing and just today alone. 977. Americans have done. The biggest concern across the country from election officials right now and this information. At various entities trying to deceive voters the lies being spread and how you can spot voter suppression. Sold it reality check. President tries to convince voters were rounding the corner. Pandemic is reaching new records in the US rising in 43 states the government's testing chief warns the numbers are real. Those nations in icu admissions don't line. Farmers fighting for survival consider which candidate will help sustain them. President comes trade policies may have given but in an opening in one solidly red territory in the heartland. And for most wanted has been frightening not. But this is Halloween and if they're braving the haunted house what you would consider. Family and friends she. Here so. Good evening everyone I'm Lindsey Davis thanks so much for streaming with us in just the last 2.4 hours. The US has reported 92630. New Covert cases that's the highest daily record yet. And just put that in perspective there are 86400. Seconds in the days we're talking about more than one coping diagnosis every single second in this country. And just four days until the election which is expected to shattered voter turnout records book. President trump and Joseph Biden spent the day barnstorming states in the midwest where there are multiple covad spikes. President trump holding large rallies in Michigan Wisconsin and Minnesota today. Biden with his busiest day yet on the campaign trail beating Iowa Minnesota and Wisconsin addressing socially distance crowds. Of course everything is bigger in Texas including voter turnout this year senator Connell Harris made several stops in the lone star state today hoping to historic turnout will turn this state blue for the first time in decades. Our Mary Bruce leads us off with the race to the finish. In a sign of how the pandemic has transformed this race at Joseph Biden today beginning the final stretch in Iowa. It's a state trump won by ten points in 2016. But now with one of the highest co lead rates in the country and trucks worked awards. He surrendered this buyers. But don't give up. It's Biden's busiest day of the trail yet he and president try buying the same turf. Both holding events in Minnesota and Wisconsin the president also in Michigan as well. No social distancing at any of his rallies and most in the crowd not wearing masks. One person who was Fox News host Laura Ingram and the president mocked her for it. I'd get recognize you is that a man. No way are you wearing a mask I'd never seen Aaron a man. It's. His big very politically correct to local. Then onto Wisconsin now being ravaged by the virus with the fourth highest rate in the country for new cases. I don't. And there are doing rallies. They're all. As the country hits a dire new record more than 92000. New cases in a single day hospitalizations. And deaths are also going up. But the president is now blaming doctors and hospitals implying they are inflating the numbers you know our doctors get more money if somebody does count. You know that right. I mean our doctors have very Smart people but once again the president's own experts say that's just not true. This is his point person on testing. We are seeing real cases increased as a fellow physician. You know they'll hospitalizations and icu admissions to Hawaii. Windows go up that's that's real. But the trump teen is ignoring reality the presidents on with this blatant falsehood but why are they talking about das. Oh because the number is almost nothing he made those comments is the country learned nearly a thousand more Americans had died in just the past 24 hours. Adding to the grim tally of more than 229000. Deaths Biden did a promising to embrace the science and lead the country out of this crisis so. All can you want America leading did. Exactly trustee. Each other again. Guidance team thinks voters are fired up and they see new opportunity in those long lines to vote across the country. In Texas more than nine million people have already voted. That's more than all of the votes cast there in 2016. But today Biden's running mate Kabul Harris was there are trying to get out the vote. And flipped the red state blue. Is the last day of early voting in Texas and you all had been doing your thing. Now we know this is not not to let up on that although right. Pamela Harris certainly hoping that democratic voter turnout is full speed ahead of their very Bruce joins us now married. Trenton Texas have been pushing for the mining campaign to make a play for the lone star state what are they seeing here the gives in this optimism that the state could actually be competitive on Tuesday night. They are encouraged by these early voting numbers when the more people have now voted early in Texas and voted there in the entire last election Democrats are watching this very closely especially. Some specific counties lit like Harris County around Houston it is the third largest county. In the country Hillary Clinton won it by four point Everett twelve point four years ago and it turned out there has been completely shattering records are Democrats do know that flipping Texas is going to be an uphill battle but when they see these numbers he gives them hope and optimism that it may be competitive. And Joseph Biden keeping his focus on the midwest today we're really be spending his time this weekend in the final stretch. Bolton aren't going to be teaming up with his not so secret weapon former president Barack Obama the two of them will be holding their first joint campaign rally of this entire cycle they'll be together in Michigan and then on Sunday Joseph Biden heads to Pennsylvania the president will also be there this weekend he has three stops in the critical state tomorrow and then the president is doing it all out blitz he is planning. Nearly a dozen rallies in just the last 48 hour. Are slipping busy busy married Bruce thanks so much. Faced him. Record early voting by mail this year means more ballots to count in likely slow or election results in some key battleground states and others say it's will be able to process their votes quickly with a handful of swing states likely to give us a good sense of the state of the race on election night. So c.'s chief White House correspondent Jonathan Karl has a story on which states we can expect to hear from early and which ones could take days. President trump keeps insisting we must know the results of the presidential election by election night to day heats weeded. The election should and on November 3 we could know who won by late Tuesday night. But it could also take several days before a winner is declared. To manage expectations. Three governors of Minnesota and a Democrat a Republican and independent have joined together to urge people to be patient. With so many of us voting by mail get may take a little longer to verify a winner and that's OK it's by design. Delayed just means our system is working. Network column outing every single little Allison who. The key factor here is the massive increase in mail in an absentee voting due to the coal would nineteen pandemic. That was mailed ballots take time to process. Local officials must compare names to voter rolls and make sure everyone is eligible to vote and not voting twice. And some states votes are counted even if they coming days after the election. As long as they are postmarked by Election Day and eight states don't even start looking at the mail in ballots in Tel Election Day. Pennsylvania for one is going to take a long time more than two million ballots in the state have been returned. And they won't even start processing them Intel Election Day. I feel confident the overwhelming majority will be counted by Friday if not beef or. But that doesn't mean we won't know who won the presidency earlier than that. It depends on how close the races. In several key states. States Donald Trump wants to win. The counting is expected to happen quickly Florida Georgia and Arizona for example are among the states were most or nearly all of the votes are expected to be in by election night in Florida dampen processing ballots for over a month. And was more than half of registered Floridians voting early we could have a very good idea of who won the state shortly after the polls close. Jonathan Karl joins us now Johnny it's not like even if there are several key states it could potentially take days to count those few southern states could tell us a lot about the state of the race on election night. No question about it where zero. Florida Georgia North Carolina and Texas those are all states that cultural 14 years ago four states that count pretty quickly. If he wins all four of them we are in for a very long night. Maybe a long election week fox we'll have to wait for the results in places like Pennsylvania. Wisconsin and Michigan which will take longer on the other hand. It's all child loses any of those states it is. Very difficult if not impossible. For him to win reelection. And it we're certainly seeing this record early turnout what. A hearing from the trunk campaign on how they're viewing all this and what it could mean to the president's reelection chances. Well yeah. Then did they claim that the Democrats have. Not banked enough for the early vote to really put them over the line on Election Day that this is what. They're telling us anyway they believe there are also a lot of new voters that are that are trump voters who didn't come out in 2016. That said Lindsay. The kind of numbers that we are seeing. You make it very difficult for Donald Trump why you would have to believe. That in the state like like Texas you have a massive new amount. Of of Donald Trump voters that have suddenly come out voted early voted absentee possible festival have to see how the results come in. They are putting that that the vast look at this 41. Top Republican who I spoke to has been advising the president on his re election. Plus the overall turnout number they're they're he's that it could be guest of 145. Million Americans voting which will be very high. That they believe that Donald Trump can win if it goes beyond that you've heard projections of a 150 million and even higher. This this Republican this trump supporter acknowledged to me did that he is very unlikely to win. Can already more than 86 million Americans have cast their ballots are in Jonathan Karl thanks so much. And of course be sure to tune in on Tuesday night well be when George Stephanopoulos David we are in our powerhouse political team with the latest results on election night right here. On ABC news. Joseph Biden's trip to Iowa today show this campaign is looking to expand the playing field hoping to flip states that have traditionally set for the GOP in presidential elections. Farmers are of course a key constituency in Iowa and you are divided on the president's policies from the trade war with China was handling of the pandemic boats have. A deep impact on the economic livelihood of farmers so they this is can't wait we're traveled to Iowa to hear from farmers on what's driving their vote. Lindsay Larson has been harvesting this land in Iowa for forty. Years. But in August she lost more than 500 acres of corn. To the massive storm that tore through Iowa. I know what we've just gone through one or worse harbor some tornado warning but I'm already starting make plans for Corning Corning one. A lifelong Republican farmer among the crucial base the president wine in 2016. And is now relying on for second term. Farmers are un believable that the heart of this station. One in every five jobs in Iowa our agriculture. Pumping over a 120 billion dollars into the State's economy each year. The leading the nation in production of soybeans and corn most of which is used for ethanol production. But US farmers have been left to reeling from the president's trade deals devastating weather and cope in nineteen. The federal government getting more than 37 billion dollars in aid to American farmers. Back some people say oh farmers do better now than they did when they actually had a farm he says he doesn't throw his bailout and Marv farmer. Do better now than what they actually had a far Moses died from. What's he think he is. The government has administered some some aid from those. Times of true tariffs but it didn't amount to cover the whole. Lost by any means not not even fifty pushing. So there's pain in there but. On the other hand I think somebody had to call trying because they were not living up to agreements. According Tribe's trade policies and fearing potential new taxes and regulations by Democrats Larson. Voted for him again. I understand. The world market there's going to be times of pain but the pain sometimes necessary to get to an agreement. Where we can feel wife qui could go forward. But the pain across the midwest continues. Eating the rural residents like Wendy Johnson in northeast Iowa there's something really neat in are about its growing food. After a career in fashion in Los Angeles she decided to return back to her home state. She's been harvesting her leaned in Iowa for more than a decade sustainably growing food on two farms. But she says the economic downturn has been devastating. Those concerns that I haven't revitalizing rural communities because a lot dozens of bats. Because agriculture so to start back 22 a lot of until you. Amro businesses you know we want to see earnings street active again hot shops and people. People seem them hands. Right now they're dying many consider farmers the original conservationist and for Wendy. Modernizing the farming industry is a key issue on the ballot looking up that future of agriculture and not just the very presence. Because I think that we've done our floor. Why the number of years just looking at the scene found problems. What needs should be looking sound convention and looking. How how agriculture is going to look into the future and there are candidates that are support. Protecting. Soil that's very science and looking acts. The feature agriculture. And for so many Iowa farming runs in the family brought back to go out. Was little kids I've always program of McNabb. So eminent guests have always want to be a farmer. Mike Holmgren is a third generation farmer now. Weathering the weight of being on the front lines during the pandemic. My wife works at a hospital. I'm and other drove by her earlier works are hospital in the war and commutes. We're Frontline people. I work seven days a week. Virtually three six business but if I don't come here. They're not gonna get. But he's feeling the impact of how the farming industry. Has changed. That's an interesting where a lot of the there's really become more corporate. Than than I've forum for over forty years now. And I'm not happy with the way for a ring has become the neighborly thing. I think that you used to do because. Are you wanted to help. Pets are hit and you get emotional here. You know you want but you want to help that person needed now. This year he chose to cast his ballot for Biden the money that the trap administration. And then gave it to farmers in Iowa. To keep them afloat was welcomed but not enough. Yeah it doesn't make up for the losses we had. It's certainly softens and you'll I think is in the bribery come to buy your vote on the tourism and and hopefully we'll keep support me and they do an I don't get it. The bailouts not enough for him to overlook what he V use as failed leadership and a lack of civility. In the White House I think he's dangerously reckless. Group is brutally insensitive. Then bit disrespectful a mean you can be tough without reasonable. I mean we need badly needed some civility in my opinion. And Lindsay those importantly the farmers that I spoke with had no matter what happens on Election Day they will still wake up early they will go to work they will do their job. Feeding the country. Blending. And now to the coded nineteen crisis in America cases are surging across the country. Now topping a staggering nine million IEC news are filling up with some hospitals hitting a breaking point. They're now new lock dumb measures in place in Texas and Illinois ABC's Alex Perez has the latest. Tonight the US topping yet another grim milestone and nine million cases and a record in 92000. Cases in just the last 24 hours. Hospitals in Wisconsin running on a room. Kobe unit that has three wings were using one or not using all three of them after shattering another record in Illinois Chicago's shutting down indoor dining urging people to get flu shots I've already got reports. Of individuals with both salute and Covert at the same time. In El Paso, Texas a judge ordering a two week shutdown but tonight a showdown with the mayor and the state police refusing to enforce the order. Also 32000 past loans are out of work. We're trying to put food on the table and pay for their own health care in Florida 41 year old ER paramedic and father Willie Rivera who was on the front lines fighting Kobe losing his own fight after two months on a ventilator. It trying to fight for his life to conduct until I guess I hit him as an Angel in heaven. Just such heartbreaking stories and more now let's bring an ounce for us from Chicago where there are new restrictions and backlash their slain council can you tell us. Yet Lindsey here in Chicago indoor dining has now been banned the once again and across most of the state of Illinois there are new restrictions as well and we're seeing some features such as pop up in different places like El Paso County. In Texas and a few other areas and officials are facing a seven backlash people. Who say these restrictions are just gonna hurt their businesses and that they need to get out there and do certain things but. The governor here and officials at other places say that they feel this is the last resort at this point to try to get the virus under control because the numbers now are surging. Sometimes in some cases worse than they were this summer Lindsay. Alex Torres thanks so much. And when we come back the stunning. Building collapse caught on camera and this anomaly in the streets all triggered by a deadly earthquake overseas. The researchers spanning the globe looking for mysterious viruses that could cause the next pandemic would james' long and found when he was with them. In the runup to November 3 we have spoken to election officials almost daily and we asked them the same thing what has the most concerned. As we lead up to the election just about every single one told us it's the missing information that's out there up next. We break down fact from fiction. I. Welcome back everyone if he's conversations with top election officials and key battleground states and you've heard their warning that the one thing that concerns them most heading into Election Day. Is the spread of dis information to voters. In the midst of a pandemic in an already confusing voting process this year these attempts to create further confusion aimed at suppressing voter turnout often targeted at minorities pose a unique threat to Americans looking to exercise their right to vote. So what are the most common types of disinformation. And what's being done to combat it could take a closer look. In tonight's ballot lunch you. As Election Day approaches it's the refrain we've heard again and again what keeps you up at night if anything as it. The plaza this election. Well certainly the biggest variable it's misinformation. And we've done an incredible amount of investment in educating our voters she is not just know their rights and their options to vote this year but to be who cared to counter. Disinformation or misinformation. That's worried me in my. In mixed in December in about an election. There are trends in use voters Michigan secretary of state Jocelyn Benson says the disinformation. Has come in multiple forms. He kept robo calls we have at full text messages in various other things designed to confuse voters about their right just this week to rightwing operatives were indicted in Ohio for allegedly devising a robo call scheme. It's suppressing minority votes across five states placing thousands of false calls like this. But that you know. That if you vote by mail get personal information will be part of that public database that will be he's back police department to track down old Warren. Maybe tax credit card companies to collect outstanding day. The CDC is in good shape he's back at prevailing authorities protect people from mandatory vaccine. A federal judge also called her actions electoral terror using telephones computers and modern technology. And ordered them to stop robo calls before Election Day. The two men have pled not guilty to similar charges in Michigan. Disintegration the. She championed the Robert motor depression. And a steady art American political guidance for generation. We use Asia and electro which are designed to get people along wit stating the closing a polling stations. Very longer lines all of these things are designed to cheat are now down. The stopping cyber suppression program for the nonpartisan group common cause. Focus is on combating this information and disinformation flourishing online. Disinformation. Is inaccurate information that is produced by a bad actor to try and harm someone and didn't misinformation. Is trained of the same. In correct information. But presented accidentally usually there are without an attempt to cause harm to some of the common disinformation tactics that can be really damaging our one and social media posts that tell people the wrong day or. Time or way that they can actually vote we've seen a disinformation. Targeted towards what's happening with the corona virus and ethnic and falsely claiming that because of social distancing. There's some changes that are happening in our system in terms of when and where to vote. As voters navigate an already confusing election season. So states are using outreach efforts to help identify false information ahead of Election Day. And voter education groups are working to counter misinformation. Especially in minority communities on how Americans can vote. There's a lot of misinformation particularly as the intermediary you can not go into any social media and not see. False information. Have Powell pulled by mailing how it is not favored Howard leads to. We're trying to tell people is that none of that is based on facts. TDs and color and communities where there's a large immigrant population or English on isn't always the first language. Are frequently targeted by voter suppression and efforts offline and online. And it got goals on just a long history of racial. Voter suppression attempts in this country prevent. Communities of color from Geneen franchise gaining political power. The more we see online follows right in not seem pattern. And with the final election results potentially up in the air for days. Officials warned of this information threat doesn't stop on Election Day. I am concerned that in the weeks between Election Day and when under percent of ballots are counted. Does that space could be filled with this information and misinformation. Conspiracy theories lies things designed to undermine confidence in our election. We of course will be tracking and also the voters have accurate information in the coming days still ahead here on prime. The police officer shot of the botched raid that ended with free on a Taylor's death is now countersuing her boyfriend who opened fire when officers stormed in. Power haunted houses adapting and a pandemic and the real change that might surprise you considering it's Halloween. For so long many of assumed that apathy is the reason younger Americans vote less often in older Americans but up next the new study that suggests that's not the case but first. Our post of the day. Check out those shoes school. Or. Welcome back everybody and now we turn to the use Phil young Americans to vote at lower rates an older Americans but a new study by our partners at 538 found it isn't because of apathy. We take a look at by the numbers it what's going on and why this election could be different only 46% of young voters aged. Eighteen to Tony nine said that they voted in 2016. According to census data. That's the lowest turnout of any age group. But we should assume that young people don't care 22% of use motors aged eighteen to thirty force and when they dinning cast invalidated actually wanted to but could it according to a survey by 538 in its us. For example 17% of young people so they couldn't get off work to vote but only nine and a half percent of older working age Americans had that problem. And let a person younger voters said that they didn't receive absentee ballots in time while only about 5% of older voters face that barrier. But this election youth turnout seems higher more than seven million young adults have already voted early including more than four million she battleground states. According to the research group circled. And 78% of young people so that they're planning to vote this election according to 530 if so survey although. The number well actually cast a ballot will almost certainly be lowered. And finally highest turnout so good news for Joseph Biden since 53% of young voters so that they plan to support him. While only 24%. Say that they plan to support president trump. Still lots to get to hear on prime the major retailer reversing its decision on guns and ammunition. It's actually it's been argued for decades. But 45 years later what could be the final conclusion to the Kennedy cousin Michael Skakel murder saga. Remembered a set your clocks back this weekend. Could this be the last time we do so now we'll explain but first a look at our top trending stories on No from them. From the. Last minute push in the midwest and Curtis president and Michigan in the vice president July people in Iowa then both heading to a Vincent Wisconsin and Minnesota and the president trying to make its case on the economy. We opened it up and our network are just another about the way this is a silver and gold in nineteen is surging in both states Minnesota and Lebanon residents rallied to just 250 people what your health officials linked to at least one angry coping changes to his rallies last month. I got problems. Well I surrendered to aspire. I don't rise of the planet there has backpacking and some reliably red states like Arizona and Georgia are now in play. Also Texans will which has already counted more early votes than all the statewide ballots cast in twin sixteen might he's running mate Colin Harrison making three stops here today including Houston. Here Harris County officials have set up 24 hour polling locations for one day vice president hands is also wanted to removing some stops and Arizona. March 30 polling average has invited with a three point leading greens trying to hold on to the state for the GOP and Arizona. Then America it's being flow or more years of president Donald Trump and allied out. Mart says it is returning guns and ammunition to the sales floor today after pulling them off on protests erupted in Philadelphia this week. Over the deadly police shooting of Walter Wallace junior who chain says because thing incidents remain geographically isolated me. It decided to return the products to the sales floor Wal-Mart also temporarily removed it's gone from the sales for back in June during nationwide protest on the death of George. We just from. California full house actress Gloria off Clinton has reported to federal prison. Laurie locked and began serving a two month prison sentence for her role in the college admissions cheating schemes she wasn't due to report to prison until next month but prosecutors agreed she could begin serving her time sooner provided she does not seem really released Auckland surrendered the federal correctional institution in Dublin Californians after she pleaded guilty to paying a bribe to get her daughters into USC's recruits for the crew team from her husband's fashion designer must emotionally from the must serve a five month sentence. President cannot prove its case beyond a reasonable doubt from Kennedy cousin Michael Skakel will not be retried for a murder committed 49 years ago today Michaels gig and appeared in court in Stanford where in Connecticut chief State's attorney says there would be no retrial for him in the 1975. Murder of Martha Moxley of the more than 40000 original witnesses more than a dozen heartland. Skating Coleman now sixty year old nephew of Robert Kennedy's widow Ethel has been free on bail since funny thirteen when his conviction was vacated as. The Connecticut Supreme Court reinstated it and then reversed itself saying skakel's trial lawyer was inadequate. State immunity US Supreme Court which declined to hear the case. Donald is bringing back in the nickel rim for the first time in nearly a decade fans will be able to order the barbecue salads. Happy fast food chains restaurants nationwide when it hits menus for a limited time on December 2. Then they Graham a usually only an offer and limited locations were eliminated the time the restructured boneless pork sandwich which actually looks like a shape of baton in Iraq rim does. Gained a cult following and here in menus nearly forty years ago. Because the make rim is just what was needed in our lives right now welcome back everybody the death tolls. Is mounting after a powerful quake struck parts of Turkey increased since. Quake was so strong that it even triggered a tsunami Maggie ruling has this report. Tonight's through this search and rescue teams pulling victims from collapsed buildings and desperately searching for others after that massive quake struck the region. Dozens of buildings collapsing in these near Turkey's third largest city. You can hear the woman recording this video weeping as they search the wreckage. Responders cutting through metal to try and reach the trapped me. Sobbing woman console as she weeks by the rubble. His family's baby monitor capturing the moment the shaking started. More families flooding the streets rescuers frantically working for hours to get to a young girl trapped inside a crumbled building. Reportedly she was pulled out alive. The powerful seven point zero quake striking just off the Turkish coast felt as far away is Istanbul and Athens. The cathedral on the island of some those destroyed two teenagers killed after he wall collapsed on them. The tremors triggering a tsunami there ways over taking marinas and streets boats launched additional. One person reportedly drowned. Our thanks to Maggie we turn out to a new development in embryonic Taylor kings' Jonathan Mattingly the police officer who was shot and seriously injured in the late night raid that left Taylor dad. He's now suing Taylor's boyfriend Kenneth walker walker fired one shot he says when he missed a three officers for intruders. And Mattingly returned fire. Many tonight say that Mattingly and the other officers should have been charged with Taylor's killing and that this counter lawsuit is an outrage. Perceive us and Sami has more. He is the face of law enforcement in this divisive case out of Kentucky when they say her name embryonic Taylor. Who even the police now agree should never been killed in her home Jonathan Mattingly was the officer leading the charge outside her door. In this morning the 47 year old is suing the victim's boyfriend who fired a shot through the door thinking that the police were thieves. The police officer who seriously wounded is now suing Taylor's boyfriend Kenneth walker accusing him of battery assault and intentional emotional distress it was in the middle of the night on March 13 in the officers say they loudly announced themselves. Before trying to break into the apartment with a no knock warrant but walker who is a legal gun owner told investigators. That he and Taylor asked who was at the door several times. And heard no answer. And that he only fired a shot. When he saw the door break open in this countersuit Mattingly says that he nearly died and needed five hours of surgery. And that walker acted recklessly and firing his pistol in the direction of the police officers who were serving a search wart and that his conduct was outrageous and tolerable. And offense all accepted standards of decency and morality. Who called racist who. Are you racist. No. Not off. But I mean I was a victim and this is well. My Finley has been a victim in this. They have had to go on hiding they have had death threats. In an exclusive interview with ABC news in the Louisville courier journal last week Mattingly says he believes walker deserves some of the blame for his girlfriend's death. The impossible situation and Kenneth walker put her in and that whole way. With this narrow hallway shooting from a Kim diving out I'm assuming she's trying to following in the room. I don't work for sure. But that's that's what makes sense. He put her in a impossible situation do you feel Kenneth walker is responsible for her dad. I think there's a few people responsible think he is walker filed his lawsuit against police in September criminal charges against him were dropped with prejudice. Which means he could still be charged again. The charges brought against me religious Alice we take cover of Leon as Martin. For. Walker's attorneys overnight saved with their shock and that this is the latest in a cycle of police aggression. Deflection of responsibility. And obstruction of the facts the counterclaim just brings it full circle. If Kenny can be sued for defending himself make no mistake all lawful gun owners' rights are at risk and that should scare every one. Our thanks to Steve for then the corona virus pandemic has brought renewed attention to infectious diseases especially figuring out ways to fight them. And prevent them from reaching people in the first place. Search long and went along with some of these experts as part of a National Geographic special called virus hunters here's a sneak peek. Dundee united flight landing on a different. His deputy on having trouble during for a virus. And he believes it will enough protective gave the mosque symbolizes people reforms shouting what does that you can. Just goes Liberia. Crist has made it there is an 05. Liberia was ground zero for the U boulder outbreak. And a place for searches looking for the souls of the next pandemic. People are coming into contact with bats in the spring forest he could be exposed to a new strain of Ebola for another virus. This something the government of Liberia takes very seriously. He unloads stomach for this side. Moses is a range whose job it is to still. Purchase. He and his team are off. First line of defense. So we're walking along this game trailed. And cultural would have fine. You stunning at this abandoned mine. Okay EC maybe two or three meters in the forest and audio even in the kind of hey easy concede a kind of a criminal means of previous mining industry mean I'm an overwhelmingly. This whole cronies. Need needs. Wings pizza and a dark. And you know Tennessee concerns. This then is different about and so what we're doing here is. Basically just check to see if there's any signs hundreds yes but he advises stopping people from coming handouts you know yeah I was stunned then. Lost some tips masks on. My guess he's sorry let's stricken. Oh smooth. Should. Mariah. This is the first time online fun being in a case which stops flying around and my hands. But also in the knowledge that products contain viruses that dangerous she peace. Especially in as the liberian women out of dollar came from an oral constantly fires me back yet now about. Aside yeah they were ready was kind of class on nothing rules while. It was good relief Chris hand by it was kind of relax I think or for me. Because I'm a complete wildlife peak I think that this is one of the most beautiful things that are obscene or even though I know that there is this potential risk. And people want these bouts run Chris I mean these are valuable and many. Places these are a preferred food and unworkable pay an extra premium price for something. To this would be a prime. Hunting ground for someone to committee hearing just collectible lunch OK and so if you came in here is that you have appreciation. You know when a mosque in this you know real protections. You could easily pick up any kind of an as the exact type of almost transmission scenario where you are getting terrorist allies to urine terrorist allies feces. But also if you're killing the bathroom and exposed directly to their blood as well. So we'll yes for general. This keeps good. This is an opportunity. Insane. A lot of the old iron ore processing equipment and dozens are and his. Hey guys and Hewlett what do you people what he found what lies it was on its atop quiet it's peaceful. They're on a constant chorus. Phyllis prepared our hunger it's only saw one drug and yet. That picture came unity and years said that tennis has actually. Moses and his team zionist trap me wish he seems to suggest that achievements have been inside. C of hunters tour yeah staying in this caves night after night being exposed to. That PC is back here and that fights. Shares actually horseshoe bats and the type of proof that. Horse you bats are known to be related potentially two coded and also to Ebola. Oh wow like Owens. Us and we go further and further back into the depths advocating. And Moses looks down and yet she sees she's a whole host of dead bats on the ground suggested that there want to listen to do about us. While. Many many many anonymous. It's SE listing alone. It has a baby. Like this one is probably. Trafalis on the dull. This one's definitely had driven. So. What caused this one. Let's spread through this community of bats that would certainly explain why do you have a variety of different age classes of bats are all dead in the exact same spot. It feels like this is something that's really important to understand how. Chris is fascinated by this. And it could be that these bouts of died of some kind of virus. It's really doesn't feel like we're in a front line of something I'm nine. Young grounds should not be nine grace is not like petals. And I think obviously the issue is if there's a poacher and head. And as a dad. And has Alando whenever. I'm Ryan serious problem and there's probably some sort of does he is exactly. Bats were known to be the reservoir. Of Ebola. They also transmitted to other types of animals and then was transmitted to humans. This is the exact way. That a new deadly virus could start. James Solomon joins us now from Belgium the heart of Europe's current Kobe crisis stint in your travels for this new special sent to air on our partners Nat geo. The most surprising thing that you learned about coded and and other potential viruses. Indeed who I think anything I found most surprising is how comparatively. Lightly we may have gone off. We've corona virus now that might sound shocking of course. People's lives have been ruined by this virus. There's so many others out may in fact. There isn't always infinite number of viruses and try to Boris was very contagious he's not as deadly as it could have been and that's why we went to pulse the world. To find courses that have broken out I'm really killed a great many more people like for example. Liberia in West Africa where boulder broke out. You know scientists have been warning for years about the potential of more pandemic they've been breaking out in front. We've more frequency. Things like component and spread it's critical that they all. Really creating dangerous and I was in that case with bats flying around over my head many of whom would have had corona virus possibly couples so if mullah. Good Teddy was a little bit of a scary place to be. But it was fascinating because we learned so much about cops themselves from the getting close to Halloween. People often kind of vilified box but really fast on just a very good for except for viruses that are something like 18100 species of them. I'd have been around a long time they've got. An incredibly. Good immune system has a lot to learn from these stocks announced ladies researches are on the front line I was so inspired by them putting themselves at risk. Finding out what we can from these animals to make shall. To win the next pandemic hits. And it is a way and that's not an if they'll be prepared should I. And what can you tell us about the risk of these new virus is here in a break here in the United States. Weisel save fascinating we went out with a ranger in Wisconsin hunting is a huge part. Paul Fleiss in the midwest in Wisconsin a father something like 400000. To eight. But a harvested. Every year a line. They have diseases CWD chronic wasting disease that hasn't jumped to humans but it's Paul the family of diseases. Do affect humans and these ranges go out to try to make sure they can keep this disease under wraps and if it does jump from the day to humans. Tell knives but CWD effects DA in approximately half the states in America so it is a really serious problems. The other big issue. It is industrial farming. You know the American appetite for meat and dairy products is huge and it's only getting bigger the risk is growing with the appetite growing six. We went to a federal facility and align left absolutely fascinating with a screen all these animals H1N1 thankfully for con 2009 the United States. And it's considered a national risk. Flying home on security in the United States up the possibility of home grown pandemic. In the United States its industrial farming another big flashpoint. The possibility of a pandemic a rising from anywhere in the world. He's just around the corner and that is why that's what is so important for. It really some impact for work that you're doing along with the scientist James in and also in all of your courage. As well our thanks to you and be sure to watch the one hour special of any virus hunters premiering this Sunday night. At 9 eighths central on National Geographic and leader streaming on Disney plus. Well this weekend we are going to set our clocks back Sunday in an extra hour of sleep but there's a push to end the time change in part because of how it impacts our health. Aerial Russia has more. It's almost time again tit turn back the clocks but be ended daylight saving time need more complicated this year with many parents working from home. Blue orange and millions of kids virtual learning in the afternoon inherently any. Just how extra right. It's really. The senior family of New York says the time change is one more major disruption my daughter if it. She does this line are. She comes home and a lot of people aren't aware that are. And coming home and the American Academy of Sleep Medicine says shifting to and from daylight saving time has been associated with sleep disruption mood disturbances and even increased risk of fatal crashes. This at a time when sleep issues anxiety and depression are already on the rise during the pandemic. Now the academy recommending scrapping the seasonal time change altogether. Standard time is actually mostly in sync with our internal circadian rhythms and why that is so important is because those lights give us shoes and tell our bodies when did you certain things. And as the pandemic persist Florida senators Marco Rubio and Rick Scott proposing a bill to do the same nationwide through November 20/20 one. The senior say in the meantime they planned to make the best of it trying to see that daylight. At the end of the tunnel I. He. And his parents don't have any shooter out. Kids aren't much. For many parents will enjoy that extra hours sleep at least for now are things to aerial for that and still ahead. How hot houses and the people running them are adjusting to the pandemic. Hai is scared. Tomorrow is of course Halloween and if you're looking at the adrenaline rush and a haunted house there are few additional things to consider this year Clayton send out husband. Spooky story. It seems like 20/20 are. Yet much scarier. Houses are sure trying. Those spooky places where thousands hate to be terrorized dark like most everything else threatened by it. Chris Stafford is CEO of the thirteenth floor entertainment group. They operate fifteen haunts in ten states. He took us behind the screams to show us just how the new era of socially distant scaring works. Everyone's afraid of they creeping mannequins and there's an estimated 12100 pot and try. Into the US in scaring up as much as. Halloween the CDC is recommending people avoid indoor how many houses and calling the move higher risk and Stafford says that's unfair. I thought we're being. Unfairly classified as a mass gathering. And they're really not. This year's thirteenth floor says it's severely limited how many people are allowed in sounds. Most of our attractions are running at about 25 to 50% wouldn't normally be running 125%. Are you guys able months. Stay in business and stay alive when you know the way I've explained. Is this year I mean business to lose less money. Halloween this year means masks aren't just for monsters every customer also wears one zombie actor Alexis Cooper wears too. It happened you know getting nit picky math kind. He's behaved properly underneath that then she's off to make up there's no attachment that so all of the makeup that we do is airbrushed art it's never have come in contact. With the employer after deliberating again in a not so very. It's hard to be scary with the mask and everything. It's not hired as dean Levy is suing the massive crime he knew where everything and lean. Actors are no longer allowed to stream like they used to. Which of course can spread dangerous droplets. So customer want that they get it right about here and then you talk about that's so this year Cooper now triggers a very loud sound effect. Customers may be too scared to notice but this year they made lots of changes to the floor plan. You had to redesign of the lay out thinking people six feet apart have a because it's right. News environmental. Crops like Dallas or something else where we can create a physical barrier between factor in the group. So once again just creating a little bit of the physical barrier between you and an actor where. She is not. Going to gonna have a lot of different things hanging in your day. DF to push through and take it all the problems that would normally be hanging inside the walkway. Moved into the outside the quadrant of the customers don't have to come in the it's any less scary this. I really don't I don't know if it's maybe because we paid extra attention to how we were gonna scare and getting more creative in the game. In the ways in the techniques that we were doing that I don't know. There are also using fewer live actors instead more characters appear on streams. We're a very bloody Mary Ann Glendon. And many of the biggest scares from monsters to aliens and zombies are now. Journalists and automated who. I. I'll check in her apartment from about it very demands. Stanford's other hot and houses this year have transformed into socially distance drive business. This one called city of the dead is deemed as a horror film festival gone wrong. Lights suddenly don't want. Creepy breaks emerged from the ball surrounding drivers who have no escape. People who say Halloween must go on are snapping up tickets. Any concerns about coming out in the example you wanna. No not anymore than any other. Yeah. Super. Look. My hands clean and it seems pretty safe in the past. We're not just in the Halloween we're not just in the spirit traction business. We're in the business of traditions in many families this is a tradition for them. Stafford believes haunted houses a specially this year are critical to people's mental health. It's their physical health being the focus economy and you know it's important I think more now than ever to get out. And have experiences that help your mind get out of a day to day and just have that. At least even for a moment to forget about all the craziness is happening in the world. Clayton says dale ABC news live Denver. I don't know my just a good bobbing for apples of Quinones but thanks for that Clayton before we go tonight our image of the day. At a cost. This did change even those trick or treating isn't what it's been in the past are still opting to. To dress up in some fun customs like this time. Still some tricks minus a few treats and that is our show for this hour be sure to stay tuned to ABC news' live for more context and analysis of the day's top stories. I'm Linda Davis thanks so much for streaming with us. Have a great weekend.

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