ABC News Live Prime: Friday, September 25, 2020

Could Roe v. Wade be overturned?; Inside Hong Kong’s Apple Daily newspaper as China clamps down on press freedom; Sen. Tester talks SCOTUS nominee, election and his new book, ‘Grounded’
52:55 | 09/26/20

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Transcript for ABC News Live Prime: Friday, September 25, 2020
Even in death. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg breaking barriers yet again becoming the first woman and the first Jewish person to lie in state in US history. Historic tribute of the capital Ginsburg's casket escorted by an honor guard into the rotunda. Dignitaries paying their respects including Joseph Biden and Connell Harris. RPG's trainer challenging her to one less set of push ups a line of female lawmakers saluting one of the greatest lines of a generation. And as president trump is set to announce his nominee to fill Ginsburg's Supreme Court seat. We take a closer look at just what's at stake. On the Taylor's family speaking out for the first time since a grand jury declined to bring charges against police in a shooting death. Her mother overcome with emotion saying that the system failed her daughter and demanding the release of evidence and grand jury transcripts. While new mining camp footage shows the moments after the shooting. Cyrus cases are climbing in more than half of the US states. Meanwhile Florida's governor is lifting all restrictions including restaurants plus the new study that only 10% of Americans have antibodies. Scary moments during a live stream former congressman Ron Paul appeared to suffer a medical emergency what we're now learning about his condition. And while China tightens its grip on Hong Kong we'll have an up close look at how else fight for the freedom of speech. Good evening everyone I'm. Davis thanks so much for streaming with us today justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg steel making history becoming the first woman and the first Jewish American. Alliance stated a capital that is still very divided. Especially over how to fill her seat but president trump moving right ahead tonight ABC news has confirmed the president. Intends to nominate judge Amy Tony Barrett to fill justice Ginsburg seat. The official announcement will come tomorrow it's a pick that. We'll sparked a bitter confirmation fight and could ultimately reshape the court for decades are Terry Moran need to saw. Tonight sources tell ABC news president trump intend his third pick for the nation's highest court. To be judge Amy coney Barrett from the US court of appeals for the seventh circuit. Barrett a graduate and former law professor at the University of Notre Dame is a mother of seven and devout Catholic. She is a favorite of anti abortion rights groups and was pressed by senators in her 2017 confirmation hearing. The conclusion one draws. Is. That dogma. Lives loudly with the and you. And that's of concern Barrett told senators her faith would not impact through decisions it's never appropriate projects to. Impose that judges. Personal convictions but it later I'd hate and Eric. Would push the court farther to the right as the capital made a final majestic farewell to justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg today. Or a military honor guard carrying her flag draped casket across the plaza and up the stairs in perfect solemn procession. Ginsburg becoming the first woman and the first Jewish person to lie in state in the capital breaking two more final barriers. Among the invited attendees democratic presidential candidate Joseph Biden and his wife Jill and seated next to them at the socially distant ceremony. Elizabeth solace Ginsburg's longtime housekeeper. And commanders. Rabbi Laura holt left spoke briefly of justice Ginsburg's long and unfinished struggle for equality for all in America today B stand and sorrow. And tomorrow. We'd get people. Must carry I and justice Ginsburg's legacy opera star Denise graves a favorite of Ginsburg's saying an anthem. And there is a it's. Do you need. And after speaker Pelosi led members of congress to pay respects women first a final salute from the capitol police and then she was carried out right. Women lawmakers from both political parties lining the steps. And as the hearse departed a final wave of the notorious RBG. That final salute their Terry Moran joins us now from the Supreme Court and Terry to focus on a confirmation process ahead for Amy Connie Barrett. Those moving images from today just a reminder of how many people Ruth Bader Ginsburg touched. And it was great land m.s gonna say it to see members of both political parties women. Coming together on the steps of the capitol to line. The the procession. Justice Ginsburg casket down those long steps that is something that you just don't see much and the reason is because of what justice Ginsburg. Did for our country as you just said especially for women but for men to a lot of the cases she brought work it's silly gender discrimination against men. And for all of our children and grandchildren and I think people. Felt that here you could see people wanted to bring their kids people wanted to say goodbye and thank you. Bipartisanship. And certainly rare these days ahead Terry let's also get back to that the breaking headline talk to us about aiming Connie Barrett. Issue Republicans want to hear. Oh she is a dream come true. For specially for. Conservative Christian Republicans who have long seen her is really the champion. Of their effort to roll back a lot of that changes in law. That this court has made over the years most notoriously. And are that Roe vs. Wade case. Aiming coney Baird who's 48 years old. She's a judge on the US court of appeals for the seventh circuit. Should be Trump's third justice if confirmed has said she believes life begins a confessed conception and that row. How was wrongly discharged said that as a law professor and she has said subsequently that she thinks now it's been on the books for a long time so it's a different question. But there's there's no doubt. That her basic approach to constitutional law as she said is that the constitution's meaning was fixed when it was written. Until it is lawfully changed by amendment says she is a strict constructionist and original list as they say. At a Texas as well she was justice scalia's law clerk. And it her colleagues said that. She was his favorite walk works at that's what's in store should she come on the court. Terry Moran for us from the Supreme Court steps thanks so much Terry. And with sources telling us the judge Amy Connie Barrett will be president trumps Supreme Court pick we turn out to the future of Roe vs. Wade and abortion rights in America. A potential six to three conservative majority could pose the greatest threat yet to that watershed decision it made abortion legal across this country. This is just one of several hot button issues like health care and voting rights that could now be transformed for decades to come. ABC's cure a Phillips has this report. The death of Supreme Court justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Has forced abortion rights advocates to face their biggest fear. A decidedly conservative majority. On the highest court and the potential reversal of a woman's right to choose. Unfortunately to be an abortion provider in the United States at this time involves a lot of that scenario planning. Amy Miller runs eight abortion clinics in Indiana Texas Minnesota Virginia and Marilyn. She worries some will have to close if abortion is outlawed in many parts of the country. I think what little emerged is one would have come to think of publicists who different America where people my. Accessed seems safe abortion care depending upon what. Roe vs. Wade was a landmark decision for women's reproductive rights. Back in 1973. The Supreme Court today ruled that a portion is completely up private matters to be decided by a mother and doctor in the first three months of pregnancy the 72 ruling to that effect will probably result in a drastic overhaul of state laws on abortion. Legalizing abortion nationwide the ruling has since faced numerous court challenges as some states narrow abortion rights. But after 47 years it's still remains the law of the alliance during his two when he sixteen presidential campaign. Then candidate Donald Trump made up promised during his debate with Hillary Clinton. Do you wanna see the court overturned wrote why we put another two or perhaps three justices on that's really what's going to be had that's will happen. And that'll happen automatically in my opinion because I am putting pro life. Justices on the court I will say this it will go back to the states and the states will then make a determined. Nations this is something central to a woman's. Life to her dignity. It's his decision. That she must make. For herself. The notorious RB GC's affectionately called by some of our fans. Consistently voted in favor of women's reproductive rights during her 27 years on the Supreme Court. But if president trumps nominee to replace sir is can. Firmed I think a court with the third trump justice on it. Will almost certainly overturn Roe vs. Wade that outright. Rather than simply chip away at it. And that would mean the right to abortion would be too weak state. In many states are actually laws on the books that will be triggered we'll go into effect if roe is overturned. So overnight you'll have a number of states in which abortion becomes illegal across the board. Abortion would likely remain legal in these 21 states and be banned or restricted in 24 others plus three territories. Doctor C media Williams is an abortion provider in Alabama. I would be in a situation where. I would be saying I can't or writing this care and it's only based on where you live. I'm Betty if you live somewhere else if you lived in different states or a different zip code that you would be able to speak is here with little or no difficulty. Aaron that would be devastating abortion clinics in states where abortion is legal could become destinations. For at those in need. They're going to be. Haven states that Bette will need to not only take care of the people who live there. But figure out ways that we can help people from other states who travel in or care. Anti abortion advocates recognize the reality that abortion may never be completely ban but that constitutionally. The Supreme Court shakeup is finally a chance to correct what they say is a historic wrong. Are you say Roe vs. Wade was a mistake. It was. It was wrong why. With the Roe vs. Wade decision. An anchor an unelected. And strap in tangled day. Every pro life why that women and being you. All outlet profoundly and got rolling. And at that court legislating and we don't want easy. The court I reading why and pollen mediation EU ruling on nationality rather than. I am greeting let them out. Cure Phillips ABC news lives. Washington. Our thanks to each year and next to the family of Rihanna Taylor furious anguished and demanding accountability. There anger directed at the Kentucky attorney general they want him to release the grand jury transcript. Their fear is that he's somehow tipped the scales of justice against Taylor to protect the officers who took her life. All this is were seeing for the first time newly released body cam showing one of the officers who was wounded by Taylor's boyfriend. Who opened fire when officers stormed into the apartment. Alex Perez has more. Tonight the family of Rihanna Taylor speaking out heartbroken and angry and demanding answers after a grand jury decided not to indict the officers involved in the shooting that killed her you did just rob me of my in my family. You rob the world of acquittal this system as a whole. Since Felder. Wearing Taylor's work EMT jacket to her and to reading a letter written by the 26 year old mother to make a homer. Who was standing nearby too emotional to speak I am angry. Angry because our black women keep dying at the as a police officer. I think. It black rule. The letter taking aim at Kentucky attorney general Daniel Cameron I never have faith that Daniel camera to begin with the family's lawyer demanding Cameron reversed his stance and release grand jury transcripts. If you want us to except their results. There relief stint trance crypt Taylor killed in March after a botched raid at her apartment. An autopsy obtained by ABC news confirms she died of multiple gunshot wounds. A grand jury charging Brett Pincus and one of the three officers involved for allegedly endangering neighbors when he opened fire but not with Taylor's death. Taylor's family wondering what about the bullets that were fired into her apartment. Three on his name is not mentioned anywhere in the indictment. I know you talked about that but how purple is that how angering its. Back that. Contact your attorney general David Cameron. Did not mention her name warrants in the indictment. We're quite. A kick in the stomach it took to me go. Omer today blue oval police confirming this newly released to Barney cam video posted to social media by Sargent John Mattingly is lawyer. Showing him getting help outside Taylor's apartment after he was shocked. Yeah yeah. The attorney general maintains the officers announced themselves as has her boyfriend Kenneth walker who was in the home with her. Shot Mattingly when they barged into the apartment but walker telling investigators. He fired first because officers didn't identify themselves. Police say there is no body cam footage of the raid. The mobile protesters violating curfew taking their frustration. To the streets for a second night the city now bracing for a weekend of unrest after mostly peaceful protests overnight. But there were some violent clashes. Everyone has a First Amendment right to protest I want to stress. Did violence and destruction will not be tolerated. For more now let's bring in Alex Perez in Alice Kentucky's governor has voiced support for the release of those transcripts is that released likely to happen. Yet Lindsey the governor every honest family and countless other voices asking for the release of those transcripts were right now at this point it does not appear that's going to happen the attorney general has said because it's part of the ongoing federal investigation he won't be releasing those transcripts Lindsay. And I want to also ask about another story that we know that you're following Alex or developments in the case of Kyle written house the seventeen year old suspected of shooting protesters in Kenosha Wisconsin what's the latest there. Yeah you know Lindsay he's a fighting extradition from Illinois to Wisconsin he was arrested over the border in Illinois not far from Kenosha and his attorney in court today is fighting that extradition so for now he'll remain in Illinois. Still not facing charges in Wisconsin his next court hearing will be October 9 Lindsay. Alex Perez force thanks so much Alex. The United States has now topped seven million cases of corona virus five states today reported a record one day Italian and fart in the death told cross 141000. Overall. It's night that State's governor is also lifting restrictions on restaurants and suspending fines for not wearing masks despite the recommendations from the White House task force. Our whit Johnson has more. Tonight corona virus numbers going in the wrong direction as the US hits seven million cases jumping by a million new infections in less than a month. Still in Florida today governor Ron Desantis lifting all restrictions on restaurants and other businesses suspending fines for not wearing masks some of the local. Post may be averted yeah they can do reasonable regulations but she can't just say no he can't say no after six months. In just have people twisting in the wind. The governor even hoping for a full Super Bowl in February. But the state still reporting and Al. Average of over a hundred deaths per day from the virus are being forced to. Get rid of almost safeguards that we big music at this particular time news jobs not Smart. And I wouldn't engines across the country case is on the rise in 32 states Puerto Rico and Washington DC today the governor of Virginia confirming he and his wife have tested positive. Governor Ralph north on saying he's asymptomatic. The First Lady has mild symptoms this after one of his staffers recently contracted the virus it comes just days after the governor and first lady of Missouri also tested positive. Wisconsin hitting a new record in hospitalizations. This week there is no doubt. Are we horror in a significant near crunch time in a number reject. The CDC reporting young adults are driving the recent spread. The city of boulder. Now banning all gatherings of eighteen to 22 year old after linking nearly 80% of recent coping case's to the University of Colorado boulder. They think it's impossible two hours. Is some young people want no parts of those fans whit Johnson joins us now in with. We've been a lot about herd immunity essentially were enough people build up and enough resistance but there's new research tonight on and a bunnies and it shows just how many Americans have been one Alina. Lindsay this new lancet study estimates that less than 10% of adults in the US. Have cove in nineteen answer bodies that means. As the CDC director pointed out earlier this week that a large majority of Americans more than 90%. Could still be vulnerable to this virus so we are a long ways away from anything close. To herd immunity. Wednesday. All right wait Johnson thanks so much. And as a president continues to push unsubstantiated claims about mailing voting fraud we take a closer look at mail in voting and absentee voting and want. President is pushing voting by mail in some states been on others. All this comes just 24 hours after the FBI director told the American people we have not seen historically any kind of coordinated national voter fraud effort in a major election. Our Jonathan Karl reports in from Washington. Mr. trump is campaigning like his presidency depends on it. Four states in two days trying to raise doubts about the legitimacy of the election along the way we may end up in the dispute for a long time because that's the way they want it. But we're gonna end up winning that switch. President continues to warn of widespread voter fraud. Despite the FBI director's assessment that there's been no such thing is voting by mail secure. We have not seen historically. Any kind of coordinated national voter fraud effort in a major election. I Weathers by mail or or otherwise. That prompted something rarely if ever seen. The White House chief of staff publicly slapping down the FBI director chosen by the president himself. With all due respect to director ray he has a hard time finding. FBI. Let alone figuring out whether there's any kind of voter fraud perhaps he needs to get involved on the ground. In a he would change his testimony on Capitol Hill. But it's not just director ray state election authorities across the country say there is no evidence of widespread voter fraud steal president trump talks about heard again and again high letting states that mail ballots to all registered voters. Whether they ask for them were not. What's going on with the balloting will prove to be one of the great catastrophes. The history of our country is damaged this and he had tens of millions of ballots that everybody. The president makes it seem like this is happening at all of the highly contested states but in fact only nine states send ballots to all registered voters. And only one of those Nevada is considered a battleground state in this election and it all states would mail in voting. There are safeguards to ensure nobody can vote twice even as the president attacks mail in voting. He's doing it himself. And his team is urging supporters to do the same his son Donald Trump junior taping this robo call. Voting absentee of the safe and secure way to guarantee your voices heard. That's why president probably want you to join him in being an absentee voter this year. Joseph Biden says trump is just trying to muddy the waters. I'm confident. All the irresponsible raises tax I'm voting will have an election this country is we always. And and a new leaf if it. Jonathan Karl joins us now from Washington John present I'm still refusing to say that there will in fact be a peaceful transfer of power if he loses the election but. Now his son Eric trump is seems like he's trying to clarify. Fought. It seems that way this was in an interview that Eric trump did with the Las Vegas review journal. He said that his father would certainly can see it if it was a decisive victory for Joseph Biden but he just wants to ensure that there is a fair election. Here's the actual quote Eric trump told the Las Vegas review journal quote I think. My father's just saying listen if he got blown out of the water of course he'd concede. If he thought there was massive fraud in he'd go and try and address that. Left unsaid of course Lindsay is what would happen if Joseph Biden beat his father. In a narrow victory. Of course that's not answered and in this quote but it is notable of this is it a different line. Being articulated it different point of view being Arctic. Related fires out. From his own son a pay and John Mayer raising doubts tonight about the way that it DOJ investigations inbounds discovered in a dumpster was handled. Yeah this is the Pennsylvania case nine ballots discovered that have been thrown out. It now deserted county and what we have learned is that blizzard county's administrator. Bach county manager is come out to give some more details on this. Saying that it appears to be that these ballots were thrown out as part of an administrative error on the part of a temporary contractor. Who is now been removed. And they nine ballots what was notable is that the Department of Justice came out and said that seven of them. Were okay. They did they opened up seven of them. And they they showed there were votes for Donald Trump. Wolf cording to the did the county manager here. When these ballots were discovered. Capped a county officials had no idea with the votes for suggesting that it was. The Department of Justice for the FBI that actually took the step of opening the ballots up in discovering. Who there were four the only thing it's raising some questions is. It turns out that the attorney general this a case involving 99. Ballots that were found thrown out that the attorney general took. The rather unusual step of actually briefing the president about this before it was announced. That is fascinating indeed OK Jonathan Karl reporting in from the nation's capital thanks John. Joining us now Montana senator Jon Tester he voted against both of president trump Supreme Court nominees yet won reelection in 2018 in the state -- won by 21 points in 2016. He's out with a new book grounded as senators lessons from winning back rural America thanks so much for your time senator. Let's do it thank you so we'll get to your book in just a moment but first want to start with the passing of RPG and and the fight to fill her seat ABC is out with a new poll today. This is 57% of Americans support waiting until after the election Republicans though seem intent on moving forward anyway. Are you your democratic colleagues and trying slow up the process or focus on retaliation after the fact that the nominee does go through what's the game plan here. Well I think the biggest thing that Democrats in your announced talk about. The impact her placements canal on every day's people's lives and how it's so important. That we take time to do this right and that we let the American people. How to say administer the election. People Marty started and so that's how I would approach it looked. Initially trying to get for people to come on our come on over from the Republican side because the sense of fair play that didn't happen. Senator McConnell whip them into shape and now they're gonna trip. Or sister before the election when in fact it should be done after the new president sworn in. And after our congress has been sworn in and you go to the rules. When we had a democratic president and you can't be changed the rules because you have a Republican president urged Democrats. And you frivolously been resistance the idea of getting rid of the filibuster we talk with your colleagues senator mansion yesterday as opposed to getting rid of it. If Democrats win back this and it would you vote to abolish the filibuster if so would you support adding states are expanding the court. So I know it's Democrats win the majority in the senate. Is it we're able to find. Folks are who all the work and compromise. And come up with good legislation. I think what we saw when Harry Reid as majority leader. Oftentimes the Republicans just Stonewall and you can is that where. And that's unacceptable there's too many things in this country that need to be fixed. And we need to have actor congress to get that done. And so I'm I'm open to continue to tread a fine folks on both says it out work together getting we're just good legislation done. Now let's just say for his second. That all the Republicans do is Stonewall Stonewall Stonewall. I also didn't go to Washington DC it is an in my hands and get nothing done. So that's the case then we're probably chefs take a look at the rules but I have it hopes. That folks will work together like in the days of Mike Mansfield. And as you're well aware the president refused to commit to a peaceful transfer of power if he does not win the election cast out without evidence of vote by mail fraud. This year it might take days or even weeks to know who won his Millen votes are counted are you worried at the trump administration might try and stop vote counting the fourteen incomplete. We're that are not and that's unacceptable it should be acceptable to everybody in this country regard that your political regardless of your political persuasion. And what he said about transfer of power is unacceptable. And quite frankly hopefully hopefully we get the three coequal branches of government is to act like that and NB checks and bell Omar and other. Look this this country is greatest country in the world. Because we have had of them peaceful transfer of power. And we cannot stand for someone whoever it is in this case president Trout. Too upset that because it would set us back significantly in this country. And that you were the Senate's only farmer in your book grounded you talk about the keys to appealing to rural voters saying. That effective leadership requires being open to everything it means making room for the voices that haven't been heard enough across our nation and in our world communities. Take inside the mind of a rural vote voter who might have voted for Obama in 2012 it and switch to trump in 2016. But is now on the fence. Hot as Joseph Biden win this voter back. Well he's first of all this Joseph we've got yours or warm up act accordingly listen tomorrow. What they're gonna tellem has is that and our agriculture right now. Is on the brink of becoming nonexistent. And that he's the girls are gonna tell under some things we can do. Like break up monopolies and in our food system. And and make it so capitalism works once again and a third system. They'll tell other things too like we've got to do some things to make sure Tran after transportation infrastructures. Is up to stop from a got to make sure that. Public schools or R&D the best they can't be looked. The bottom line is is I think that it if Democrats show. And they listen. They're gonna find out that a lot of the issues Democrats stand for are the very same issues are gonna hear insert in rural America. Got to show you gotta be authentic you gotta listen and then street. I like that the two ears and one man home. Now finally in Montana has elected only three Republican senators since World War I and hasn't elected a Republican governor since 2000 the current governor dot Democrat Steve Wallach. Is running to unseat senator Steve Danes in your book you reflected on your successful 2018 campaign saying that a victory would require a perfect campaign. As we enter in increasingly divisive political climate what makes Montana a political oddity of swords and does bush need a perfect campaign in order to win. The that a state could trump likely will carry by a large margin in November. Well he has so are Annenberg Campion and you continue to do that. I think what makes Montana different politically why people and us with tickets and mark can. Is that we've got Democrats and we've got Republicans. We've got independence. And there all libertarians. In quite frankly when they go to the polls the elect or vote for somebody who's gonna go to work for them. Not for the party. And they're gonna work to make this country great and quite frankly that's that's why Donald. Oh Austin four years ago. That's what he's talking. And that's that's like quite frankly Steve Bullock is gonna win this send us. Because he talks about things he's done and things he's going to do to keep Montana the last best players in the keep this nation in the greatest country in the world. And and I think that that will bear out in the election in November. Like I said I don't know that he asked Iran absolutely perfect race which can't make many mistakes if you do it it'll take you out. And he's done a very hurt your job job so far. I think that would content. Senator tester thank you so much for your time we appreciate you coming on the show. My pleasure thank you very much. And when we come back he elevated fire risk across several states out west and the warning. From a power company about what they may do to stop a new wildfire from sparking. The frightening moments after a medical emergency during a live stream by Ron Paul. Up next the first criminal charges involving nursing homes and Kobe prosecutors described the scene inside one facility housing war heroes like a war zone. Stay with us. It's the new program attempting to sniff out corona virus among flyers in one European airport. In Helsinki Finland they are launching a pilot program would tend so called corona virus sniffing dogs. The trial works by traveler swiping their skin with a white that sample is then put in a jar and in another room a dog sniffs it. The trainers say the dogs will have an answer ten seconds later in that they can smell the virus would almost 100% certainty. Customs and Border Protection in the TSA tell ABC news there are no plans to train canines to detect combing this year in the US strictly nasal swabs for us here. Tonight prosecutors in Massachusetts. For seeking justice for the men who risked their lives for America only to die under horrific conditions here at home. Charges have now been filed against the former director and former medical director who worked at the holy oak soldiers home in Massachusetts. There were dozens of Kobe and related deaths of American veterans in that facility earlier this year injuring banker has more on the charges. Tonight the first criminal charges against the heads of a nursing home for actions taken during a pandemic. A grand jury indicting former holy oak soldiers home head Bennett Walsh and former medical director doctor David Clinton. Walsh and Clinton were responsible for the decision to combined 42 veterans some Kobe positive. And others not even showing any symptoms of cope it into a single unit. That usually. Accommodates 25 bets. The two fired by Massachusetts governor Charlie Baker in June following an independent investigation into the state run facility. One administrator describe the unit as resembling a war zone. At least 76 veterans have died of covad nineteen at the home since the pandemic began. I was glad that they can move forward with armed criminal charges because it seemed criminal what they had done and they risk their lives from the beaches of. Normandy to some the jungles of Vietnam. And to know that they died under the most horrific circumstances. Is chilly. Shocking. And Lindsay Walsh and Clinton both face five counts each of neglect and recklessly causing them bodily injury. Now Clinton's lawyers have not returned our calls but Walsh's attorney says that he plans to plead not guilty Lindsay. Adrian thanks so much still ahead here on fine how the love of one particular candy cost him his life and the new medical warnings. We'll explain why North Korea's Kim young and is making a rare apology to South Korea. And why we may not know who becomes president on election night. And our first retreat of the day. The South Florida deputies received a call from the distraught mother who lost her job due decoded and couldn't pay the electric bill. They chipped in to turn the lights back. Welcome back everyone and now to the election with a record number of voters planning to mailing their ballots in more states extending their deadlines receive them. It's becoming increasingly likely that we will not know who wins on election hikers look. By the numbers for key swing states have tentatively extended the deadline and mail in ballots can be received. In Pennsylvania November 6 is now the deadline as long as ballots were mailed by Election Day the State Supreme Court there ruled. In Michigan ballots can be received by November 17 if they were mailed by November 2 a judge they are decreed. November 9 is the deadline for receiving Wisconsin ballads and a judge ordered there Andy North Carolina. Ballots can arrive by November 12 according to a court settlement that still needs a judge's sign off. Since there's a 56%. Chance that one of these four states will swing the presidential election according to the 538 presidential forecast. These new deadlines make it more likely that we will not know the winner on Election Day. In total ten battleground states will now be counting mail in ballots after election night and late arriving mail in ballots are more likely to be finding voters since 47% of Biden supporters say. They plan to vote by mail while only 11% of trump supporters say that according to a recent NBC news Wall Street Journal survey. Which could make for Mary. Confusing and chaotic post election period. And we saw a lot to get you here tonight on prime the first target of the new security line Hong Kong was a major tabloid read by protesters. Its media mogul owner recently arrested we speak with him as the fight for the soul of that city continues. If you're in the market for furniture and other big ticket appliances and the reason why you have to wait so long to get it delivered. And if it's Smart to wait for discounts the first years of the trending stories on Surrounded by a growing makeshift memorial for Rihanna Taylor in the heart of downtown Louisville and her aunt the aunt Constance smoke and their families unbearable pain you didn't just rob me of my aunt my family you rocked the world doesn't. She wore Taylor's EMT jacket as she read a statement from Taylor's mother I don't care would never do. This job and from what I do know is that he owned the accounts and others will go to obviously we didn't brownies masons. Still he and her saying her home. They're now demanding a release of the grand jury for more. Florida governor Ron Desantis announcing Friday his state is moving to the east three. Allred struggled to get a 100% capacity without limitations. But you can't just Satan. He can't say no after six months in just have people twisting in the wind. Also mass clearing is no longer mandatory those who not where one no longer be buying this afternoon and he doesn't hosted more than 141000. Confirmed deaths including 19100. And letting people dying in the past 24 hours according to ABC news analysis corona virus cases are rising at least 32 states Washington DC and Puerto Rico. This has the city extend to outdoor dining near ground permitting us to see his sneakers and enclosures you know really exist model and make it harder to light New York city's war years generation succumbed. Pamela Norton has mild symptoms. And yeah the World Health Organization in the world wild animals clean two million yeah. I don't use. Another twist for that twenties when he stands that's. A federal judge has barred president from from ending it early the ruling says the administration's plan to stop the census count and the end of this month will likely lead to an inaccurate results and extending the count at the end of October the census had been delayed for months due to the ongoing pandemic and that from administration argued it needed to and the census count early to begin processing the state by state data by the December 31 deadline. A rare apology from the leader of North Korea and an attack left a South Korean official. Dead and Kim call an unexpected. Unfortunate. But expressed in big retread of the fountain in the Houston market committee atrocious act report asking for any explanation. For the 47 year old civil servant was of the truly when he went missing. Self create government on Thursday Nelson the North Korean soldiers had fired shots. And turned his body into their waters based on intelligence reports from it is still unclear why and had disappeared from the ship. He's no past and he's a hero. And now this rat is being honored with a gold medal for bravery and his name is Mac while. The African giant round draft has a talent for sniffing out land mines. In his seven year career Manuel has located 39 land mines in twenty unexploded munitions in Cambodia. I'm places where it's a big problem back what works fast clearing the size of a tennis court in just twenty minutes with humans that can take days. UK charity Amy Estee bestowed Mac what would be honored in the hopes of raising awareness. An acute and crafting rant there announces. Some scary moments all captured on live stream former congressman and presidential candidate Ron Paul appeared to suffer a medical emergency. Aerial Russia has more. Tonight the chilling moment Ron Paul suffered some sort of medical emergency possibly a stroke in the middle of a light street. This video shared on social media shows the 85 year old former Texas congressman and three time presidential candidate. Suddenly slurring his speech on his YouTube channel today. Paul rushed to the hospital later tweeting out this picture giving the thumbs up writing I am doing fine thank you for your concern. And well it's unclear whether Paul suffered a stroke experts say they are comment. Nearly 800000. People in the US have a stroke each year one person at brief forty seconds. The most common symptoms include weakness or numbness on one side of the face or body. Difficulty speaking changes in vision dizziness and headaches doctors say a victim outcome depends on how fast they're treated. Every second counts when you're having a stroke. So called 911 and get emergency room immediately. Our thanks to area L. Turning now to the weather and the remnants of tropical storm data are headed north east across the mid Atlantic bring wind heavy rain and flash flooding threats across the region. The tornado was even spotted in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina today. But heading into the weekend and next week the story will be the heat wave in the west with temperatures soaring by Sunday. Much of Arizona can expect triple digit temperatures and you'll be an elevated fire threat. With red flag warnings from California to Colorado with high heat and dry wind threatening to fueled new fires. California utility company PGE is considering shutting off power to prevent sparking more fires. Southern California should be on alert for reduced air quality as well. Now none usual warning about black lick her she after the threat led to a tragic death. 54 year old man died of heart failure after eating too much of it ABC's will Reeve has the story. Black brokerage you either hated her ordeal love it. But one man's love of the sweet cost him his life. A new report from The New England Journal of Medicine revealing a 54 year old construction worker eight so much black with Koresh. It through his electoral lights off causing cardiac arrest. The man who eat a bag and a half of black licorice every day for a few weeks collapsed at a fast food restaurant yet recently switched from red to black licorice. Which contains closer rise and the compound that makes licorice root tastes sweet in large quantities it can be dangerous. We Christians consumed in large quantities can be sued really low potassium level which can lead to heart rhythm problems. And lead to cardiac arrest as in this case. Doctor Neil the Tolle who treated the patient says while cases like these are very rare even conceive in smaller quantities. We Christian need to slight increases in your blood pressure. Which if you have underlying high blood pressure heart failure heart rhythm problems and need to long term heart problems. For some people even smaller amounts of the candy can add up over time. The licorice compound may appear in other foods as well. Including teas soft candies in some Beers for flavoring. The problem potentially so serious the FDA has even issued a Halloween warning before remember. Don't large amounts of black licorice at one time and as we approach the holiday candy sales are spiking. According to market researchers they're up 13%. Over last year in the month ending September 6 a bigger jump than usual. If you can't live without your black licorice. The FDA has some tips don't eat large amounts of the sweet and if you have or feel an irregular heart rhythm more muscle weakness stop eating it. And contact your doctor. Our thanks to will for those tips and heading overseas now to Paris two people were stabbed near the former offices of the satirical newspaper Charlie have doubt. Prosecutors have now opened a terror investigation the suspected attacker and six others are currently in custody. Investigators say they did not know the victims you've never call back in 2015. Two Islamic extremists killed twelve people internally have dough for publishing cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed. A trial in that attack is currently under way. Next to the fight for the soul of Hong Kong and that controversial security wall that we've been tracking. China says it's required to avoid the types of protests and violent unrest that we saw there yesterday they insist it will not erode the city's autonomy but. The first target of the law Apple Daily and its media mogul owner who was arrested inside the paper's office during broad daylight. Our brick clinic has more. Should. Protesters in Hong Kong has. In recent years facing off with police. I'm getting tired of the aging school road lean heavy parenting in Asia's financial hub. The yeah. Antenna and imposing a harsh security or he would not recognize the challenge Beijing and. Beat apple died elite. An unabashedly pro democracy Hong Kong tabloid the last independent paper daring to be Beasley critical that they kids. Erica outside aforethought does apple news. And in return and I was sent a clear message that man in handcuffs is the reason Apple Daily is a target. Media mogul Jimmy my. The founder and publisher of Athens daily and a man Beijing has branded a Trace his politics. Why is the highest profile person of pasted onto the new school with a suspected collusion with foreign forces. Hundreds of police bright at the building of lies company mixed media. Flooding into the news rating several of the company's executives were also requested. Journalist the paper lined streamed the entire ordeal last month. Idea won't come. Not note that it would be so fast. The paper has become the police on the resistance. And the day off to view rests Hong Kong residents showed their support. Buying copies of it tabloids but the interest of full bull resistance to people. My youth now count on dial without being each hunched his possible it was complicated. Despite to us from his home and what do you think apple days roll it is in Hong Kong society it leaves the Hong Kong people that. This. Room. Fall she should voice. My much refunds his paper himself. If he goes so might the paper and the bulls appears to be amusing scene. On the front lines Apple Daily photojournalist can be seen now is the situation on the ground can quickly change. But we've come to be right. But look what goes through your head when I would I would usually get an. I don't. Know what to anticipate what happens and I'm from the experience in 2009 C. Farewell lunch talk violence she. It was. Really a how to book. The new environments has prompted new images on schools no longer have the high lines to protect their importance. Apple Daily and basic didn't lose even more drastic actions perform the musical was connected. We teach your pool that document we can cause and sense of it. Information. For example how informative on tax. We just digital lives. Dole was talking. And save it. In this six was sees. It was a relief to the team win 200 police officers raided their roughest. Knowing that he contacts. The journalists that I. Still fund report. Are you afraid feel that it had expectations being. He cheated by police. Dating back days coming do you expect. You as well you expect to get details yeah didn't. Forces of the confirmed months we see. I am. And you let apple that it. For the moment yes and a once it happens. I want to hides. And. What can put an apple TV. It's not an easy job but they are very able to greet. It because they know now. Is that throwing. The tests that detect Petit. For now the work carries on managing editor is green line the front page for the next day's attention. Another addition off to meet. The panther on borrowed time in and new home home eat future as uncertain as it's found them. What happens if the pay that. Shuts down Monday. I'm ready supply. Return for big. We do it to the state we press freedoms under assault. Here and across the loaded. Why is speaking by the paint this nation to speak out. And apple dating what you say TO. To the people who Laffey for the journalists that go out and and report on what's happening the changing. Face of Hong Kong. Finish your. I'm might have. Reese that you. ABC news my. Rick clinic in home. Our thanks to separate from that and now for the new front of shortages big ticket home goods like. Appliances and furniture in high demand and delivered may take months longer than they typically do. Purely explains why it if it's wise to wait for discounts on these items. Closing the door on the outside world has led to pump a lot of mileage on the things we used inside the house. We need a new fringe but looking at the top rated models on a slew of review sites this funds out of stock. Unattainable. Maybe November. Number gap intelligence reporting fridge is from big brand stores like best buy home deep low wage fair Loews and Sears and only 25%. Out of stock. But are currently around 42%. Out of stock. Washer dryers are also normally 25%. Honest not currently 39%. Out so many people aren't hall looking more. They're watching their clothes Martha storing more pollutants and demand for all these lions weigh in addition to the appliance wait gate. Items like couches and desks are also in high demand one survey of furniture sellers has the reporting inventory is down 13%. While orders are up 30%. While most at home for cheer Schiller tell customers. That item they want to talk to him or may well weeks. In some cases they're telling people right after the first of the year. And if you're waiting for these items to go on sale DE CE any discount on these big ticket items around Thanksgiving. Probably will not start to subside completely until. When he 21 you may have to wait. Or are you may not get this out. Yet. With so much demand retailers don't need to discount. Didn't realize it had that name weak G. But it is real for McCain people are thanks to vacuum early for that will be back in a moment with a moving images of the tributes. To Ruth Bader Ginsburg. And before we go tonight art image of the day. Good. Good Philip. Male lawmakers lying on the steps of the US capitol as Ruth Bader Ginsburg's casket departed. The pint size justice with an enormous legacy was a TrailBlazer. And an inspiration to so many. And that is our show for this hour be sure to stay tuned to ABC news live from more context and analysis of the day's top stories. I'm Lindsey Davis thinks so much for streaming with us have a great weekend.

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